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A Short Luke and Laura Story
by: Amanda


It's November 16th, 1999 (Luke and Laura's 18th Anniversary)

Laura is sitting at home on the sofa clutching her wedding picture to her chest. Gripped tightly in her fist is the wedding ring Luke had given her 18 years ago. She's replaying all of her favorite memories over and over in her head - not aware that she's rocking back and forth and crying softly. She never realized how happy she had been, and now longed to feel that way again. Just once would be enough. She would give anything to feel that way tonight. To spend the night with Luke was sheer ecstasy, and since the last time she had been with him, she ached deep within for that feeling of completeness.

Just then, there is a knock on the door. Laura snaps back into reality, and her heart leaps up into her throat. Could it be? Did he remember? Was he coming to take her in his arms again, and tell her he was in love with her, and couldn't live apart? She jumps off the sofa, and races to the door, knowing that on the other side of it will stand her true love. She sweeps the door open with an expectant look on her face, but her face falls when she realizes that it's Stefan standing on her front porch. She didn't mean to look so disappointed, but couldn't hide it. Laura opened the screen door, and allowed him into her living room.

"I brought these for you," Stefan said, handing her a large bouquet of red roses. "I knew this day would be hard for you, so I wanted to keep you company." Laura smiled in recognition of the gift, but wanted to scream on the inside. Why did HE have to show up? It's not that she hates him, but he just ALWAYS seems to show up at the wrong time. She knew Stefan cared for her, but she just couldn't honestly return the feeling. He made a good friend, and an ideal suitor. He was patient, understanding, and always tried to put her first - but, all of the kindness in the world couldn't make her forget that she was in love with someone else - and always would be. She had to make him go away, or she would break down in disappointment. She didn't want his sympathy or his comfort. She only wanted one man, and if he wasn't there, she'd rather be alone.

"Thank you. They're beautiful," Laura replied with as much enthusiasm as she could muster. She set the bouquet down on the table, and slumped herself down on the sofa again. Stefan walked over, and sat down beside her. Laura unconsciously scooted away, and he noticed her discomfort.

"What's wrong?" he asked softly. "Is it all right that I came calling on you?"

Laura sensed his nervousness at having angered her, but was too upset right now to hold back her opinion to protect his feelings. "Actually, I'd rather be alone tonight. I hope you understand," Laura answered, hoping that would be the end of this.

"Actually, I don't. Why would you want to stay here in this house with only sadness? Please, come to Wyndemere with me tonight. You shouldn't be alone."

"That's kind of you, but I want to be alone. Please, just go now. I'll call you later, but tonight I want to stay here - by myself."

"As you wish. But Laura, I'm always here if you need me." With that, Stefan got up, closed the door quietly behind him, and started his way back to that big empty castle.

Laura broke down sobbing. She remembered Stefan's words - He'll be there if I need him. But that's the thing. I don't need him. While it's nice sometimes to have a shoulder to cry on, it's not like I'll feel any better after talking to him. She pulled her knees up to her chest, and was thankful she was wearing sweats. She rubbed the comforting material up against her cheeks, and let herself sink into the overstuffed couch cushions.

After about an hour, she decided that sitting on that couch wasn't doing her any good. All of a sudden, it was like she remembered the way she used to be. When she knew what she wanted, there was no stopping her until she got it. She remembered the way she convinced herself she would win Luke back after she had betrayed him in the police station after returning from Beecher's Corners. She remembered sneaking onto the Cassadine yacht to help Luke and Robert after Luke specifically told her to stay there. She remembered convincing Luke to buy this house. She filled with the same spark and stubbornness she had before, and got up to fix herself up. If things weren't going her way, she would just have to make them.


Luke sat at the desk in his office at his club, staring blankly towards the door. He had an untouched glass of scotch in front of him, and blues music playing loudly. He, too, remembered what day it was, and struggled against all of the memories which came flooding back. He saw himself as a young man desperately in love with a girl, and mentally watched the two of them grow love each other more every day.

The CD he was listening to ended, and a new one automatically started. As he heard the opening notes of "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" play, he could no longer fight the tears. He saw himself dancing with Laura in their diner to that song just before they came back to Port Charles. What he wouldn't give to be that happy again. He wondered if it would ever happen. It wasn't like he never smiled or cared about anything anymore. Of course, he still loved his sister, and he enjoyed spending time with Felicia, but these days were empty compared to what they once were.

Just then, Felicia bounded through the door. She started chatting about what she had done that day, oblivious to the fact that Luke hardly noticed her come in the room. When she looked down at him sitting there, she stopped rambling, and said his name. "Luke..." No response. "Luke!" she said a little louder.

Luke looked up and acknowledged her presence with a bland "yeah?"

"Luke, what's wrong? You look like you just lost your best friend."

If only she knew how right she was. Laura was his best friend, among so many other things. She knew him better than anyone else in the world. Laura could tell what he was thinking, and always knew exactly what to do. She was magic - his angel, lover, friend, healer, and soulmate all wrapped up in a package so beautiful, he could hardly believe she was real.

"Oh, sorry. I was just kinda lost in though for a minute. What can I do you for?" Luke asked, putting on a front, and desperately hoping she wouldn't see the pain behind his eyes.

"Are you sure you're all right?"

"Yeah, sure I am."

"Well, I just stopped by to let you know I wouldn't be able to go with you when you leave for Mexico again. Maxie's birthday is coming up, and I'm not going to miss it. You'll just have to live without me."

"Oh, OK. Whatever you say. Uh, Felicia look. I kinda have a lot to do tonight, and I'd better get started on it. But, I'll talk to you tomorrow."

"Uh, all right. I guess I'll talk to you tomorrow." Felicia picked up her purse, and walked to the door with a confused expression on her face. She knew Luke got like this sometimes, and figured it would just probably be best to leave him be.

Luke settled back down in his chair, and took a big gulp of the scotch he had poured earlier. Then, he heard the door knock, and figured it was Felicia again.

"Did you forget someth....." Luke stopped dead in his tracks. Standing in front of him was the woman he had spent all afternoon picturing. She looked beautiful. It was obvious to him that she had put a good deal of effort into looking that way, but it was just as obvious that she had been crying.

Laura just stared at him for a moment. It was obvious to her that he was upset, on top of being shocked to see her there. Unless her eyes were playing tricks on her, his eyes nearly lit up at the sight of her. She had spent over an hour pepping herself up to being brave, and facing her feelings head on, but seeing him like this made her loose some of her nerve. Finally, all she could bring herself to say was a timid, "Hi."

Luke let out a breath, unaware that he had been holding it. "Hi" he answered, rubbing his hand over the top of his head. He stood there for another moment, and then realized he was staring, and backed away. "Come on in," he said nervously.

Laura slowly took a few steps toward him, as Luke moved toward her. She closed her eyes as he reached around her to close the door. When his arm brushed against her side, she felt the energy course through her body. When he backed away from her, Laura went over to sit down on the broken down sofa in the corner. She purposely chose that seat, hoping Luke would sit next to her, but to no avail. He sat on the corner of his desk, and faced her.

She looked up to meet his eyes. "Happy Anniversary Luke."

"Happy Anniversary to you too." The way they were looking at each other, along with the tone of their voices spoke novels, even though their voices only uttered a few syllables. "I was thinking about you today."

"You were?" she asked hopefully. Luke nodded slightly in answer, so she continued "I've been thinking about you a lot lately. How's everything?"

"Oh, it's all right, I guess. Business is good - so Claude tells me. And I'm still here breathing, which means I must be doin' something right."

Laura smiled. She could see right through the act, but loved the fact that she knew exactly what Luke would say. She knew that losing his family had left him broken, but he was striving to be the carefree man he was when he had everything he wanted. Laura got up off the sofa, walked over to him, and reached for his hand. She was almost surprised when he let her take it, and intertwine her fingers with his. Feeling a burst of reassurance from his touch, she tilted her head up to meet his gaze, and said "I didn't want today to pass without being with you." He looked at her expectantly, just wishing she would say more so that he could build up his confidence before he had to answer. Laura sensed the hesitancy, and finished with "I really miss you."

Luke's face lit up like a Christmas tree for about half a second, but it fell again as he asked "I didn't think you had time to miss me - what, with you spending so much time with Steffin."

Laura was hurt by that answer, but also expected it. Part of her wanted to snap back, while part wanted to back out of the room from fear of rejection, but the biggest part wanted to reconnect with Luke, so she answered "He isn't you. He never will be what you are to me. I don't want to walk out of this room without feeling once more the way I feel when you and I are together."

As soon as the words were out of her mouth, she realized what she had admitted, and stared at the ground. Luke, against his pride screaming at him to leave her be, timidly reached out and tilted her chin up so that he was looking into her eyes, which were welling up with tears. In that instant, he decided to tell his pride to shut up and listened to his passion instead. He ran his hand up to her cheek, and used his thumb to wipe away the tears. Laura closed her eyes and reveled in all the sensations charging through her. It was as if she was trying to memorize the feelings. There was so much Luke wanted to say as he stared down at Laura's face. He knew her inside and out, and knew that she was waiting for him to say something - anything. There was no way words could describe everything he was feeling, so he let his actions do his communicating. He slid his arms down to her shoulders, and then ran them all the way down to the small of her back. He pulled gently, and Laura pressed herself up against his chest. Then he lowed his mouth to Laura's waiting lips. At first, Luke was soft and gentle, planting dozens of little kisses all around her mouth. But, soon after, Laura leaned closer in, and started letting her rising passion control her. The kiss grew hungry for more as she slid her arms up his back, around his neck, and up into his hair. The feelings which had lay dormant in them for so long came rushing to the surface, and it was as nothing had changed.

Luke suddenly became aware of the sultry music in the background, and started to sway with her, never loosing contact with her mouth. They began the most seductive dance either one of them remembered. Laura let her fingers move over him until she reached his chest. She massaged his torso, unaware of the extent of the pleasure Luke was receiving from it. Luke kept letting his hands dip lower and lower on her back, until they were no longer on her back at all. When she realized where his hands were, she grew even braver, and allowed her fingertips to trace over his stomach to the rim of his pants. She carefully untucked his shirt, and then started undoing the buttons. When the shirt was finally opened, Laura resumed her massage of his chest - but this time, it was skin on skin. Luke instantly knew that they had reached the point of no return. There was no stopping now. They had finally - finally - let each other know that their love would not be denied. No matter how that bond between them was tested, it was much too strong to be broken. Once all of the feeling were out in the open, the healing would begin. Tonight seemed the perfect opportunity to release all of those penned up feelings.

Luke raised his hands until he found the bottom of Laura's sweater. He pulled it up over her head, and threw it to the side. He ran his hands all the way up her arms to the spaghetti straps of her satin camisole, and then let his fingers trace along the dangerously low neckline. As he reached the bottom of the V neck, Laura tilted her head back. Luke lowered his mouth to her neck, and started leaving a trail of kisses from her jawbone to the tip of her cleavage. He slid the straps off her arms, allowing the camisole to fall around her waist. Luke had almost forgotten how beautiful his wife really was, but every inch of her was so familiar, he felt like he was coming home to paradise. His hands now started at her stomach, and felt their way up. When he reached her breasts, he used his thumbs to gently pass over the tips before letting his mouth take up the exploration where his hands left off.

Laura was no longer aware that there was a world outside of this room. She couldn't concentrate on anything but the way he was making her feel. She felt the urgency build inside her, and eased them back onto the sofa. When Luke started kissing her mouth again, Laura undid the button on his pants. As she slowly lowered the zipper, there was no doubt that he wanted her. Luke was relieved as she carefully removed every piece of clothing he had been wearing. For now, there was nothing to restrict him, and he could feel her with every inch of his body. Luke returned the favor by sliding her skirt, nylons, and all off of her hips, and down her legs.

Luke threw the clothing aside, and stared down at this goddess laying before him. His mind was overcome with thoughts of a love so strong nothing would ever break it perfectly mixed with the feelings of a man who had not been with the woman he loved in what seemed like an eternity. He lowered himself onto her, and instantly found her mouth again. It was like a lifeline to him. Everything he was came to him through their lips, breath, and souls joining in the throws of passion. He felt the tip of himself refamiliarize itself with the center of Laura's being. When he finally entered her, the world stopped. Time froze, and there was nothing in the entire universe except for each other. They slowly started moving against each other, meeting each other with their thrusts in the seductive dance reserved for lovers. The slow movements started to grow more urgent, and Luke could feel himself becoming ready to explode with passion.

The feelings within Laura's body became stronger and stronger, and her ecstasy rose higher and higher until she felt herself release with Luke's release. For a few moments, both of them felt as if they were flying. There were no feelings outside of the ones they were giving each other, and they never wanted to come down.

The next morning, they lay dreamily in each others arms. The sun is shining through the window, casting rays on them, and making their skin and hair appear golden. The moment they woke up and saw each other, they knew they never wanted to part again. Damn the rest of the world - for it could not conquer them. Today was the first day of the rest of their lives together.