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Luke (to Laura): It’s you and me against everybody, baby. (1980)


Laura: (looking at Luke's injured foot) What happened?
Luke: I really put my foot in my mouth


Luke: I'm a very intriguing client.
Alexis: You're a pain in my butt.
Luke: Well, thank you. (2002)


Luke (to Rick): Come in and pull up a headache. (1983)


Luke: Go away!
Mac: Luke, it's Mac.
Luke: Go away faster.


Luke: Some families have black sheep, others have white trash, we
have Carly.


Housekeeper (at Wyndemere): Are you expected?
Luke: No, but I'm inevitable. (1997)


Laura: There's only one bed.
Luke: How many do you want? (1980)


Luke: When I dress for dinner it means I put on underwear.


Laura: The next time we steal a plane, we must make sure that it's
been tanked up!
Luke: Next time lets all get tanked up! (1993)


Luke (when he sees Roy for the first time):It's finally happened.
I've gone insane: It's finally happened. I've gone insane.


Bobbie: How do you blow up a microwave?
Luke: Well you start by forgetting where you put the can of cooking


Luke (to Laura): All right, but you know I really resent being used as a heat object. (1980)


Luke (to Helena): Well, what can I say, babe? The thought of you dead
has always turned me on."


Mac: Typical Spencer. Answers the question without telling me
Luke: It's a gift.


Alexis: You're revolting!
Luke: I like you too.


Luke: (to AJ and Carly) Well, if it isn't my gold-digging niece and
her latest mineshaft.


“Gentlemen of the jury, look at this defendant. Just look into those eyes -- clear, blue, like deep wells of sapphire. And the skin -- check out that skin -- smooth as marble, and yet coursing with the heat and passion of life. This woman is not only beautiful, she's courageous. She would risk her life for love. This woman would use her remarkable intellect to question all the great philosophies of the -- of the planet and to figure out all the mysteries. This woman -- this woman could break your heart with a smile, and she could melt your anger with a touch. This woman is as close to perfect as anything on this earth. Gentlemen, something this passionate, this loving, this perfect CANNOT be guilty."

February 21, 2002


“I think he interrupted us making love more than other person, on this planet, I almost strangled him that summer.”

Luke speaking of Robert Scorpio to Laura in 2000


Nikolas: “I am no longer a Cassadine.”
Luke: “It's in the blood son. I mean, you can call yourself Nikolas Smith
or the Cassadine formerly known as Prince, it's all the same.”

Year of 2001


Lucy: Teaming up with you go get back at Damian is one thing, but handing over my
company's financial records, now that is real intimacy.
Luke: Relax baby, I'll respect you in the morning.


Lucy: Tell me something, where in the world have you been all my life?
Luke: Mostly hanging with my wife, I guess.
Lucy: Ohh, that. Does she realize what an amazing catch you are? Cause if she
doesn't ya know, maybe if I had come along first, her life might have turned
out differently.
Luke: Ms. Coe, you are a nasty little flirt.

Lucy: Wait a minute, what about Sonny? I mean oh, are you lookin at a three-way
Luke: Luce, please don't tempt me, I'm only flesh and blood.
Lucy: Oh for goodness sakes, you know what I meant.


"I'm not scheduled, but I'm inevitable."


Luke to Scotty: "Pick a window or a door, pal, 'cause you're going out of one of them."


Luke: "You know I'm right."
Alexis: "Why is that every time I see you you're always telling someone you're right? Hi Bobbie."
Luke: "White. I said white. She asked why I'm a lousy dancer and I said, 'You know I'm white.'" Week of 5-26-97


Luke: "Emily, until the day I wander around town with my underwear on the outside of my clothes, dribble running down my chin, please don't call me Mr. Spencer." 12-8-97


Luke: "Don't tell me it's just us." Laura: "I know. It's a miracle, isn't it?" Luke: "Well, don't stand there woman, grab a husband! Pull up a husband and let's get it on."



Laura: "What're you watching?" Luke: "Not sure. Tell me something. When did Brooke Shields become a comedienne? Did I sleep through that particular glitch in American history?" Laura: "Her hair looks a little strange, don't ya think? Luke: "Who am I to criticize other people's hair?" After Brooke Shields made a crack about Luke's hair on Suddenly Susan, 2-26-97      


"You keep this up you're gonna make an early riser out of me to speak." To Laura, week of 3-3-97      


Carly: "You are really twisted, man." Luke: "Thank you, it's a gift." Week of 3-31-97    


"Oh, get in here, Barbara Jean, I won't bite you where it'll show." To Bobbie, week of 3-31-97            


Laura: "I miss you." Luke: "Me too, honey. Like a major appendage." Week of 5-5-97


Luke: "What are you, nuts? I got a tattoo on my butt; it says, ' In case of emergency take me anywhere but GH.' I mean, between the murders in the basement and the viruses in the light bulbs? Man, I'd rather be covered in leeches." Stefan: "Well. I'll drop a hint to Laura. Perhaps for your next birthday." 6-20-97         


Laura:  "What did I ever see in you?"  Luke stands up in front of her.  "Shall I show you again?"

April 12th, 1996 (Anthony ad-libbed that line, Genie cracked up but amazingly got back to the point quickly)


Laura:  "Do you have any idea what kind of risk you're taking?"  Luke:  "Yes I realize I am taking a very big risk but I trust that you will not abuse the situation and force me to make love to you."  Laura:  "Will you be serious?"  Luke:  "I am serious!  How do you expect me to keep up my angelic innocence when all you can think about day and night and day and night is this GORGEOUS body," he says as he rips off his shirt.

Left Handed Boy, Summer 1980


Luke to Laura: Luke: "Oh you made the do the windows?"

Left Handed Boy, Summer 1980


Luke to Laura: Luke: "DAMMIT Laura, I am a man and I want YOU!  And for the time being...I LOVE this bathTUB!"

Left Handed Boy, Summer 1980


Laura:  “I’m serious Luke.”  Luke:  "Look I'm serious too!  It's been one hell of a day, Sugar Ray Baldwin tried to kill me!  Frank Smith will kill me if he finds out I'm alive and now you tell me I can't even sleep in our bed?"  Laura: "It's not OUR bed, it's MY bed!"

Left Handed Boy, Summer 1980


Laura:  "I mean don't think you can change my mind, just by making...passionate wild love to me."  Luke:  "Thought never crossed my mind."  Laura gives in.  "Lucky can see you at the club in the afternoons as long as...I know where he is."  Luke:  "It was good, wasn't it?"  Laura (sighs annoyed):  "Get dressed."

July 28th, 1995


Luke and Laura's Argument:  Laura:  "You're outta your mind!"  Luke:  "You used to like that about me."  Laura sighs.  "I used to be young."  Luke:  "You're still young!  Nothing's changed!  I'm still crazy, you're still beautiful!"

Early April 2001


Luke To Laura:  Laura:  "What did you think?  Did you think someone was gonna come half way across the world to break you outta jail again?"  Luke: "I don't know...would you?  Come running to my rescue?  Half way across the world to risk everything?"  Laura:  "ME?  Wait a minute, wait a minute, what about Orphie Goodlove?  Where is she now?"  (For those who don't know that's Felicia's fake name)

March 2001


1997 Nurse's Ball:  Lucy Coe:  "Luke, Luke, go into that room and just...DO something to yourself!"  Luke:  "With all these people around?"


1997 Nurse's Ball:  Bobbie Spencer:  "Do you know the routine?"  Luke:  "Routine?  I invented disco, Barbara.  I also killed it, as you recall it died a hideous death."


Luke To Laura when she's making fun of him being sea sick:  Laura:  "Poor baby's got a tummy ache."  Luke:  "Stuff it, dear."

Ice Princess 1981


Luke to Laura When They're Talking About Their Unborn Baby, Lucky:  Luke:  "Yankees?"  Laura:  "Maybe she won't like, football!"  Luke:  "He'll like, baseball."  Laura laughs feeling stupid.  Luke:  "You're so cute when you're dumb."

Aztec Adventure, Summer 1984


Luke is Jealous:  Luke:  “This guy doesn't know that you only did that to get to ME! Even the Australian hasn't figured that out yet!"  (Referring to Laura dating Robert Scorpio)  Laura:  "You certainly are sure of yourself, aren't you?  Look can I help it if I happen to like Robert Scorpio and the other guy too!"  Luke kisses her. 

Summer 1981, right before Ice Princess


Luke Talking To Alexis About Why One Scotty Baldwin Should NOT Be His Attorney:  Luke:  "Scott!  Listen, not to many years ago, Scott had a lovely young wife.  She was seduced away from him by a...cavalier, curly haired, skinny, fellow!  Whom I hold very near and dear!"

September, 2000


Luke, Alexis, And Scotty Arguing About Him Being Luke's Attorney: Alexis:  Scott would never do anything to hurt Laura, he will help Laura, won't you Scott?"  Scott:  "Of course!  Always!"  Luke:  "Aw shut up!"  Alexis:  "Be nice!"

September, 2000


Scotty:  "But what mystifies me is that Laura STILL loves you and she's willing to sit out there in that courtroom, for you!"  Luke:  "And that really eats your lunch, doesn't it?"

October 10th, 2000


Laura:  “There’s no ketchup for the French fries.”  Luke:  “Dip em in the wine!”

Summer 1980, Luke and Laura on the run.


Luke:  “Go away!”  Scotty walks in.  Luke:  “GET OUT!”  Scotty:  “Good, you’re here.”

November 16th, 2000, Scotty brings Luke the first set of divorce papers.


Laura:  “You know why we said our vows, it was destiny.”  Luke:  “It was the eighties.”
June 15th, 2001,


Tony:  “What do you want from me?”  Luke:  “I want you to open your eyes, and close your fly.” 



Lucky:  “These guys at school were talking about sex.  Not the squiglly sperm stuff, but…the stuff that leads to it.”  Luke:  “And…”  Lucky:  “About the good stuff?”  Luke:  “Dare I ask…what’s the “good stuff”?”

February 1994


Stefan: Once again, you are in violation of a court order. If you do not leave right away, I'll have you arrested this time.
Luke: OOH! That will fix me.


Luke to Laura:  “Why Baldwin?", and he started suggesting Mac, " had a little spark with Mac, for a while, why didn't you follow that through?", and then Roy, "Roy's an old friend, he really likes you and I could even get behind that. We could live together, all of a big commune." Laura:  “Well why don’t I just go for the mail man?  He’s always had a crush on me!”  Luke:  “Floyd?”  Laura:  “Yeah.”  Luke:  “He came onto me last week.”

November 26th, 2001


Laura to Luke:  “I thought you wanted me to be happy.”  Luke:  “I do!  But…I never said I wanted him to be happy.”  (Talking about Scotty Baldwin) 

November 27th, 2001


Luke to Laura:  “Look, living with Baldwin again is gonna be like owning a Ferrari and never going over the speed limit.  It’s safe, it’s steady—but your engine!  Your engine ain’t gonna hit anything near what it’s capable of hitting, and that will be the downfall.  It’ll build up and build up and eventually…you will explode.”  (Luke sees Laura is so furious at him she’s going to explode NOW!)  “I think I’ll get Bobbie and go,” he says and runs off. 

November 27th, 2001


Luke (to Scott): You didn't write this, there are big words.