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Disclaimer:  I do not own Luke Spencer, Holly Sutton, or Laura Webber Spencer.  They belong to General Hospital and ABC.


Title:  Long Lost Love


Rating:  R


Keywords:  Luke/Holly Romance, Luke/Laura Romance


Author:  Paradise, e-mail me at  

Comments:  I loved Emma Samms and I think that Holly was the only other love Luke ever had besides Laura that was wonderful.  This story is dedicated to Emma Samms, Holly Sutton was your best character! 


Written:  Began, September, 2000, Revised February 2002…wow!



            Lucas Lorenzo Spencer stood along the streets of Port Charles, desperately praying something would happen.  After losing Laura, from stupidity by them both, there was nothing much to live for.  Laura, God how he missed her.  They'd spent over twenty years together, through more problems than anyone else he'd ever met, but with more love and passion than anyone else as well.  He ached for that love.  He'd lost Laura and Lucky, would his life ever be all right again?

            Just then, his past came back to him, not Laura, but her!  His heart leapt, and he screamed to her in the distance.


            Her beautiful, long brown flew as she turned her head, just like in the movies.  He so desperately wanted to touch her, see if she was still the same.  He wanted to feel her in his arms again.  She thought she heard his voice, and this was Port Charles.  She turned around, and her chestnut brown eyes matched his blue.  An enormous smile appeared on his face, and tears swelled up in hers.  It had been so many years, too many.  He ran to her and swooped her into his arms for an embrace.  His hands gripped the back of her head, drawing it up, forcing her to look at him.  Damn she was beautiful.

            “Oh my God,” he screamed, carrying her in his grip.  "Holly," was all he could say.

            "Luke," she said in the same way she always had.

            Pulling back to look in her eyes he said, "Are you married," he said quickly.

            She burst out laughing.  "No, Luke, not since Robert.  It was never the same after him...or you."

            "I can't believe Robert didn't choose you.  He was an idiot."

            She smiled a little.  "A few months later, you would've done the exact same thing."

            He looked away, knowing she was completely right.  He would've chosen Laura.  Of course, his Laura.

            "Come on, Holly, let's go somewhere."

            He walked her to a nearby restaurant.  They were flooded with memories of passion and excitement, and the love they both worked hard to avoid.  The first time they met, Holly was a fantasy, an adventure, a woman that blew his mind away and still did.  But after twenty years of being married to Laura, it was hard to not compare any woman he loved to her.  But he had loved Holly for her.  She was still exquisite. 

            "Well, I went back to London, and got a great job.  I was very successful, and as you heard, I returned in 1992, but I knew I had lost.  I honestly fell in love with your cousin, Bill Eckert-“

“Oh Holly!  Tell me you didn’t!” Luke said disgusted.

“Not really, he was a replacement for you, but he wasn’t you.  I thought I was in love with him, but I really only saw you.  Still, no one could ever replace you.  You are too unique to replace and you know it.  I went home to London, but nothing was ever the same again.  Robert was dead.  I thought I was making the right choice by being with Robert when I thought you died, when I loved him, but obviously, neither of my options were the right choices."

            He tipped her chin so she was looking at him, and knew he was falling in love with her all over again.

            "Remember when we first met," he asked.

            "How could I forget?  You were so snide."

            "I was not!  You avoided me!" he laughed.

            "I knew you'd want me more then."

            "Women," he sighed.

            Holly seemed so sad, she missed this so much.  People she could connect with.  Whether Luke was the love of her life or a friend, she needed him.  "Luke, I have missed you so you so much.  I have missed Port Charles and all the people I cared about.  Celia, Tiffany, Bobbie, so many people.  How's Laura?"

            "We're divorced."

            She placed a hand over his.  "I think I knew that," she said seriously.  “What happened?”

            “Too much to explain.”

            “Is she all right?  How’s the baby you two had?”

            “Lucky,” Luke said.  “Lucky is great.  He off and on hates me for the rape-”

            “What?  That was far too long ago, and it has nothing to do with anything anymore.  You two were so in love, I’ve never seen anything like the love you two had.  How did Lucky find out?”

            “Laura’s other son told him.”

            “What?  Laura had a baby?”

            “Those two years we thought Laura was dead, when she was held prisoner by Helena and Stavros Cassadine, she had a baby.”

            “Oh my God, but she didn’t say anything-“

            “They threatened to kill her and everyone she loved if she spoke of it.  The brother of the Cassadine she had been forced to marry raised her son, Stefan is Nikolas’s uncle.  While Laura was married to Stavros Cassadine, the man who broke his neck, Laura and Stefan were…in love and they had an affair.”

            “But…Laura could’ve been killed if she was caught having an affair with her brother in law-“

            “I know that, so did she.  Apparently it was worth it.”

Holly was stunned and shaking her head in confusion.  “No, wait a minute.  So…Nikolas, Laura’s son with Stavros, was kept from her by the Cassadines but Stavros’s brother Stefan, who was in love with Laura raised her son when she couldn’t and then Nikolas told Lucky you raped her?”

“That pretty much sums it up, yes.”

“Wait a minute, if Laura couldn’t have her son, how did he manage to tell Lucky?”

Luke sighed.  “Stefan brought Nikolas to his mother, Laura never told me about Nikolas or Stefan so it was quite a shock and I didn’t handle it very well.  The war between the Spencers and the Cassadines began again, and my wife was caught in the middle between her two families.  Lucky was goading Nikolas about Stavros holding Laura prisoner and raping her and that is how Nikolas exists, and I suppose Nikolas retaliated in the way he could.”

Holly saw how much this hurt Luke.  Dear God.

“Lucky’s all grown up now though, how old was he when Nikolas told him?”

            “Sixteen.  And the woman Lucky loved had just been brutally raped and he saw Laura as Elizabeth.”

            Holly squeezed Luke’s hand.  “I bet you did too.  I bet you saw Laura like that.  Surely you know though that it wasn’t.”

            “I hope so.”

            “What about…Laura and…Stefan?”

            Luke stiffened.  “They fell in love again after I walked out on Laura, but it didn’t work out.”

            “Why did you walk out?”

            “Even when Laura told me about having Nikolas eighteen years too late, she still left out the small detail of Stefan.  And Stefan was in town, making Laura’s life hell and I didn’t realize all the while he was in love with her and at one point she had returned that love.  And by keeping it a secret, it made it seem like there was an awful lot more to hide than the feelings of the past.”

            Holly looked at Luke.  “Or maybe she knew you would walk out.”

            “Ouch, thank you English.”

            “Did you ever go back to Laura?”

            “No.  Too much had happened.  She lied too many times.”

            Holly loved Luke, but believed he was wrong about that.

            “Was it Laura’s lies, or the fact that Laura had loved another man, a Cassadine, that made you leave?”

            “I’m impressed, you got it in one guess,” Luke said.

            “Oh my God, how’s Laura?”

            “She’s great.  She’s…she’s Laura.  She has her own business now, she is soaring high.  She’s taking good care of our daughter-“

            “You have a daughter!”

            “Yes, Lesley Lu.  She’s seven years old.”

            “So you have two children.  That’s fabulous.  When did you get divorced?”

            “Only recently, last year.”

            “When did you find out Laura had another child?”


            “And Stefan?”


            “And you only got a divorce in 2001?”  Holly held Luke’s hand in both of hers.  “Luke, what else happened?”

            “Many things.  Laura had a child she never bothered to tell me about was a good start.  She never planned to stay.  She didn’t plan to even ever let me see her.  She had been told I was dead which is why she married Stavros.  The two women I loved both married when an avalanche hit me.”

            Holly raised one eyebrow, that was a little offensive to both her and Laura but Luke was in pain and had a right to be.

            “And Laura loved her son but I couldn’t accept him.  I wanted her to hate her son.”

            “How could she, Luke?”

            “Because Stavros beat the crap out of her and raped her.”

            “She was a prisoner.  Having Nikolas was the only thing she had to love on her own.”

            “I know I was wrong.  It’s also the affair she’d had with her brother in law.”

            “She thought you were dead!  You and I-“

            “I know!  But I told her about you immediately and you…you weren’t a Cassadine.”

            Holly frowned in disbelief.  “What the hell does that have to do with it, Luke?  My God.”

            Suddenly Luke lashed out and grabbed Holly’s shoulders in a deathlike grip.

            “DON’T you forget what they did to me!  They made me believe my wife was dead!  They made me believe she had drowned in the freezing water and I wasn’t there to help her!  They tortured her, they made her live like a slave, they used her as a breeding mare so now the Cassadines have their heir and then when she finally escaped they threatened to kill her and everyone she loved if she talked about it!  You know what happened to me those two years I thought she was dead!”

            Holly’s widened eyes were frightened at the hatred in Luke’s voice, but she understood.

            “All right,” she said soothingly.  “Okay, I understand,” she said as Luke took his hands off her newly bruised arms and she kissed his hand while holding it.

            “Laura was being threatened and pushed back and forth for years and didn’t tell me and the lies piled up-“

            “Wait!  Who was threatening her and about what?”

            “Stefan hated Laura for betraying him, so he threatened to tell me he was Nikolas’s father unless she left the country.  Everyone thought Nikolas was Stefan’s for a long time but that’s another story.  Laura did leave though, to keep me from knowing she and Stefan had ever had an affair.  She was gone for almost a year and when she came back, the truth came out.”

            “Wait a minute, wait a minute, Laura let Stefan, a man she was once in love with, blackmail her to leave the country and you and both her sons for a year to keep you loving her and you doubt-“

            “Why didn’t she just trust me enough to tell me?!?  Why didn’t she trust me enough to tell me Stefan was the father of her son!”

            “Well, when she did tell you, you left anyway,” Holly pointed out.

            Holly immediately felt guilty. 

            “I’m sorry, Luke, I’m sorry.  It just sounds like Laura did an awful lot to keep you loving her and you did prove her right by walking out when the truth did come out.”

            “No.  I left Laura because I knew she still had feelings for Cassadine, and after about two years, she decided to ask me for a divorce and marry Stefan.  That blew up, Stefan screwed her over and then made it my fault-“

            “Luke, I know you, what you’re really saying is, you screwed Laura over and YOU blamed it all on Stefan-“

            “He was manipulating her!”

            “And so you were you!  There has to be a lot more than you’re telling me if Laura loved him so much, you must’ve punished her.  You said yourself you wanted her to hate her own child.  You walked out when you found out her child wasn’t made in hate?”

            “It was the lies.”

            “Are you sure,” Holly asked slowly.  “You were afraid she would leave you, she would love another man more than you.  But she obviously left this Stefan on the island to come and be with you-“

            “Then how could she still love Stefan Cassadine when he threatened her!”

            “You can love and hate someone at the same time, but the point is Luke, Laura gave up everything for you.  Apparently letting someone run her life to hold that secret.  I don’t see that as not loving you, I see that as she was desperate to hold onto you because she loved you so much.  But I know you, and I know that the minute the woman you love looks at another man you automatically give up and claim it was all a lie, that the love was all a lie.  You are wrong.  I loved Robert more than anything but it never made me forget you, and our love.  Our love Luke.  That never went away.”

            "When I came back to Robert's house and saw you, I don’t remember ever being so fulfilled and so full of joy."

            "But I was married to someone else, I know," she replied.

            "That wasn't what I was going to say."

            She looked up at him again, the passion was back.  That beautiful attraction between them.

            "I hope you don't have to leave, and I hope we can catch up.  Maybe take up where we left off," Luke said.

            "Get to trust each other, perhaps?" Holly said, remembering that was what kept them from being together in the first place.

            He stood up, left some money on the table, and held a hand out to her.  She slowly took it, and he pulled her up.  She was only five foot five, but her eyes looking at him made that song go through his mind.  They're song.  Come To me by James Ingram and Patti Auston. 

            <Baby, come to me.  Lemme put your arms around me, this was meant to be, and I’m oh so glad I found you, need you everyday...>

            They walked out together, and walked through the park.  They talked, went dancing, went to the movies, couldn’t get enough of spending time together.  It was like before, when nothing in the world mattered but living in the moment together, without any pain or worry, just love and passion. 

"I had forgotten this," she said with a soft voice.

            That was all, there was no turning back.  They needed each other, couldn’t deny the fire.  They always loved each other.  Together they left their new obsession of ice skating, and he ran with her back to his apartment.  He backed her up against the door of his apartment and crushed his lips against hers.  Quickly, he pulled back.

            "Holly, I don't want you to think-"

            "Oh, don't worry about that now.  I just want you, I need you, now."

            He gripped her quickly and kissed her.  The kiss lasted minutes until they were both breathless and lips swollen from passion.  He finally opened the door and they went inside, still completely linked together.  Holly never felt this kind of passion with any other man.  Even though Robert was the love of her life, when she was with Luke, she never felt so needed.  Luke’s passion was his desperation.  That’s what she could never resist.  He held her so tightly twenty years ago and he hadn’t changed.  He still held her like that.  Still touched her like that. 

Luke gently set her down in front of the bed, and she felt fear in her heart, but briefly.  It was quickly replaced by the ache inside her for him.  Never leaving his eyes with her own, she undressed herself in front of him, slowly, innocently. 

            Her beautiful body became revealed to him, her shoulders, her breasts, her waist, her legs.  She let her dress slide to the floor.  She glowed and was still as beautiful as she had been twenty years ago.  Maybe more.  His eyes never left hers until she was holding her arms out to him.  She embraced herself in his arms, fell slowly back upon the bed, there was no light in the room except for candles, cheap candles that glowed brightly with each loving movement.

            Together, they made love, deeply, passionately, their loneliness and need was fulfilled by the fantasy of the love they had.  Her beautiful figure and his intensity was still the same.  The way it had always been.  After hours of lust and forgotten love, they fell asleep in each other's arms.  She felt so good.  No matter was he'd told himself after Laura returned, Holly Sutton was his soon to be wife, and the mother of his unborn child.  A strong woman whom he adored, who had adored him.

            Luke felt her in his arms, gathering her up in his arms that surrounded her like thick vines.  His mouth kissed her very soft lips, teasing them as they fell against the pillows again.  Her strong legs wrapped around his, and she felt him against her, so close to being inside her.  He felt safe again, because he had really loved her so much, and he still did.  His lips went down her neck, to her collar bone, and to her large breasts.  He cupped them and encircled his tongue around them. 

            "Holly," he murmured, crawling back up to catch her mouth with his.

            The candle light glistened, and they were both covered in beads of moisture resulting from their passion, and he touched her the way no one had touched her, their last time together.  The mistakes, the right choices, neither of them knew, but her beautiful body in his arms, her beautiful face staring at him as she kissed him, felt him, inside her body, inside her heart again.  They both felt safe.



The Next Morning


            Luke brought Holly Sutton Scorpio a breakfast in bed.  She woke up smiling, and before breakfast, they made love again.  His lips on her neck, spending sparks through her.  Her soft lips kissing him, wanting him, and he wanted her.  God, the memories of the early eighties, the lake, the boat, the mountains, endless nights.  His hands roamed her naked body, feeling the excitement in their everlasting affair.  They wanted each other, so much there were no needed words. 

            She'd chosen Robert...don't think about that now, he thought.  In this moment, she was choosing him.  He was making love to her, it was his arms she was in.

            "I missed you," she murmured.

            "Oh English, I missed you too."

            An hour passed, and they finally began to eat together.  Talking about old times, staying off the topic of Robert.  Afterwards, he cupped her face, drawing her lips to his.  After a few minutes of serious kissing, he looked up.

            "Laura," was all he could say.

            Laura was not a bit surprised at Luke's actions, just at Holly's presences.  Holly felt awful.  She had liked Laura.  And now she had damaged Laura beyond repair.  She clutched the sheets to her chest, keeping one thread of modesty.  Holly had actually hoped to talk to Laura, to help her realize that Luke still loved her.  How the hell would Laura believe that when she just spent the night with Luke!  Luke's eyes were on Laura's. 

            Laura smiled an honest smile.  "Holly?  Oh my God, you’re back.  We have to chat sometime, I just came to let Lesley Lu see her father, but another time, I apologize for interrupting.  I’m so glad you’re here, Holly,” Laura said with affection in her eyes.

            Holly felt tears of joy and guilt forming.  Luke crawled out of bed, quickly putting his pants on, then looked back at Holly.

            "Go on!  Go after her," Holly said urgently, worried about Laura.  "I knew when I saw you together the first time when she returned from the dead, that I would never again see love like you two again.  Go, please Luke, she needs you to understand, and if you don’t go after her I will."

            He walked over to the bed, pulled her up to kiss her deeply, her nude skin meeting the cool air was very erotic.

            "I loved you then, and I love you now."

            "I love you back, now go after her!"

            He kissed her again, and left in search of Laura and his daughter.  He thought of Laura, but thinking of how he could never forget last night, unlike the nights he'd spent with Felicia, which were distant and blurry.  A drug in a moment of need was what Felicia was. 




            Luke finally caught up with Laura.  He grabbed her arm, and made her look at him.

            "Laura!  Laura, wait!"

            He made her face him, and there were dried tears and mascara running down her face. 

            "Laura, please, let me talk to you.  I've got to."

            "You've got to!  It’s all about you isn’t it!  Well I guess I should be grateful you’re finally sleeping again with the woman YOU loved while I was dead!  You can’t ever throw my life on the island in my face because I got a front row seat!"

            “Don’t blame Holly,” he said.

            “Oh for God’s sakes Luke, I don’t blame her at all!  I like Holly, I’ve always liked Holly.  She owes me no loyalty and I guess neither do you.  I betrayed you first right?  Let go of me.”

            “Where is Lulu?”

            “I didn’t bring her, I thought you could come to the house and pick her up yourself, but some other time, I understand-“

            “Laura, you’re right, I can’t deny that I love Holly, I think I always will, just like you love…Cassadine.  But there’s a difference.”

            “Well go ahead and enlighten me Luke, as if you wouldn’t anyway.”

            “When you were dead I could imagine a future with Holly.  Marry her, have children with her, I was in love with her.  But I don’t think I could imagine that now.  You’re alive.  That’s the difference.  You could imagine a future with Vlad, while married to me.”

            Laura’s eyes narrowed.  “I can’t believe you.  I cannot believe that even when I see you making love to another woman, our marriage dying is still MY fault!  Fine, I made love to Stefan the day I asked you for a divorce and I loved it, I loved HIM!  And I felt I was where I should be for the first time in a long time.  Since you’d been gone.  Is that what you wanted to hear?  Is that it?  That I felt like Wyndemere was my home?”           

            He placed his hands on her shoulders and she shrugged them off angrily. 

            “Don’t touch me,” she hissed.

            “Laura, that’s not what I was trying to do!  But by the way, was all that about you and Stefan true?” 

            Laura nearly went insane at that.  “Yes!  All right!  Yes.”

            “Why are you bouncing off the walls, Laura?  Because of Holly?”

            “No!  I mean of course it’s a little odd to see her and you together again but I respect her!  I don’t respect you!  How could you just now put me on the spot like that and bring up someone I was in love with to drown out any guilt you might feel about the woman you loved?”

            “That’s not what I was trying to do and if you’d shut up for five seconds I could tell you what I was really trying to say!”

            She was silent, but ready to disappear so he talked fast.

            “I was trying to tell you that even though I love Holly, even though I’m in love with Holly, I can’t imagine…I can’t imagine living the rest of my life with her.  That’s what I was trying to say.  Because I’ve lived my life with you.”

            “And you walked out on me like yesterday’s trash, Luke.”

            “You and I both made mistakes-“

            “But MY mistakes are the ones that are unforgivable!”

            “Laura, stop it!”

            Laura breathed out, calming down immediately.

            “All right, okay, fine.  You’re right, this…really isn’t necessary.  I just honestly could not believe you could make it my fault so quickly-even if you weren’t meaning to!  That’s what set me off.  Okay?  I’m sorry.”

              Luke tried to embrace her but she stopped him.  Even if she wanted him to hold her, which she wasn’t entirely sure she did, he had just been with another woman he did love. 

            “Don’t touch me right now, all right?  It’s okay, I’m fine.  I really am.  How is she?”

            “She’s…mourning Robert a lot.”

            “Aren’t we all,” Laura said sadly.


            Holly watched through the trees.  Laura was amazing.  That was amazing. 

            “Excuse me,” a very British, almost familiar voice said to Holly.

            She turned and nearly screamed.        

Anna," Holly said with fear.


            The woman looked confused at first, then understood.

            "No.  I am Alexandra Devane Marick.  Anna was my identical twin sister."

            Holly was in a bit of a shock.  "Pardon me?"

            The woman smiled.  "I don't know the answers myself.  It’s terrible confusing. Who are you?"

            "I am Holly Sutton Scorpio.  You're not Anna Devane Scorpio?"

            Alex shook her head.  "No, I haven't ever really met her.  I've seen her from a distance, but I've had quite a bit of memory loss, and I don't know all the facts about Anna Devane or myself.  I am a medical doctor from Pine Valley."

            Holly smiled a little stunned, and turned back.  Luke looked at her, and then Laura did.  Laura was kind enough to walk over.

            "Holly, I am sorry for the way I was this morning-"

            "Oh no, Laura.  Please, I am sorry for hurting you."

            It was then Luke saw Anna.

            "Anna, you're alive?"

            He reached over and hugged her.  He hadn’t really met Anna before, but any part of Robert was the best thing he could ask for.  Alex hugged him back, this man needed it.    He pulled back and cupped her face, seeing if she was real.  Alex smiled.

            "My name is Alexandra Devane Marick.  I'm not Anna, she is my twin sister.  We were separated at birth.  I am from Pine Valley in Pennsylvania.  I am here to uncover the truth about my past, Anna's past, and Robert Scorpio's."

            "What's to uncover?" Holly said instantly.

            "Faison murdered Anna and Robert Scorpio in 1991," Luke explained to Alex.

            Alexandra's brown her was long, and all over her shoulders. 

"I believe that my sister died, but I'm not sure at all that Robert did."

            "Pardon me?" Laura said.

            "You said you were Holly Scorpio, are you his sister?"

            Holly looked down, then at Luke.  Finally back at Alex.

            "No, I was his wife."

            Alex looked surprised.  "The records said that my sister’s name was Anna Scorpio and that she was married to Robert."

            "It's very complicated.  I was married to him, and he thought I died, so he married Anna."

            Tears gathered in Holly's eyes.  Laura touched Holly's arm.

            "Holly," Laura said, "Come with me."

            Holly turned from Alex and walked to the bench with Laura. 

            "Laura, I'm so sorry for what happened with Luke-"

            "Oh stop!” Laura said with a smile.  “I understand.  You love him.  It's all right to love him, God knows I still do."

            Holly laughed a little as some tears slipped down her face.

            "Did I tell you, Holly that I dated Robert once?"

            Holly looked up.  "Yes, he told me.  During the Ice Princess Adventure."

            Laura looked over at Luke who was dramatically talking with Alex Devane. 

            "Holly, I cared about Robert.  So much.  I loved him more than I can express.  And I know you're not going to stop until you find him, now that there's a chance he might not have died by Faison.  Faison has tried to murder my son, hurt my family, so I am with you, Robert was and is Luke's best friend.  Let us help you, and don't feel guilty for Luke.  You two...will always be in love.  And that's okay.  And Robert knew that, and wanted you still."

            Holly's long brunette hair was curly around her shoulders.  It disturbed Laura how beautiful Holly had remained.

            "Damn you're beautiful, Holly," Laura said annoyed.

            "I have a lot of money, Laura.  That's how it's easy to look like this.  Not to say I am surgically enhanced but when you have money, you can afford the makeup, the designer clothes, the massages, the gyms, and so forth.  Besides, you have children and a job, I do nothing."

            Holly touched Laura's beautiful blonde hair.

            "You’re the one who’s beautiful, but…is there a gym I could go to around here, I really feel bad and I need to first negative energy out if I will go traveling to find Robert.  I don’t know how you did it Laura, never run out of energy to travel the world all the time," Holly laughed. 

            Laura burst out laughing.  "Well, maybe Luke thinks I did, that’s why his replacement for me was the beautiful blonde Felicia, who enjoys going on the run and being in his bed."

            Holly was stunned.  "Luke did what?"

            “Oh yeah, and she testified it to the world.  That's why I'm a lot less offended by you.  I admire you, respect you."

            Holly could barely find the words.  She'll have to have a few words with Luke.  Luke neglected to mention HIS affair on Laura.

            Laura smiled.  She placed her hand over Holly's.  They looked over at Luke and Alex. 

            "Listen, Alex, Robert Scorpio was my best friend.  I would like to join you in your quest to find him, because I know a lot about survival, and the people that are involved in this.  Where is Robert?  Where could we start?"

            "Will Ms. Spencer and Ms. Sutton Scorpio join us?  All of us will be risking our lives, but I have to find the part of my life I'm still missing, and I would love for you to join me."

            Luke smiled.  Anna, but she wasn't Anna.

            "Oh there's no way in hell I won't go, and Holly must come with us."       "What's your relationship with Ms. Scorpio?"

            Luke smacked his lips together.  "We were in love a long time ago, and we still care about each other very much.  She married Robert though when she thought I had died in 1982.  A long time ago."

            Alex smiled that enormous smile.  "Forgive me for asking Luke, I noticed a lot of tension between you and your wife and Holly."

            "Yeah, well, there's a lot of tension between most people in this town, come on.  Let's go set up a plan."

            Alex and Luke walked over to Laura and Holly.




The Next Day


            Laura had nothing better to do, Alex and Luke had disappeared to search for clues, Alex promising to return once they had a lead to Robert’s location.  Laura was overwhelmed with the thought of Robert being alive.  What it did to Holly, who knows.  So Laura began to go to the gym everyday with Holly. 

            One day, as Laura was on the stair master, Holly tried very hard to continue on the treadmill.  She was out of breath as Laura was just getting started.  Laura continued and Holly came over in front of Laura, and Laura's big blue eyes looked into Holly's.

            "What?" Laura said breathlessly, her hair in a messy ponytail but tumbling around her neck.

            "Where the hell did you get this energy?"

            Laura smiled.  "I've had a lot of practice."

            Laura continued, Holly talked in front of her.

            "I remember one time I was with Luke in the mountains..." Holly stopped herself, wondering if that was a stupid thing to say.

            "Continue, it doesn't hurt me," Laura said so convincingly even Holly believed it.

            "Luke was so exciting-"

            "Oh yeah, you can say that about him, and the grabbing kissing thing-"

            "Oh I know!" Holly laughed.  "It makes you think you're the only one in existence.  He just grabs you and you’re gone."

            Laura smiled.  "I am so glad that Luke had you.  A part of me is sorry he lost you, isn't that crazy?"

            Holly laughed.  "Yeah, well, he's an idiot.  He does still love you.”

            Laura rolled her eyes. 

"He does, Laura.  You know that.  Does he make you laugh the way he made me?"

            Laura burst out laughing again.  "Oh God yes!  The first time we were on the run, we were sleeping in a barn because we had no money, and we had some food.  A chicken came over and I'll never forget the way he tried to get the chicken away from our food."

            Holly smiled, remembering him carry her up the mountain.  Laura was still working beautifully.

            Laura felt the release in the pain of her heart from working out with Holly.  She went home, changed and looked in the mirror.  She felt brighter, with more energy.   



Three Months Later


            Three months later, Holly and Laura had become very good friends.  Luke was off with Alex, trying to find evidence of where Robert could be, and if for certain Anna Devane had died.  Holly had taken Laura out for clothes, almost playing big sister to Laura.  Holly had the perfect eye for fabulous clothes, and make up.  She even gave Laura some tips on hair styles.

            "Laura!  You have naturally blonde, silky, shiny, beautiful HAIR!  Mine is curly brown!  Use it.  Stop putting it up in!"

            Laura laughed and let Holly show her everything.  They had a great time together.  Holly met Lulu, and began spending a lot of time at Laura's house.  Elizabeth, Lucky, and Nikolas came over, and Holly gathered more of the scoop of what had happened with Luke and Laura over the years.  They would stay up all night drinking fabulous alcohol and talking about the loves of their lives.

            “Robert made me laugh, I missed him everyday.  I had to let him think he was dead.  It hurt me so much to know that I was in a coma for twenty two months, and when I woke up he was remarried.”

            “Ouch, I am so sorry.  But you must believe he loved you.”

            “Yeah, I do.  He was a bit cold when he saw me alive.  It was nothing I’m sure like when Luke saw you alive.  Robert saw me, I kept trying to avoid him, just see that was okay.  Anna was out of town.  He came into a room where I was hiding and I didn’t know it was him and I turned around.  He saw me, said my name, I ran out.  He chased me but I got away.  Mac was the one who actually got me to face him, meet him again.  Robert yelled at me, for allowing him to think I was dead.  I screamed at him to listen to me.  It was too fast though, I never thought I’d have to explain, and I didn’t do it very well.”

            “The words right out of my mouth.  In 1983 I followed Luke around, just to see that he was alive, and I was gonna go back to my son.  And he saw me, and in the flash I was shoved back into the life of Laura Spencer.  The life I was stolen out of.  I didn’t know what to say to Luke.  But go ahead, continue, I’m sorry to interrupt.”

            “No, no it’s fine.  Robert was so angry we just had to separate.  He wouldn’t listen.  Then he invited me out to dinner, he guided me, he touched me.  It was so strange.  I told him about the car crash, my coma, my near death experience.  I told him that when I woke up he was married to someone else.  He felt incredibly guilty.  But, it wasn’t the same.  He wished me well, I told him I’d give him an immediate divorce, he told me he hoped I got everything I wanted in life.  He was everything I wanted.”

            Laura took Holly’s hand.  “Eats at you, I know.”

            Holly wiped her tears, had to distract herself immediately from thinking about if Robert was alive and coming face to face with him.  And what if he loved Alex just because she reminded him of Anna?  Holly had done that with Bill Eckert.  Distract yourself, Holly.

            “Tell me about Stefan,” she said.

            That caught Laura completely off guard.  “What?”

            “Stefan Cassadine,” Holly said softly.

            “Oh, oh, dear…I don’t…I don’t wanna…”

            “Laura, this is Holly, the other woman in Luke’s life that fell in love with another man when he died.  No one else understands but me!”

            Laura hadn’t thought of it that way.

            “It was wonderful, it was passionate, it was intense.  It was beautiful.  He loved me unconditionally, and although we didn’t say the words for many many years, it was there.  The love, the fire.  He kept me alive, but he didn’t just save my life, he made me want to live, every moment with him was a fantasy.  I saved his life and he saved mine.  We created our own world of passion and intimacy where we could be anything.  I wasn’t a prisoner being raped every night by a sadist when I was with him.  I felt beautiful, I felt cherished, and I cherished him.  I always will.”

            They continued talking all night.


Weeks later, while doing aerobics in Laura's basement, there was a knock on the door.  Holly stayed downstairs.  Still out of breath, Laura went to answer the door. 


            She had weights in her hands, and looked almost like a different person.


            "Hi, Luke," she breathed.  "Come in."

            His eyes wouldn't leave her face. 

"What," she finally said.

            "You’re...different, you’re actually…happy."

            Laura laughed.  “Excuse me?”

            He shook his head, smiling.  "What the hell have you and Holly been up to?  What the hell have I missed while away?"

            "Everything. "

            She looked so different.  Her hair, her face, her attitude, her voice, everything.  He followed her downstairs.

            "Where's Lulu," he asked.

            "Oh, she's upstairs in her room, go see her, she's missed you."

            An while later, Luke and Lesley Lu came back down to the basement, to see Holly and Laura.  Laura turned to see Luke, and stood up off the floor.  Holly reached for Lulu who jumped into her arms.

            "Luke, where's Alex?  What have you found?  Is Robert alive?" Laura asked.

            “Laura I must admit, you and Holly have-“

            "All right!  Where's Alex, and where's Robert?" Laura said.

            " two best ladies aren't satisfied with my presence?"


            "All right, Alex has broken into Helena's office, and downloaded her secrets of the locations of certain prisoners.  We have a damn good reason to believe Robert might be trapped in the Cassadine Compound.  He was just moved their last year."

            Laura closed her eyes and exhaled.  "That's where I was kept prisoner," she said softly.  “I know it like the back of my hand.”

            Holly turned to Laura.  "You're sure that's where you were held?"

            "Oh yes.  All right, let's go find Alex," Laura said.





            Alex turned around and saw them.  "Laura, Holly.  I'm so glad you're here.  Luke has said that Holly needs to come, but that Laura should remain here."

            Laura stopped dead in her tracks.  "I hope you told him over my dead body.  I was help prisoner on that island for two years, I know every piece of it."

            Alex's eyes opened wide.

            "You were held prisoner?"

            "Yes, by one of my husbands.  My third.  Stavros Cassadine, Helena Cassadine's son.  Every bit as heartless as her."

            Alex's eyes gained hope.  "Fabulous.  Holly, Robert may not remember you immediately, but please, take no offense at it, I don’t know what Helena’s done to him.  She had people come to Pine Valley, drug my husband Dimitri, myself, Anna Devane, they made me believe I was Anna, they set me up to kill her, but I couldn't.  She was me."

            Holly understood.  "He will think you’re Anna."

            “Yes, I assumed he would.  Well, we have to take an all night drive back to Pine Valley, Pennsylvania.  I suggest we start now, so we can get one good night sleep at my husband's mansion, Wild Wind.  Where's Luke?"

            "God knows," Laura said.




Three Hours Later


            Laura was driving in the car with her ex-husband, falling fast asleep.  He kept looking at her, amazed.  Finally, they reached the house, but Laura was out.  He quickly got out of the car, and opened her car door.  He curled his right arm underneath her legs, and carefully twisted his arm behind her back, thankful she was just over five feet, and he lifted her up.  She adjusted herself into this position, and he kicked the door shut. 

            She must be really tired.  Luke continued through the pathway, to a place Alex had called the Hunting Lodge, where they were welcome to stay.  Holly was staying in the house. 

            He carried her in, and before he reached the bed, she jerked her head up, and gasped.

            "Luke," she said glad it was him…at first.

            Luke, still holding her back, dropped his right arm so her legs fell to the floor and her heels clamped against the ground.  She edged his arm out from behind her waist and arched an eyebrow. 

            "I take it we're finally here.  Enjoy the bathtub."

            "You must be joking."

            "Either that or outside,” she said casually.

            Laura turned, but he grabbed her and pulled her back.

            "First of all, Laura, I don't think there even is a bathtub, and there's a floor!  But I am sleeping in the same bed with you."

            She laughed.  "Oh now you are crazy.  I am going along with this because it's the right thing to do.  You know what, I don't even care!  I'm going to switch rooms with Holly, she can sleep with you tonight."

            Laura’s hair was much more wavy, much more full.  Her makeup was wearing off, but she looked very erotic, her perfect lashes and skin color.  She wore plain jeans and a long sleeved white shirt, but somehow, the personality of her independence showed through and made her glow. 

            "All right then, let me ask you this.  Are you going on the trip to be with me?"

            She rolled her eyes, and he cupped her face abruptly.

            "I loved Robert, don’t flatter yourself," she said.

            "Oh I don't think I need to."

            His body moved closer to hers, and he leaned in to kiss her.  She shut her eyes and opened her mouth slightly.  His lips almost touched hers when she stepped away. 

            "No, Luke, please go away."

            "Are you afraid I'm in love with Holly?"

            "I know you love her, Luke.  That's not the problem."

            "What is?"

            Fear rised and her throat began to tighten up, as his hand gripped the back of her head, holding her hair. 

            He stopped and placed her in front of him.  He looked directly at her, and cupped her face.  She placed her hands over his that were holding her face.  He looked at her like she was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen.  He looked at her like he couldn't love anything more.  And he couldn't.

            He slowly moved closer to her and their lips barely touch, but she shivers slightly.  He pulls back.  He's doing it to piss her off.  She wasn't going to beg him, she wasn't even sure she wanted whatever this was going to turn out to be.  He gently removed his mouth from almost touching hers, and made her look at him.  She looked totally calm, and she was, she wasn’t putting her heart into this, she would play his game.  Laura turned away.

            He grabbed the back of her head and pulled her up to him for another kiss.  His lips then consumed hers more firmly.  She returned the pressure.  Her hands slid up, across his chest.   

            Luke's teeth gently scraped against her lips and her fingers tightened on his shoulders, bringing him closer to her.  Their lips were inflaming and soothing at the same time.  The thing that she always loved about Luke was that when he kissed her, he was enjoying it.  He was always grateful that he was, no matter how big an ass he was later.  She gripped with her teeth his lower lip, holding it tightly, and then soothed it with her tongue. 

            "Laura..." he said.

            “Luke, I’m not making any promises,” she said firmly.

            “Is that you’re way of telling me this doesn’t mean anything?”

            Her eyes narrowed.  “No, thank you.  What it means is this isn’t something that’s going to make me owe you something.  It’s not something that’s later going to be used as guilt if I don’t do exactly what you want.  I’m not making any promises.”

            He went right on, that didn’t make him stop.  Their mouths opened and she titled her head to the side, letting their lips move further apart and his tongue to meet hers, and he explored her mouth.  His hands tighten in her hair, her blonde, blinding hair, and he pulled her off the ground so she was standing on her tiptoes. 

            He hand brushes by her breast, and she moans a little urging him to continue.  She pulled her lips back, and she began to unbutton his shirt, pressing kisses against his chest as it's revealed to her.  She let him rip open her shirt, ripping it all the way off her body, and her creamed colored bra showed off her perfect, round, and full breasts.  He intensely cupped each breast, and kisses the top, sending shivers through her that turned into ripples that reached the area between her legs. 

            His mouth and hands kneaded her breasts and her nipples popped out of the cups.  He sucked on them sensually, as she arched more into him.  He complies and he takes her more completely into his mouth, deepening the pressure.  Together, they crumble purposely to the floor. 

            He lies her down gently and climbs over her, their lips meeting again.  His tongue insistently stroking hers makes the ache in her increase.  He slides down her underwear and caresses her, his fingers arousing her as his lips kissed her more harshly, without gentleness. 

            His hands pressed firmly on her hips, and he gently, but swiftly entered her.  They clung to each other tightly, holding onto this moment, and each other.  His hands which held tightly to her, slowly decreased the demanding pressure of her body against his, and he gently caressed her already hard nipples, which tightened them all the more.  She pulled his face down to hers again, and kissed him.  She moaned into his kiss with the final thrust, and then he rested on top of her.  Their breaths became normal after a few minutes. 

            It was going to be a long night…she suddenly realized…        



Three Weeks Later


            Laura Vining Webber Baldwin Spencer stood at the edge of the island, looking out at the ocean that over fifteen years ago, she had prayed she could swim across.  Her hair blew in the wind, and tears slipped over her blazing eyes and fell down her cheeks as she remembered the horrible nights with Stavros.  But how Stefan had saved her.   

            A hand came down over her shoulder.  She turned.

            "It's over, babe."

            He reached down and held her, she still faced the ocean.

            "I prayed every night when I would sneak out, after Stavros...that you would come sailing and rescue me.  I hated every minute in Stavros’s arms.  I was a present, a prisoner..."

            "Shhh, come here." 

            She keeled over and he sat on the sand with her. 

            "Laura, if I ever lose you again like that, I will find you."

            She looked up into his eyes.  "You did lose me.  You threw me away."

            "No I didn't, you never told me-"

            "Oh that's not it!  I was right there and you just stopped looking.  All I could think of was getting away from Stavros, and I got off finally, and there you were, at the mansion.  That moment when I jumped into your arms-"

            "Was the best moment of my life.  I know, Laura, I know I should've found you..." he trailed off.

            "But Stefan saved me..." she didn't finish, that would unnecessarily hurt Luke.  "I'm sorry."

            "No, don't be sorry.  I'm sorry that it wasn't me.  You have no idea how much I regret not throwing you over my shoulder and getting you out of here."

            Laura pulled back.  "At night, afterwards, and when he finally fell asleep, I would push him off of me and he’d sometimes wake up, he wouldn't even let me up unless I said I was going to the bathroom, and I ran out here, and I swam and swam and I couldn't see anything, and I cried so hard, but the waves pushed me back to shore.  Every time."

            For a few more moments, Luke held her, regretting the past five years when nothing seemed to go right between them for more than a few days.  He loved her, he needed to be alone with her to know how much it hadn't changed, but would he ever be able to tell her and make her believe it?

            His shirt was drenched within minutes.  Finally, she got her act together. 

            "All right, we're here for Robert, and I'm sorry.  You have no idea how much I want to tell you everything now that we're here, how much things have flooded back to me."

            She stood up, and he tugged her hand.  "You tell me, Laura, every second, every memory, and I will hear you."




            Laura, Holly, Luke, and Alex walked through the passage way from the cave into the main house, just like on Ice Princess Island.  Helena and Mikkos were obsessed with this design.  There was a dead end, but Laura saw what they didn’t.

            “Laura, do you know where to go,” Alex asked.

            "It's through there.  You turn left through this passage, and there are guards, but it's too the basement of one of the main houses."

            Alex led, Laura and Luke followed, and Holly stayed behind, afraid of what she might find.  It was hard following a woman whose face was Anna's.  Suddenly, a guard came from behind and grabbed Holly.  She screamed and all eyes turned.  Luke ran over, but Alex pulled him out of the way.  Alex kneed him in the groin, punched him perfectly in the nose, and elbowed his head, causing him to fall back. 

            "Where's Robert Scorpio," she demanded, highly British, digging her foot in his throat, choking him. 

            The man said nothing.  "Tell me," she shouted. 

            “Kato,” the man choked.

            “What?  Where?”

            “Spilia,” he said wheezing.

            “What are you saying,” Alex demanded.

            “Greek,” Laura said.  “He’s speaking Greek.  I know what he’s saying.” 

            Laura walked closer to him.  “Spilia…Kipos?”

            “Nai,” the guard said.

            “All right, let him go,” Laura told Alex.

            Alex loosened her hold on him, and he gagged, breathing heavily.

            “What did he say?” Alex asked Laura.

            “Kato means below, Spilia means cave, and I asked if it was the cave past the garden, kipos is garden.  I know where it is.  Stefan and I…” she stopped.  “I’ve been there.”

            “Porni,” the man hissed at Laura and she remembered him.  “Thymoumai…” he hissed.

            Tears came to Laura’s eyes which Alex saw.  Alex kicked him swiftly in the head, knocking him out.  Alex then ran to Laura.

            "Don't...don't you think about it.  I have an idea of what's like to have your life stollen from you, don't let it get to you, Laura."

            “He…he attacked me.  Porni means whore…thymounmai means remember.  He was making me remember…” Laura said shaking her head. 

            “It’s all right.  It’s all right.  You have us,” Alex said.

            Alex walked on, but Luke stopped her.

            "Where did you learn to do that," he said amazed.

            "I don't remember, except that I was...a spy.  I don't remember where I learned the things I know."

            "Anna Devane was a spy," Luke said.  “She knew Russian.”

            Alex had a look of shock come over.  “I can be a spy…I can speak Russian, they made me her.  Oh my God.  I was ordered to be her, to kill her, but I couldn't.  That's how I know I'm not her."

            Alex was breathless, yet earning for more of her past.

            "Holly, come on," Alex said, giving Luke and Laura a moment alone.

            Holly walked on, and Luke went back to Laura, who was frozen.  She still looked at this man's unconscious body.  Suddenly, she ran over and began to lash out and hit him over and over.  She cried as she did so.  Strong arms pulled her off of his body.

            "Laura, Laura!  Stop!"

            "Nooooooo, I can't...I hate..."

            "Shhh, come here," he said curling her in his arms.

            "Any other Cassadine would've let me be raped by all, but Stavros was so possessive.  He never knew that one night when he went away, that man tried to rape me."

            "Did you stop him?"

            "Yes, and Stefan got rid of him."

            "I'm sorry."

            “I have to…I have to…”

            "No, come on, let's go."

            He helped her up, she was having a hard time walking from the painful memories.  But, she was here to save Robert. 



Three Days Later


            Laura led the way through passageways, through the forests and through the mansions on the island.  Alex had taught Holly and Laura some very good skills in fighting.  Laura was ready to kill, because this island still made her flesh crawl. 

            "Kipos-" Laura said

            "That's where Stefan and you used to ‘meet’."

            “Luke, shut up,” Holly said.

            They kept going and managed to reach the garden.  Laura became enfaced with the past.  She looked at the roses, and wanted to desperately to recapture that moment with Stefan, but it he wasn’t here, and neither was she, really.  Alex, Holly, and Luke were a little farther away from her, but she could still see them.  She smelled the flowers, and touched them with her delicate hands, remembering the only beautiful memories she had while she was here.  She ate a blueberry off the tree.

            A hand came over her mouth and she still screamed.  He wouldn't let go of her, so she bit him really hard, before turning around, hitting him with all of her strength and all of her body.  She continued to assault him while he was on the floor, until another hand came over her, and she turned around, punching him in the face.  She then shrieked.

            "Luke!" she gasped.

            "Thank you...Laura."

            "God, I'm sorry, you okay?"

            "You always gave the best wacks.  Come on, Angel, let’s go.  He’ll be out for 30 minutes.”



            "All right, who opens the door?" Alex said when they finally reached where Robert was.

            Laura stepped forward.  "Let me.  He knows me, he trusts me.  Alex, if he sees you, he'll think you're Anna and become hysterical.  Same with you, Holly.  And Luke, you'll go nuts trying to get even.  Let me go.  Let me see if he's all right, and then Alex you come, and help him, you're a doctor."

            Laura unlocked the door and went inside.  She was afraid to look, to have him not be there or be unreachable.  There he was, on the floor, sleeping.  Not chained, but overly weak looking, and fast asleep.  Laura's heart washed over with relief as she ran to him, lifting his head.

            "Robert.  Robert!  Can you hear me?"  He turned a little.  "ROBERT!"

            He opened his eyes and looked at her.  He blinked a few times.  "Laura," he said softly with tears.  Laura laughed and cried at the same time.  He reached up to touch her beautiful face.

            "Come on guys, help me out!" Laura called.

            They came filtering in.  Alex rushed to his side, examining him.  Laura continued talking to him, as Holly stood in tears next to Luke. 

            "Where's Anna,” Robert asked.  “Laura, how'd you get here?  How long has it been?  Where are we?”

            "Robert, it's all right, we're going to get you out of here.  This is Alexandra Devane, Anna's identical sister.  Luke and Holly and I are all here to help you.  You'll be fine."

            "Holly," he whispered.  He looked up and there she was. 

            Holly couldn't take it, she ran to the door and left.  Luke ran after her, into another room. 

            “What happened,” Robert said, seeing Holly flee.

            “Don’t worry about it,” Laura said. 

            “Anna…” Robert said touching Alex’s face.

            “No, Mr. Scorpio I’m sorry, my sister is dead.  She’s dead.  I’m not her.  Luke and Laura helped me, Holly did too.

            “Dead…” Robert said, this was too much. 

            Laura held him.  “I love you, Robert, it’s okay.  They’re not going to hurt you again.”
            “Robin…” he whispered.

            “She’s fine,” Laura said.  “We’ll call her, she’ll be here in no time.”


            "Holly, Holly," Luke said holding her. 

            God he felt good.

            "Luke, I loved him so much!  I loved him, and I had to see that he was alive but…"

            "He's a fool, you are the woman we both loved, and I hope we still do."

            She looked up in his eyes, remembering that this was Luke, before Robert, there was Luke.  She felt like melting around him, and yet felt stronger with him around.  He grabbed her face really hard and kissed her, deeply.  His kiss meant so much to her, and she would never take it for granted.  After a few minutes of that same kiss, they released each other.

            "We are going to be back out there, Holly, and if Robert doesn't love you, he doesn't deserve you.  I never deserved you.  You are strong, and smart, and I love you, and you can go out there, and be there for Robert.  Prove to him what an idiot he was."

            Laura was holding Robert, as they walked towards the door.  His face lit up when he saw Holly… 



            The four of them took Robert Scorpio to the main house where Alexandra could examine him some more, and they would feed him really well, bathe him, and do whatever else they could until they were shore they could get him off the island without hurting him. 

            Alexandra Devane Marick was trying to explain to Robert what was going on.  Holly took hold of his hand but he couldn't believe that "Anna" was not Anna.  He looked over at Holly though, and knew that this would all be explained.  Laura was nowhere to be seen, and Luke left the house in search of her.




            "Let go of me, you son of a bitch!" she screamed.

            He gripped her face really hard, then punched her.  Her cheek began to bleed from the blood, as she fell to the floor, her hair tumbling about her shoulders.   She turned back to him in fury.

            "Nothos!” she hissed in Greek.

            She tried to get up and run, but he grabbed her neck, choking her, taking a knife, quickly slicing a little of her other cheek as she pulled back.  The wound was not too severe, probably wouldn’t leave a scar, but it caused her to bleed.  She screamed loudly in pain, cupping her face and looking at the blood in her hand.  Kneeing him the groin, she tried to wipe the blood that was falling from her face and run, but he pulled her down by the ankle.  She kicked him hard on the head, but he was strong and fell on top of her, imprisoning her. 

            "No no, please don't do this to me!  Get off of me!  Ochi, stamato!" she yelled at him as furiously in Greek as in English.

            He began tearing at her clothes, pressing his body against hers.  She closed her eyes, feeling the tears slip down her face sting her wound, until his body was suddenly pulled off of hers.  Luke grabbed the man and dragged him away, threatening to kill him.  Laura was shaking with tears as she tried to pull her ripped clothes over her bare breasts and shoulders.  Luke began to hit the man, and finally Laura pushed Luke away.

            "Stop Luke!"

            "Oh my God, Laura!"

            "Just stay away from me," she said shaking.

            "Let me help you, please."

            Laura pulled out a gun, pushed Luke aside, and aimed it at the man.  She then forced him to look at her.  She leaned down close to him, his face near hers.  The tears made trails down her face through the drying blood.

            "Dikos mou, timoria," she said with hatred flashing through her eyes.

            And then she shot him, turning her head away.  She then threw the gun down like it was burning her hand, and collapsed to the sand, sobbing violently.  Luke kneeled down holding her.

            "Come on, Laura, he's gone, Laura!  Let Alex look at you!  It's okay-"

            "I just killed a man!  He was raping me, so no, it's not okay!"

            "I know it's not, please, come on-" he was worried about her bleeding so much.

            “Get him away from me,” Laura said.

            Luke grabbed the gun, and the body, and pushed him into the waves.  He ran back to Laura, almost cupping her face, but then realizing her face was so badly hurt.

            "What happened?  How’d he get you?"

            "I don't know," she said.  "Help me, Luke, you've gotta help me-"

            "I am, I am.  Let's go.  Alex-"

            He began to lift her up off the ground, his hands on each side of her waist.

"Wait…Robert, Robert could be dying, she can't look after me."

            "She can take two seconds two make sure these wounds will heal correctly, she will stop the bleeding completely.  Robert will agree, come on."

            He pulled her up from the ground, but realized she couldn't walk.  He lifted her into his arms, and walked into the house, as she cried, hard, from physical and mental pain. 



            "Alex, help Laura," Luke said, putting her down gently on the couch.

            "Oh my God!  What happened," Alex said, rushing over.

            "That man started to rape her.  Please, tell me she'll be all right!"

            "I'm fine,” Laura said.  “Please, can I just go upstairs, I know which bedroom to sleep in, let me go upstairs, Alex-"

            "All right, you go upstairs, but first, let me just take a look, Laura.  Just hold still, and try not to worry, it doesn't look too bad, but I just have to make sure."

            “Laura, love, listen to her,” Robert said.

            “I love you,” she told him.

            “I love you back, sweetheart,” he said as Aussie as ever.

            Laura obeyed Alex, though she didn't want to.  Luke ran to get some water.  Alex retrieved her medical bag, and disinfected Laura's wounds.  She then bandaged it up. 

            "Laura, did he rape you?"


            “Let me get you another shirt,” Alex said.  “Jesus Christ, I’m so sorry.”

            Holly was watching closely, holding onto Robert's hand, they both listened.  Laura felt safe, Holly reassured herself.  But where was Luke?  Holly told Robert she'd be right back, and went to find him.  He was in the kitchen, dropping everything trying to find anything to help Laura.  Holly ran over to him, touching his arms.

            "Luke, she's fine.  A-Alex is giving Laura everything she needs.  She'll be fine."

            He turned around, holding her arms so she couldn't move, looking at her with such intense love. 

            "Stop blaming yourself, Luke."

            "I didn't see her even leave!  I let it happen again!  What if I’d been a minute later…a second later!  He could’ve cut her again…and the chance I had to help her I was too late…what if her face…"

            "Stop it!  Laura will be fine, you know she’s tougher than anyone."

            He sighed. 

            “Being tough won’t help the surgery should she need it.”

            "Luke," she said softly.  "He was raping her."  It was a statement.

            He began to cry.  "Yeah," he said, swallowing the pain.

            "Where is he?"

            Luke looked away.

            "You killed him," Holly said.

            "Yeah, I killed him."

            Holly knew Luke too well.  "Oh my God, you didn't.  Laura did."

            "Holly don't say-"

            "I’m glad she killed him,” Holly breathed with relief.  “Where is he now?"

            "Taking a swim in the ocean."

            "How did Laura kill him?  All of us are involved, and all of us will protect each other!  Laura was right to kill him.  You don't have to protect her, we're all on her side.  I'm sure she's told Alex."

            He began to cry, and Holly pulled him down into her arms.  He cried for a matter of minutes.  She caressed his hair delicately, knowing how much she loved him.  His hands were hugging her, and beginning to dig into her because he was holding her so tightly.

            "Come on, Luke.  Let's go back out there.  Laura needs you."

            "She never needed me.  I always needed her."    



Six Hours Later

10:12 PM


            Laura lay snug in her room.  She avoided her room with Stavros, Helena’s room, and the room she made love to Stefan in.  The memories swallowed her everywhere she went.  It was so cold, so in human.  Why did Helena Cassadine or whoever ran this particular island, leave it this way?  Exactly the same.  She felt the pain in her cut and bruised cheeks.  She hadn't even seen what the laceration looked like.

            She stood up and walked over to the bathroom, staring in the mirror.  She peeled the bandage off.  It wasn't nearly as bad as she thought it would be.  What had Alex put on this injury?   

            Laura Webber Spencer fell back into bed, and before she turned out the light, she heard a small knock on the door.  She jumped, still afraid it was Stavros.


            It was Holly.

            "Come in, Holly."

            Holly walked in, her hair long and full.

            "Is Robert all right?"

            "Oh yes.  I just thought I'd come to see you.  A long time ago, I never thought you'd ever want to look at me, much less talk to me."

            Laura smiled.  "I want the truth, and you'd be surprised which answer would hurt me more.  Did you really love Luke?"

            Holly sat down slowly on the bed, not sure what she should say to Laura. 


            "I want you to love him.  Did you?"

            "Oh God yes.  He was...he was the first man I ever loved.  I ever trusted.  And he is certainly the only man to ever father my children.  Whether or not our baby survived.  I loved him so much I couldn’t breathe."

            Laura smiled.  "I'm sorry you lost your child, but I'm glad you loved him.  There's nothing worse than losing a child."

            "Especially when you think the father's dead, and the baby's all you have."

            “Or you abandoned your child.”

            “Where’s Lesley Lu?”

            “With Bobbie,” Laura said.

            "Oh, how do you feel?"

            “Like hell."

            "I can get Alex-"

            "No, no.  I mean, I feel ugly.  My face."

            Holly smiled.  She jumped off of the bed and retrieved the make up she'd left right outside of Laura's door.  She brought it back. 

            "Did you ever think…you and I would be friends?" Holly said.

            Laura smiled.  "Yes, I had hoped.  Though we are so different, we have more in common than one would think. "

            "I agree.  I wanted to make sure you were fine.  You just sleep, and tomorrow I’ll do my talents on you and you’ll feel gorgeous even though it’s in your mind that you’re not."

            Holly stood up and walked away.




            "Thank you for helping me find my husband, though he may not be my husband anymore."

            "Ha, I know that line."



The Next Day


            They were leaving.  Everyone was still inside the house at the moment.  They hadn't even begun loading all their belongings, just gathering everything up.  Luke looked and saw Laura standing in front of the waves, her hair blowing, but her heart breaking.  He walked over to her, and everyone knew they needed a moment alone.

            "Laura," he breathed.

            "I can't believe how much I feel Stavros every second."

            He tried to hold her.  "You know, Luke, all those nights I screamed, and people heard me, but they all obeyed Stavros.  And that night, he tried to rape me in front of you-"

            "I know, Laura," he said trying to hold her.

            "No, no, you're not hearing me.  I was raped by him for two years, that wasn't what hurt me.  It wasn't even you watching though it was mortifying, you watching me being violated that way.  No, the worst part was when he said he was going to...brand me...right in front of you."

            She began lowering herself to the ground, but Luke held her arms so she stayed up.  He pulled her into a warm embrace. 

            "I don't understand," she cried.  "I am not the most beautiful woman in the world.  I never was, but I was used, violated.  I just don't understand."

            He said nothing, what could he say that could bring her out of this pain?  Nothing.  But he hated himself for hurting her himself.  Laura turned away from him, watching the waves.  He knew she was angry at him.

            "Laura, I never wanted to hurt you-"

            "Oh stop!  How could you?  I gave up my whole life for you.  And you just tossed me away when you found out there were some secrets, some lies.  Like you don't lie to me?  You've done nothing but tell me LIES!  And you have the GULL to suggest that I wasn't honest with you!"

            "Laura please, just...I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.  You know that from the moment was born I couldn't depend on anyone, but I could count on you, to love me, and that was the best time in my life."

            "Yes but now you can-"

            "Hold it.  You married me!  You divorced Scott the Prince Baldwin for me.  He's the perfect millionaire lawyer.  You had him, and you chose me.  Was that just for a short time, Laura?  You knew who I was, you knew how much I loved you, how much I needed you just to go on breathing, and now you're saying that it was all...what the hell are you saying?  Did you want Scott?  Can you lie to me and tell me you do?"

            She looked up into his eyes, amazed.

            "My lies?  You've been lying to me!"


"All this time Luke, you've thought it was you who loved me!  That it was you who was chasing me.  I believed it too.  I thought you loved me so much, that you would do anything to hold on to me.  You thought it was you who loved me more than I loved you.  That's all been a lie, Luke.  It was all along me."

            "Excuse me?"  He looked stunned beyond belief.  "Laura, have you lost your mind?  Please, don't ever say that, because you know it's true.  All those years, all those nights, all those mornings, every minute, please, Laura, you know."

            She looked down, for she did know.  He reached out for her arm, lightly holding it, but she began to walk away.  He grabbed her arm and pulled her to him.

            "Luke, I can't..."

            “Yes you can,” he said back.

            He nipped her ear intensely, holding her tightly in his arms, so not only she couldn't run from him, but she couldn't even move.  He ran his fingers through her hair, holding it, feeling it. 

            "Stop," she whispered, turning.

            "You are not leaving me," he said placing kisses all over her neck.

            He tried to turn her around but she tried to get away.  He grabbed her arms to pull her back to him, as she cried.  He covered his mouth with hers, pulling her lips between his, pressing her body against his, wrapping his arms warmly around her, soothing her.


            Holly came outside to see what was going on, and saw Luke and Laura.  She turned around so fast she hardly saw them, and walked back into the house, immediately jealous of Laura.  She couldn't deny she'd never stopped feeling what she had for Luke.  She was thrilled though, she wanted Laura to be happy with Luke.  She wanted them to be together.  She walked back into the house. 

            "Let's change our plans a bit," Holly said, a little too obvious.

            "What," Alex asked.

            "Well, uh, ya know, there's no reason we can't leave first thing in the morning, is there?"

            "I thought Laura wanted to get off this island as soon as possible," Alex said.

            Robert understood.  "It's Luke and Laura, isn't it?"

            Holly bit her lip.  "Y...yes."

            "Are they on the beach," Robert asked.

            Holly said nothing, giving it away.  Robert looked at Alex.

            Alex replied, "Maybe I should go out there and check on them-"

            "Oh no, Alex, they don't need our company.  After what they've been through, we're going anywhere.  We are not interrupting them even if the world stopped," Robert said.

            Holly laughed.  Alex began to understand, and smiled a little.  Holly ran over to Robert.  He held his hand out to her, and she cried a little as she laced her fingers with his.

            "I'm sorry," he said.

            "Oh I know, me too.  Me too."

            "Would you please fill me in on your life, for the past few years?  And then tell me what the hell's been going on with Luke and Laura?  How stupid are they to be needing this time?"

            "Oh who knows why either of them do anything!"


Two Hours Later

7:03 PM


            Luke and Laura walked back inside, where Robert, Holly, and Alex were.  As soon as Laura walked back into the house, her feet on the carpet, her knees buckled and she gripped Luke’s hand.

            “Whoa, Laura, it’s okay.”

            Luke pulled her back up and she breathed in and out a few times. 

            “You all right, love,” Robert said.  “This is where Stavros Cassadine and that miserable bitch kept you, isn’t it?”

            Laura nodded.  Robert stood up and walked over to her.  She went straight into his arms without thinking.

            “God, I missed you,” she whispered.

            “You came and rescued me,” Robert said.  “You faced this.  I love you for it.  I’m glad you were there on my mission to get the Ice Princess back, though I’m sorry I gave you a life long vendetta to fight.”

            Laura looked up and cupped Robert’s face.  “I’m not.  I have my children,” Laura realized he didn’t know about Nikolas, or Stefan, some other time, she decided.  “And I have you.  You are worth it.”

            He cupped her face back.  All eyes were on them.

            “May I do something I never had the opportunity to do?” Robert said.

            Before Laura could answer he shocked her by kissing her.  A very lush, involved kiss that left Laura’s eyes swimming.  She covered her passion swollen lips and laughed at him.

            “Sorry, always wanted to do that but you were engaged to what’s his name,” Robert said pointing to Luke.

            Laura laughed. 

            “Were you two in love,” Alex asked.

            Laura looked at Robert playfully.  “I don’t know, my problem was I was married and already having an affair with Luke.  But Robert and I dated, and loved each other very much.”

            “Uh huh,” Luke said sarcastically.

            “I did kiss you once,” Robert said. 

            “Oh yes, I remember.  Alex Quartermaine’s office, May, 1981.  How could I forget, I was caught so off guard.  It was good though.  Not as good as what you just-“

            “All right, all right,” Luke said and they laughed.  “Tomorrow, we get the hell off this island.”

            “Why aren’t their more guards,” Laura asked.

            Alex stood up.  “I’ve been taking care of them, the whole time.  I know how to kill someone without there being much evidence.”

            “Well, remind me not to be alone in a room with you,” Luke said and Alex smacked him lightly.

            “Edmund and Dimitri must be sick with fright,” Alex worried.  “Dimitri is my husband, Edmund and I were in love when I thought Dimitri was dead.  Edmund is Dimitri’s brother.  Long story, forgive me.”

            “Everything’s a long story,” Laura said, sitting down on the couch.