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Join Luke and Laura’s YahooGroup!

Luke and Laura’s UnRevised YahooGroup!  The largest Luke and Laura group so far!

Genie Francis Club, “We Dream of Genie”

Goddess Genie…a group associated with a fabulous Genie Website that gives updates to when new stuff is added.  Thanks Becky!

My YahooGroups…

My Luke and Laura group, my first one discussing Tony, Genie, Luke, Laura, and anyone else relating to them.  It discusses any news, spoilers, opinions, gives links, but is based on their eternal love.  Also includes hundreds of photos!

This is a group for Genie Francis and Tony Geary, as themselves and their chemistry, their talent, not just Luke and Laura.  Also includes tons of photos!

My group dedicated to the amazing Genie Francis, and her beautiful character, Laura Spencer.  Luke and Laura fans are welcome, but if it’s Laura you love, that’s all you need!   Also tons of photos!

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