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Each of these tapes/dvds costs $15 unless marked otherwise.  To ask questions about whether or not these listed dvds below are still available and how you can get them, e-mail me at   If it’s in “bold” it means I probably have it but I’m going through everything of mine and organizing.  I have so much more than what’s listed so some needs to be found and organized, especially my Maria Santos and General Hospital episodes.  If you do decide to buy tapes from me, you must include in the letter the name of the tape/dvd (or description) your name, address, and e-mail address.  Thank you!  I’m always interested in trading for more stuff!  By the way, I’m always updating this list, so what you may be looking at may not be all I have!  So check with me!




Tapes and DVDs:  $15 each


If you have any of the stuff in my needs section, I will trade or pay to get the stuff.


All My Children:


What I Have…


Erica Kane:


-Budapest Edit (1992)

-All About Erica Video (ABC Production)

-Erica's miscarriage and events leading up to stealing Maria's baby edit (1996-97)

-Erica and Dimitri, Second Time Around Edit  (1995)

-Tom, Mona, and Erica all hurt for Erica lying about birth control pills.  (Daytime To Remember)  1981

-Erica’s dream of all her past loves coming back to her  (1988)

-Erica giving birth.  (Daytime To Remember)  1988

-Erica’s fit.  1991 (This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.  Basically, Adam ruins Erica’s chance with Jackson, so she beats the hell out of him in her hotel room)

-Erica in court with Kendall for the rape of Richard Fields.  (1994)

-Erica and Travis, very sweet with memories.  (1988)

-Erica and Jack in Paris.  (1989)

-Erica telling Dimitri about the memories of Richard Fields raping her.  (1992)

-Dimitri proposes to Erica after a huge argument.  (1993)

-Dimitri forces Erica physically to go to the hospital after their cars collided   1995

-Erica’s first wedding to Dimitri and reception.  (1993)

-Mona’s Death and Funeral.  (1994)

-Erica’s second wedding to Dimitri (1994) (On “Second Time Around” Edit)

-Erica gets out of jail for stealing Maria’s baby with the help of Edmund Grey, who knows Erica is the only one who can save an anorexic Bianca   (1998)

-Erica and Mike Roy 2nd Time Around *certain episodes* (1998)

-Erica's miscarriage with Dimitri’s baby, episodes before and after *certain episodes* (1997)

-Erica tells Jack about her rape in her office (1999)  (I would like another copy of this if anyone has it)

-Erica gathers with Barbara, Travis, Jack, and Dimitri, to save Bianca from her anorexia, their last chance (1999)


AMC Interviews:


Susan Lucci on Oprah with all of Erica’s men.  1990

AMC on Oprah, 1990 and 1995.  Both for anniversaries of AMC, 20th and 25th. 

Donahue, 1992, with Susan Lucci, Julia Barr, David Canary, Michael E. Knight, Walt Willy, and Michael Nader.

Sarah Michelle Gellar on E! (2002) 

Eva & John on View 1997

Eva and John on Carol/Marilyn 1997

Eva LaRue on Regis and Kelly (2002)

Eva and John on the View (2002)

Eva LaRue’s Head Over Heels episodes!  (About 6 episodes which were about all there were) 1997


General Hospital - What I Have:


Laura and Scotty:  MY ORIGINALS!!! (Descriptions at Bottom)


Laura and Scotty # 1 – 1978 "Laura vs. Bobbie, Before Luke comes to PC"
Laura and Scotty # 2 – 1978 “Luke Arrives”

Laura and Scotty # 3 – 1978 “Bobbie's past as a hooker haunts her, Laura/Scotty Romance”

November 1st, 1978 – Good Quality Episode
Laura and Scotty # 4 – 1978 Scotty/Laura Mountains, Luke and Bobbie’s Plot

Laura and Scotty # 5 – 1979 “Bobbie Fakes Her Pregnancy”


Luke and Laura:


-Luke and Laura Volume One and Two: (I highly recommend these tapes, but not in exchange for entire edits others may have.  These are brief, edited scenes, not entire scenes or storylines, it’s only a summary)


Awards (Daytime):


1996 Emmys

1997 Emmys

1999 Emmys (Susan Lucci WINS!)

2000 Soap Opera Digest Awards

Many other Award Shows but relating to General Hospital 


Awards (Primetime)


Clips from 1997 Golden Globes, and 1997 SAG Awards




Maria Santos Grey:


-Edmund and Maria talk about marriage and having a Catholic wedding.  1994

-Maria calls off wedding, then humorously after a fight says she'll marry him.  1994

-Maria’s and Edmund’s wedding and honeymoon in Budapest.  1994

-Maria and Edmund’s second wedding.  1995

-Great Maria and Edmund dancing scene on one of their dates.  1994

-Maria and Edmund think they’re pregnant, when they’re not; Maria’s past of her miscarriage haunts her.  1994

-Maria tells Del what happened to their baby.  (Half of it only)  1994

-Maria tells Edmund she can’t give him a baby.  1994

-Erica and Maria arguing.  1995

-Maria and Edmund try in vitro, various episodes.  1995

-Edmund’s funeral after everyone thinks he died but he shows up in the middle of service.  1995

-Maria and Edmund take Sam to New York.  1996

-Edmund takes Sam from Maria at the airport.  1996

-Maria and Dimitri sleep together.  1996

-Julia and Noah lock Maria and Edmund in the wine cellar until they make up.  1996

-Maria’s nightmare about her affair with Dimitri, Erica wakes her up.  1996

-Edmund returns Sam to Maria.  1996

-Hector dies even though Maria tries to save him.  1996

-Hector’s funeral.  1996

-Maria finds out she might be pregnant.  1996

-Maria tells Edmund she's pregnant.  1996

-Maria and Edmund tell Erica and Dimitri they're pregnant.  1996

-Noah and Julia leave AMC, Julia tells family Maria’s pregnant.  1996

-Maria tells Edmund about her affair with Dimitri.  1996

-Maria’s baby shower.  1996

-Maria convinces Edmund to stay at Wildwind with her.  1996

-Maria tries to save Erica's baby, but fails.  1997

-Edmund forgives Maria on Valentine’s Day.  1997 

-Maria is kidnapped by Erica.  1997

-Maria gives birth and episodes following.  1997

-Maria faints at the lake when Jack tells her the baby is gone.  1997

-Cute Maria and Edmund scene, the day before Maddie’s returned. 1997

-Maria’s little girl is returned to her.  1997

-Maria and Edmund with Sam and Maddie at the park, interrupted by the press.  (1997)

-Eva’s last days as Maria.  1997

-Maria’s death and many episodes following.  1997

-Maria as a ghost in Edmund’s dream in hospital room.   1997

-Maria’s memorial service.  1997

-Erica tells Edmund that Maddie’s his child, he then has memories of Maria.  1998

-Maria as a ghost when Edmund was kidnapped by Jim.   1998


Santos Stuff:


-Julia’s rape.  1994

-Julia gives away family belongings.  1996

-Mateo and Hayley’s wedding.  1996


Gloria Marsh Chandler:


-Gloria seduces Craig on his honeymoon with Dixie.  1991

-Miscellaneous episodes of Gloria at Wildwind trying to heal Angelique Marick.  (1992)

-Gloria’s father dies. 1992

-Gloria and Adam’s almost second wedding right before tornado.  1994

-Gloria tries to kill Adam, then goes insane. 1995

-Gloria FINALLY finds out what kind of man Dimitri really is. 1998


Various AMC:


-Tornado 1994

-Skye finds out Kinder’s dead.  Also a hot Maria and Edmund love scene.  1995

-Adam and Liza’s first wedding.  1997

-Alexandra Devane arrives in Pine Valley and storyline of her and Dimitri Marick


Need, AMC:


Erica saying goodbye to Kendall (Sarah Gellar’s last day)  (1995)


-Erica tells Jack about her rape in her office (1999) 


- June 1999, where Erica and Brooke have a heart to heart after Brooke murders Jim Thomason and Erica urges her to run away so she can be with her children.

-Gloria and Tad with the bee sting episode (1997???)

-Gloria and Tad, Halloween episode (1997???)

-Tad proposes to Gloria and she accepts (1997???)

-Erica and Travis’s first honeymoon  (1988)

-Erica holds Bianca for the first time (1988)

-Kendall tells Erica who she is  (1993)

-Erica finds Kendall after Kendall tells her who she is  (1993)

-Erica’s engagement party to Dimitri  (1992 or 1993)

-Maria and Skye argue about Maria still living there and Erica walks in, defending Maria.  (1996)

-Maria's first few episodes when she has long hair.  (1993)

-Brooke saves Edmund when he’s in the quick sand, then they almost make love.  (1993)

-Edmund taking Sam from Maria and then her sleeping with Dimitri. (My copy is very poor quality)  (1996)

-Maria yells at Erica for stealing her daughter at the Valley Inn, then holds her daughter and tries to tell her daughter who she is.  (1997)

-Any of Erica Kane’s romances with Travis Montgomery, Jackson Montgomery, Mike Roy, Dimitri Marick, and Adam Chandler.  (1984-2001)

1970-2000 Erica Kane

(1990-1998) Gloria Marsh Chandler episodes (Teresa Blake)
(1993-1997) Certain Maria Santos Scenes (Eva LaRue)

(1992-1996) Kendall Hart Scenes (Sarah Michelle Gellar)

Early Dixie and Tad from 80s and early 90s

(I think this was late 80s)  Brooke gives Dixie back her baby after taking it from Adam at his party


Other Needs:


One Life To Live:


Any scenes with Megan Gordon (Jessica Tuck), especially her spirit coming back from the dead to visit her loved ones in 1992

Any scenes with the second Sarah Buchannun (Grace Phillips)

Any scenes during Marty's rape and storyline around that

Scenes with Marty and Todd Manning where he saves her life and they come to a truce over him raping her

1979 scene with Karen (Judith Light) on the stand admitting her “prostitution”

Any Max and Gabrielle scenes from 1987-1991, and again in 2001

Any scenes of Kevin and Alana’s (Kelly Cheston) romance in the early 1990s


Whitney Houston:


Whitney Houston on Barbara Walters

Any other Whitney Houston Interviews

Early 1990s and 1980s Whitney Houston Stuff

1998 MTV Awards with Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston in the same dress!

Whitney Houston Winning Awards other than 1994 AMA

Whitney Houston on Johnny Carson 1986

Whitney Houston’s A&E Biography 1986

1994 Grammy Awards where Whitney wins

Other Singers:


Mariah Carey on Barbara Walters

Rosie O’Donnell interviews Barbra Streisand




Prime time 1997 SAG

Prime time 1997 Emmys

President Bush’s Speech at Congress Right After 911

Independence Day Celebration, 2002, in NYC

Any Katie Holmes Interviews

Any interviews with Katie Holmes and James Van Der Beek TOGETHER

Katie Holmes on Good Morning America promoting Abandon

Any Dawson’s Creek Specials or Bloopers

Certain Rosie O’Donnell Episodes

Certain Oprah Episodes




Anna Paquin on Daily Show with Jon Steward promoting X-Men Movie #1 (2000)

Anna Paquin and Hugh Jackman Interview promoting X-Men #1 (2000)

Anna Paquin on David Letterman when she was about 12 and got the basketball in the hoop, winning the $10,000 from him

Anna Paquin on Leno in 2000

Anna Paquin on the View in 2000

Anna Paquin chosen as one of Teen’s Hottest Girls Under 25

Any X-Men related specials, bloopers, previews, interviews, ETC…




Anything relating to Melinda McGraw who played Scully’s sister, Melissa

Gillian Anderson Interviews 2000 and on…

David Duchovny Interviews 1994 and on…

Any Award Show clips of David and Gillian

Any interviews with David and Gillian

Any Behind the Scenes of the X-Files


What I Have:  (Other Than Soaps)




Specials of her on VH1

On Rosie (twice)

On Oprah

Virgin Tour (1985)

Greatest TV Moments of Madonna

Justify My Love (Video)


Whitney Houston:


South African Concert (1994)

Making of Waiting to Exhale

VH1 Specials

Oprah (Twice, once with Mariah Carey and once with Waiting to Exhale Cast)

Rosie (Three times)

Whitney Houston 2003 20/20 Interview, including discussion about drugs and marriage to Bobby Brown and all other controversy

Bobby and Whitney’s True Hollywood Story

Poor Quality Clips of Whitney Houston with Barbara Walters


Celine Dion:


Celine Dion music videos

Celine Dion Biography

Celine Dion on Oprah, 2000, 2002, and again in 2003

Celine Dion on Rosie




Inside The X-Files

Secrets of The X-Files

David Duchovny Interviews 

X-File Movie, Fight The Future

Making of the X-Files Movie

Gillian Anderson Biography  (Priceless)

Gillian Anderson on Rosie, twice

Most Gillian Anderson interviews before 2000

Gillian and David on The Simpsons

Season 1-8 Bloopers

Clips from 1997 SAG, 1997 Golden Globes, and 1996 SAG




Elizabeth Taylor on Barbara Walters

Elizabeth Taylor Biography

Elizabeth Taylor 65th birthday celebration

Vivien Leigh Biography

Demi Moore and Cher on Oprah, about their movie, If These Walls Could Talk

Demi Moore on Barbara Walters

Demi Moore on Oprah

Téa Leoni on Regis and Kelly (right before Kelly was cast) 2000






Descriptions of Scotty and Laura 1978 Tapes:


GH 1978 Tape #1 - 2 hrs Poor quality
My label - "Laura vs. Bobbie, Before Luke comes to PC"
(Bobbie/Scotty/Scotty/Rick/Leslie/Monica, ect...these are complete episodes so there is a lot of other storylines going on as well. No Luke on this tape as he hasn't yet arrived in town).
Episode 1) Audrey & Steve. Leslie & Monica talk in the cafeteria. Monica tells her that she is thrilled that Leslie's license has been re-instated. Leslie isn't thrilled to hear that Rick has called Monica with that news. Monica invites Leslie and Rick to come over for dinner. Leslie is evasive about accepting the invitation and tries to get out of it. Monica asks if Leslie is uncomfortable around her. Leslie pretends surprise at the question and denies the truth.
Episode 2) Laura & Rick. Laura gets a nasty note in the mail about being a killer - sent to her by Bobbie. Scott asks Laura if anything is wrong between them. Laura says no that she is just distracted. Bobbie flashes back to telling Scotty how much she loves him, him telling her he is sorry he took advantage but he realizes he loves Laura. Then Bobbie recalls promising Laura to find a way to hurt her that she will never forget. Audrey interrupts Bobbie's evil thoughts to introduce her to Anne Logan. In the park, Laura tells Scotty about the nasty notes she has been receiving. At GH, Bobbie snipes at Laura that Scotty is keeping dangerous company. Laura figures that Bobbie is the one who sent the pictures to her. Bobbie keeps pushing till Laura pushes her away from her. Bobbie starts screaming that Laura attacked her and tried to kill her. Monica comes in, Bobbie cries wolf and tells Dr. Taylor her sob story about Laura attacking her. Monica tells Bobbie that she is being overly dramatic. Bobbie lies and says Laura came up behind her and hit her on the head and she fell to the floor and that Laura then attacked her and she feared for her very life! Monica believes Laura, Laura is like a daughter to Monica, Laura loves and trust Monica more than pretty much anyone at that time.  Monica defend's version of the story and tells her to tell Dr. Taylor about how Bobbie goads her. Laura is hysterical and Monica comforts her.  Laura is hysterical about the fact that she murdered a man the papers call her lover and that her mother is paying for it.  Dr. Taylor tells Leslie about the incident.
Laura's probation officer of course is filled in and he is concerned that Laura has outbursts of uncontrollable anger. Scotty confronts Bobbie and asks what she did to provoke Laura. Bobbie is indignant that Scotty is only concerned about Laura when it was poor Bobbie who was attacked by mean old Laura. Next, Monica confronts Bobbie. Monica tells Gail that she doesn't trust Bobbie, who she believes is jealous of Laura and that Bobbie would do anything to try and provoke Laura. Scotty tells Bobbie that if he finds out she is deliberately provoking Laura that their friendship is over.

GH 1978 Tape #2 - 2 hrs poor quality
My label: Luke arrives
(Scotty/Laura/Bobbie/Monica/Alan/Rick/Leslie/Tracy/a little bit of Luke in one of his earliest scenes) - other storylines as well.
Bobbie calls Luke and asks him to come to Port Charles to help her out, that some girl has done her wrong and she needs Luke's help to make her sorry she ever crossed a Spencer (Luke not yet shown). Luke meets up with Bobbie, he isn't too happy that he hasn't heard from her in a year. He figures that the only reason she called him is she needed something from him.  Bobbie confides in him about this little bitch, Laura Webber and goes on and on about how terrible she is.  Already boring Luke, he tells Bobbie he knows her well enough to know this is really about a man.
Rick & Monica talk about the incident in the book room between Laura and Bobbie. Rick & Monica share a moment. He is upset and her understanding causes him to comment that she is "a real woman now in every sense of the word". Rick tells Leslie about losing a patient (that is why he is so upset).
Bobbie tries to apologize to Laura (to gain points with Scotty). Laura ignores her so Bobbie plays the injured forgiving saint. Audrey tells Bobbie that it would be better if she would just stay away from Laura. Another storyline is Tracy Q. who is obsessing over whether Monica is pregnant, she is very threatened by the idea. Monica/Alan/Tracy Q.

GH 1978 Tape #3 - 2 hrs poor quality - no commercials
My label: Bobbie's past as a hooker haunts her, Laura/Scotty Romance
1) Thanksgiving episode 44 minutes - Leslie dreams of Rick & Monica together. Audrey & Steve, Gail and Lee get together, Rick & Leslie arrive later.  Susan Brown, Mitch, and Tracy Q. Scotty & Laura at the Webbers. Richard Dean Anderson as Dr. Webber (lots of him on these tapes). Steve says grace over the Hardy's Thanksgiving dinner. At the Floating Rib, a sleezy guy recognizes Bobbie as a hooker complete to flashbacks to her in action.
2) Monica asks Lila why Tracy is so threathened by the idea of Alan & Monica having children, Lily fills her in. Bobbie calls Luke and tells him about the creep who is blackmailing her. Alan & Monica in bed. Alan tells her the house will be hers one day as it is in Lila's name and she will leave it to them not Tracy (I don't think they are talking about the Q mansion but about a vacation home). Alan warns Monica that nothing would give Tracy more pleasure than to destroy A&M's relationship.
3) Rick & Leslie in bed. Scotty calls Laura, she is very worried about her parent's marriage as she is picking up on the friction (mostly caused by Leslie's jealousy over Monica and Rick's feelings/friendship with Monica, as well she should be). Scotty reassures Laura and tells her that he would like to have that kind of marriage someday. Laura worries to Dr. Taylor about being sent to reform school.
Bobbie calls Luke, she wants to meet him to go over her plan. Bobbie assures him that Laura will go on to reform school if it is the last thing she does! Bobbie hangs up, turns around and finds Scotty standing behind her. She nervously asks him how long he has been standing there (evidentially not long enough to overhear Bobbie's evil plan). Scotty begs Leslie to allow him to take Laura up to the lodge at the lake for dinner and promises her that he will be safe and have Laura back for her 9:00 curfew (imposed by the court).

*GH   Nov 1st, 1978 - good quality - one single episode - 56 minutes
Overall good quality. I highly recommend this episode for Bobbie/Luke/Scotty/Laura/Alan/Monica/Rick/Leslie/Tracy, ect.
Bobbie and Luke (before perm). Tracy Q is Alan's secretary. Alan is upset that she hasn't done the filing. They talk about Monica's dinner party that night and Alan warns her not to do anything to ruin it. Leslie and Gail discuss Laura and Scotty dating. Leslie is not happy as Monica enters the cafeteria with Rick, they are laughing together. Susan Moore is ticked off with Mitch that he is cancelling his date with her (instead he is taking Tracy to the Monica's party). At the penthouse (this was Robert's in 1981), Monica is nervous about her party preparations as she wants everything to be perfect. Alan comments that she is nervous because Leslie is coming. Monica comments that there is something about Leslie that she finds unnerving. Monica is truly trying to be friends with Leslie, but Leslie feels that Monica is the one who truly has her family.  Laura will only talk to Monica, not her, and Rick also confides in Monica.  So Leslie’s point of view is understandable, particularly since though Monica is being completely faithful to Alan right now, it’s not long before she hops into bed with Rick and then blames Leslie.  Leslie knows this is coming.  Mitch arrives to pick up Tracy, she fawns over his future political career. Rick is puzzled by Leslie's ongoing reservations about Monica. She points out that Monica used to be more than just his friend. He assures Leslie that he loves her, not Monica, and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with Leslie. Susan and Lee Baldwin are the first to arrive at A&M's party. Next Rick & Leslie arrive, as Rick comments on how radiant Monica looks, Leslie shots him a look. Next, Tracy & Mitch arrives and Tracy drools over him some more.
    Bobbie overhears that Scotty is using his father, Lee's, car for his date with Laura. She meets up with Luke and gives him the car license plate number and instructs Luke to make a room reservation at the Lakeview Lodge under Scotty's name (this is the place Scotty is taking Laura to for dinner). Laura and Scotty are at their dinner at the lodge. Meanwhile, outside Luke tampers with Scotty's car. Laura worries as it starts to snow, she is concerned they won't get home in time for her curfew. She wonders if they should head back earlier than they planned. Scotty wants to enjoy themselves and assures her as long as they leave by 8:00 they will have plenty of time. Laura also worries about going back to school and facing all the kids in the aftermath of David Hamilton's death. Scott reassures her that people will forget and that this night is her new start.
Luke calls an anxious Bobbie and tells her that he sabotaged Scotty's car, she is thrilled.  Scotty and Laura on on their way home down the mountain when the car dies. Laura is petrified. She will miss her curfew!
Some PS clips at end - Ricky Martin on Miguel's arrival in PC - Jon Lindstrom, Wendy Ricke, Rena Sofer, Vanessa Marcil. Doug Davidson on the coach with Michael Logan, Ruth Warrwick on the phone. It is mentioned that Tony Geary came up with the idea of Bill Eckert becoming a sleazy strip club owner, this idea led to the creation of Sonny.

GH 1978 Tape #5 - 2 hrs poor quality
My Label Scotty/Laura mountains
, Monica/Tracy, Bobbie uses Luke to scheme
Bobbie instructs Luke to call the lodge and make a room reservation. Gail and Audrey and Monica in the cafeteria. Tracy needles Monica about Rick.
Scotty and Laura walk back up to the lodge after being stranded. Luke anonymously calls Mr. Higgins (Laura's probation officer) to tattle that Laura is at the lodge and breaking her curfew. Laura calls her parents and explains why she is stranded. Rick reassures her that she isn't deliberately breaking her curfew so it will be all right. Laura is very worried that breaking curfew combined with the book room incident with Bobbie will look really bad to the judge.
Dastardly Luke goes back and fixes Scotty's car so it will look like they lied about being stranded. Bobbie is thrilled when Luke fills her in on how he not only fixed the car but he also called the garage, pretending to be Scotty and cancelled the service call saying his car works perfectly.
Rick & Leslie arrive at the lodge to pick Laura up. Mr. Higgins has also arrived to check up on Laura. Higgins learns that Scotty has a room reservation at the lodge, then he learns that Scotty has cancelled the service call for the car. Higgins insists that they go check out the car which of course starts up with no evidence of any problem.
Bobbie borrows money from Dan Rooney to pay off her blackmailer.

GH 1978 Tape #6 2 hrs poor quality
This tape is more of an edit rather than complete episode so there is a lot more of the Bobbie/Scotty/Laura storyline.
Laura arrives home, late for her curfew. She left GH very upset and went for a walk. She tells her parents that she was upset after Bobbie introduced Scotty as her fiancée to Luke (this scene not shown). Realizing how upset Laura is, Leslie asks Scotty to leave. Scotty assures the Webbers how much he loves Laura. Next Scotty talks to his parents and tells them he still plans on marrying Laura after Bobbie's baby is born as she has promised him a divorce afterwards.
Laura cries on Leslie's shoulder about how much she loves Scotty and that marrying him and spending the rest of her life with him is her most beautiful dream that she can't stand watching him marry Bobbie.  This was the first boy meets girl classic romance of the soaps, and now looks like one of those really bad after school specials!  LOL!
Leslie suggests to Scotty that maybe Bobbie isn't really pregnant. He wants confirmation of the pregnancy. Scotty tells Bobbie that he won't marry her without it. Bobbie, panicked, goes to Luke to ask his advice. She tells him that if Scotty finds out she isn't pregnant that he won't marry her. She assures him she has already seen her family doctor (not on staff at GH). Scotty insists that she be seen by Dr. Gina Danforth at GH for a pregnancy test.
Luke comes to GH, and he and Bobbie overhear another patient telling Dr. Danforth that she is positive that she is pregnant with her fourth child. Luke tells Bobbie that all she has to do is switch the names on the blood tests. So later the doctor confirms Bobbie's pregnancy to her delight and Scotty's dismay.
Scotty tells Laura how much he loves her, how much he dreads the idea of marrying Bobbie and he wants to know if Laura will wait for him. Laura says she will always be there for him and will wait. He is supposed to leave for Canada the next day. Bobbie worries to Luke whether she will marry Scotty in time before he finds out about her scheming or her shady past (as blackmailer is still in the picture). She swears to Luke that she will never give Scotty a divorce. Luke complains that he won't be there to give Bobbie away, he loves his sister (obviously, look at the crap he’s done for her when he really didn’t care) and he wanted to be there for her when she got married. Scotty arrives to pick Bobbie up, he is one very reluctant bridegroom. He is further annoyed when Bobbie tells him that Lee wants to give them a wedding gift and she wants to stop there on their way to Canada. He doesn't seem to want any gifts or any celebration of their plans. When arriving at Lee's, Scotty is very concerned over how bad Lee looks. Lee says it is just the flu. Over Lee's objections, Scotty insists on taking him to GH and calls Gail to meet them there. Lee is put into isolation and Scotty refuses to leave until he knows that Lee is okay. Bobbie is desperate to leave to get married. Scotty says it is no big deal if they wait till next week, Bobbie complains that will be too late. Scotty is clueless as to why another week will make any difference. Bobbie covers saying she has arranged for the time off from work already. Jessie Brewer tells Bobbie that Dr. Danfort wants to see her ASAP. The doc tells Bobbie that the other patient is pregnant - they ran another test when the first one came out negative. The doctor believes that the tests were mixed up. Bobbie gets very upset at the suggestion that she have another pregnancy test. She refuses and says she knows she is pregnant and will go back to her own doctor. Bobbie is not happy to find out that the doctor has called Scotty and filled him in. His hopes are raised at the possibility that Bobbie might not be pregnant. Scotty then calls Leslie and fills her in. Dr. tells Scotty and Leslie that Bobbie may have overheard Mrs. Davenport (the other patient) talk about being sure she was pregnant. Leslie is sure that Bobbie switched the names on the tests. Laura arrives at GH and is upset to see Scotty and Bobbie there together, she thought they had already left for Canada. He tells Laura that there is still hope for them. She doesn't want to hear the details as she doesn't want to get her hope up. Laura has a session with Dr. Taylor and also talks with her probation officer.