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Laura Quotes:


Laura:  “I’m not going to move from this spot, until you put your arms around me and you tell me that you love me!”

After she’s broken Luke’s heart, Summer 1980


Laura (to Helena): It’s Halloween!  It's your big night! Why don't you go find
yourself a cauldron and just jump right in?"


Laura (To Bobbie): Anytime it concerns Luke, you back off, cause I'll
walk right over you. (1981)


Bobbie (about Juan): He reminds me of Luke.
Laura: Why do you say that?
Bobbie: I don't know. Maybe because he keeps getting into trouble.
Laura: Great. That means he's our type.


Luke: You're going to have a baby.
Laura: 99% sure.
Luke: How did this happen?
Laura: How do you think?


Laura to Stefan:  “Stavros never would’ve done this to me.”  Stefan:  “Well, my brother was always dazzled by you, but I never was.”  Laura:  “Think back.”  Stefan:  “To what?”  Laura:  “You know what.”

July 8th, 1996


Laura To Scotty:  “Your breakfast is going to get cold, you aren’t!”

New Years Day 1980, Laura responding to Scotty wanting to make love to her.


Laura to Luke about Greek word:  “Let’s see…curious…reckless, blonde, no restraint, bad judgment…bitch.  Sound familiar?”

Laura and Luke working together when Laura begins to think of Felicia.

Late May, Early June 2001


Laura:  “I did not betray you, I was a prisoner you BASTARD!”

Laura to Luke about having a baby with Stavros Cassadine in May 2001


Laura:  “Let me stay with Lucas, I’ll stay right here with him, and I’ll call you if anything happens, you can be here in two minutes.”  Bobbie:  “Lemme give you my cell phone number-“  Laura:  “I have it.”  Laura smiles and hugs her.  Bobbie:  “I love you.”  Laura:  “I love you too.”


Luke:  “Well, little boys like to start fires, but big boys like to put out fires.”  Laura:  “You haven’t even started it yet.”
Aztec Adventure, 1984


Luke:  “Baby, I’ve been counting the days until I could be with you again!”  Laura:  “Yeah!  Backwards!” 

Aztec Adventure, 1984


Luke:  “I thought you could use this paint to fix up that broken down piece of junk that you’ve fallen in love with.”  Laura:  “Ohhh, I don’t think it’s any worse than any other broken down piece of junk that I’ve fallen in love with.”
Early Summer 1981, right before Ice Princess adventure


Frank Smith:  “I don’t know how to come up with a way to protect you, Mrs. Spencer.”  Laura:  “Figure it out!”
January, 1994, Laura visits Frank Smith in prison after Lucky’s shot.


Laura:  “You’re a real bastard, Mr. Smith.”

January, 1994, Laura visits Frank Smith in prison after Lucky’s shot.


Laura to Helena:  "Oh you touch another one of my kids and I'll make you sorry you ever left that island you bitch!"

November 9th, 1998


Felicia:  “That’s not very smart!”  (Felicia tells Laura that working with Luke against Helena is not a good idea)  “Excuse me,” Laura says.  “Egging Luke on!  Violence is not the solution here!”  Laura rolls her eyes.  “Well what do you suggest we do, ask Helena nicely?”
June, 2001, Laura to Felicia on Helena’s yacht.


Laura to Luke, she’s torturing him sexually, he’s mad at her, she won’t give up on trying to win him back:  Luke:  “What am I gonna do with you anyway?”  Laura’s lips are touching Luke’s, but they’re not kissing, both want to.  “I don’t know,” she says, “But I’m dying to find out.”  “Don’t come on to me,” he says.  “Don’t flatter yourself.”

Early Summer, 1981, right before Ice Princess Adventure


Lucky:  “I love you, Mom!”  Laura looks over at him.  “What do you want, Lucky?”
1993, Triple LLL’s return to Port Chuck


Laura to Stefan:  “In other words!  If I find out that Luke thinks anything other than that Nikolas’s father is DEAD, I will have a revenge on you, the likes of which you can’t possibly imagine.  It will make what you’ve done to me seem like a kiss on a summer day!”  Stefan:  “Save your bed time stories for your daughter.”  Laura:  “You know I’m telling the truth.  Because you know what you’ve turned me into.  I was a Cassadine too.”

Laura and Stefan battle in 1997


Laura to Luke on phone:  “It’s Laura, don’t worry, the kids are fine but I’m NOT!  So get your sorry butt home now!”

Laura to Luke 2002


Laura to Bobbie:  “Since I haven’t had the luxury of being born on Elm Street, I don’t belong near either one of you.”

Laura to Bobbie and Luke in 1979


Laura to Stefan:  “Do you know how much I love you?”  Stefan:  “That’s the first time you’ve said that.”  Laura:  “Forgive me, I should’ve said it much sooner.  I love you Stefan, I love you.  Nothing’s gonna change that.”

November 19th, 1999


Stefan to Laura:  “All the years I’ve dreamed of this.”  Laura:  “It’s not a dream anymore.”

November 19th, 1999, when SNL make love


Lucky to Luke:  “Rape is rape no matter what you call it later!”  Laura:  “What makes YOU an authority Lucky?!?  Just a minute, do you think you know more about MY life than I do?  I don’t THINK so because if you did you’d understand that I would do it all again!  I would marry your father I would have his children and I would be here with him right now!”

July, 1998, Laura finally let’s Lucky have it


Stavros to Laura as he’s raping her:  “Relax.”  Laura:  “I’ll relax when you’re DEAD!”  Stavros:  “You have a long wait.”  Laura:  GET off me!”

December 1983, just before Stavros dies the first time


Laura to Lucky:  “You know what, I don’t deserve this.  I DON’T deserve this!  This is my life!  I lived it.  And nobody else has the right to say what it looked like, what it was or what it felt like!  Except me!  It’s my right.  It’s my right to judge.”

July, 1998, Lucky taunts Laura about the rape


Laura to Stefan:  “Promise me you won’t tell him (Nikolas) the truth.”  “The truth?  The truth about what?” Stefan taunts.  “God I hate you,” Laura hisses.  “Say it Lasha!  I wanna hear you say the words!”  She pauses before saying them.  “That you’re his father.”

Laura to Stefan, 1997