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General Hospital's Luke and Laura Fan Fiction

Hello fellow Luke and Laura fans. Most of the fic on this page is mine, and most of it has love scenes :). Any of your own stories, comments, or suggestions...e-mail me at By the way, I do have a few stories that are Laura/Frisco Romance, Laura/Robert Scorpio Romance, Laura/Mac Romance. Though I did adore Stefan and Laura as a couple, I will not be posting their ROMANCE stories here because of the hatred of Stefan by usual Luke and Laura fans. I have found that Genie has created a character able to find the good and the romance in any man.

Why, Rated PG-13, by Paradise

Laura's life is threatened again by Stavros being alive again. She's disappeared and Luke searches for her. She's furious with him and all that has crumbled in their marriage. He refuses to let her go this time, and there's a battle between them with a lot of passion and a lot of pain.

Burn With Me, Rated NC-17, by Paradise

Laura and Mac have a one night stand, smoke some MJ, Luke finds out, along with half the town, everyone is stunned, Laura gives Luke the crap he deserves and we all know what happens next!

The Dream You Left Behind, Rated NC-17, by Paradise

Tear jerker, let's just say by forces out of our control, Luke and Laura are separated, and Laura finds love with Stefan afterwards, but it's not what you think probably. Serious L&L Romance, then SNL, so chill and read.

Long Lost Love, Rated NC-17, by Paradise

This begins as a Luke and Holly romance, but quickly turns into an adventure when Alex Devane (Anna Devane Scorpio's twin sister) shows up in PC for L&L's help to find Robert who may be being held on the island Stavros and Helena held Laura on! Lucky for them, Laura who lived there for 2 years knows it perfectly! Luke, Laura, Holly, and Alex head over, is our beloved Robert still alive? How will he react when he sees Holly?!? And Alex who has his dead wife's face? Is there a future for Robert and Holly? Are Luke and Laura thrown together by the pain of her memories of the island, or does she need something more concrete than Luke being the one to comfort her with the memories now instead of Stefan?

Whenever Hearts Collide, Rated NC-17, by Paradise

This is part 2 of Long Lost Love, after Holly, Robert, Alex Devane, Luke and Laura return from the Cassadine island. Laura goes on a vacation even though she and Luke had admitted their love for each other again, and on vacation she finds FRISCO! Having a fabulous vacation full of passion and love with Frisco, they both return home and seek the true loves of their lives.

You Swore, Rated R, By Paradise

This is my first Luke and Laura fan fiction that I wrote before I knew much of their current (1990s) history. I was only familiar with the eighties and a bit of what's going on now. It is an argument they have that leads to quite a bit of pain, and a lot of memories but we know how it ends.

Hey Laura, Where Are You Now, Rated R, By Paradise

This is a very sad story, beginning on Octobre 16th, 2000, the first time Laura sees Luke after Felicia's testimony. At Luke's bar, while he dances with Felicia and Bobbie and Roy dance. They are having their party. I changed it a bit, and made my own changes from that night on. Laura however is quickly diagnosed with a disease and some people have said they've cried from this...I don't know. It's a great complement to hear that, but I don't hold myself in that high of a place. So read, it has quite a bit of romance, but if all stories were just perfect, it'd be tedious.

Echo of the Past, Rated R, By Paradise

A story of Bobbie and Laura's relationship at the beginning. Many things happen with many of the men in Laura's life, much Laura angst and finally, Laura and Felicia are held captive...therefore having to come to grips with each other. And in the end, Luke and Laura get a grip on reality and let's just say Laura brings Frisco home...

Dreams Weren't Always Made to Be Broken, Rated R to NC-17, By Paradise

This is a Robert Scorpio and Laura romance. FINALLY! If you recall in 1981, they had a beginning, but of course it was the height of Luke and Laura's romance so fat chance. So now, Luke and Laura are divorced, and Robert, who was always there for Laura and loved her, has a chance. Never fear for Luke and Laura, but I would've adored a Robert/Laura storyline. In case you never knew, Tristan Rogers (Robert Scorpio) joined General Hospital in 1981 because he wanted a love story with Laura. That takes guts to come on to attempt to take Luke's place. Robert's the man though!

Sailboat Seduction, Rated NC-17, By Paradise

Spring of 1980, Luke traps Laura on the sailboat to seduce her, and does, but then turns and acts like a PIG! What would've happened had Laura bitched at him but they still made love?

Think of Laura, Rated R, By Paradise

After Felicia's testimony, Laura decides to get out in the world and not feel like she's betraying everyone. She has an affair with Mac Scorpio. Luke and Felicia find out, neither Mac nor Laura feel guilty, things progress. Major L&L angst and romance, Bobbie and Monica are there for Laura...

The Awakened, Rated R to NC-17, By Paradise

Luke and Laura stop Stavros. This was written before the 2001 Stavros storyline so it is completely different. A lot of ANGST and a lot of passion.

Luke and Laura Anniversary Story, Rated NC-17, by Amanda

Luke and Laura's 18th Anniversary celebrated the right way!

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