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Title:  Echo of the Past


Rating:  NC-17 or R, I think…


Keywords:  Bobbie/Laura relationship, Laura/Felicia relationship, Luke/Laura Romance, Frisco and Felicia Romance…


Summary:  Laura and Bobbie share their precious moments, realizing what the last two or three years has done.  They become even closer, until Laura is kidnapped and guess whom she’s stuck with!  Felicia!  Though there is extreme pain between them, Felicia’s life is in Laura’s hands, and being in a dungeon together, they must come to an understanding. 

Author:  Paradise


Kelly’s Diner

4:12 PM


            Did Bobbie just ask her if she'd gotten over Luke?

            "I got over the lies," Laura said calmly.

            "Did you get over him?"

            Laura smiled, looking down.  "He was the lies, Bobbie."

            Bobbie tilted her head, sympathy and objection crossing over her face.

            "Laura, you know Luke loved you more than anything.  You can’t forget that no matter what happens."

            Laura's beautiful mouth curved up in another smile.  "Of course I remember.  But then I realized it was all lies.  He said he wanted me, Bobbie, but how do you expect me to really believe that now?  Could you believe it if you were in my place?"

            Bobbie opened her mouth, and then reached a hand out to grasp Laura's.  Laura squeezed back.

            "He wanted someone who never lied to him.  Someone who never kept secrets, no matter what the reason.  I don't recall him ever telling me the whole truth, do you?"

            Laura had Bobbie there. 

            "And now I'm beginning to wonder if any of it was ever real.  How can something we had, that was so...amazing, just vanish like that?  I wonder when it all went wrong and I can't even begin to think about if it was ever right-"

            "Oh Laura, you know that’s not true."

            "I didn’t leave him.  I really didn’t.  He left and I can’t forget that.  I miss the way he used to tell me I was all he needed.  But, it's over now, and he has Felicia.  They need to be together now.  I just hope that she doesn't wake up one morning and find out that he never really loved her.  I hope she doesn't ever have to go through what I went through."

            Bobbie tilted her head even more, curious about Laura's words.

            "Laura, do I catch a hint of sensitivity towards Felicia?"

            "It's probably easier on you, isn't it?  Your best friend with your brother together.  I understand.  I couldn't blame you at all for feeling that way."

            "Laura, I don't want my brother to be with Felicia because he will break her heart, a lot faster than he broke yours."

            "Yeah, well, I don't have much to ever thank Felicia for, but I hope she doesn't throw away her whole life to be with a lie."

            Laura got off the seat and began to walk away.


            "Yeah," Laura said quickly.

            "If you ever need to vent, you come to me.  Any time.  I understand what it's like to lose the man you love to another woman."

            "Sometimes I don't know who to be angrier at.  Felicia wasn't married to me, but Luke didn’t make the end of our marriage completely my fault the way she did."

            Laura felt embarrassed.  She was after all, confiding in Felicia’s best friend.

            "You come to me any time too,” she quickly said.  “About Roy, about anything.  Thank you for listening, and being so good to me."

            Bobbie's eyes washed over Laura.  Laura turned around, and there was Felicia.  Felicia's hair was perfect and beautiful and she was in her typical cute attire and Laura felt nauseous at the sight of it.

            "Hi, Laura," Felicia said, which sounded an almost honest "hello".

            Laura looked around, clearing her throat.

            "Hello, Felicia," she managed and walked out.

            Felicia looked over at Bobbie, and then walked over to her.

            “At least she didn’t try to take a swing at me,” she said, sitting down.

            Bobbie smiled.  “That’s not her style.”


Kelly’s Diner

Three Days Later


            Laura tapped Bobbie on the shoulder.

            “Oh, Laura!  Hi.  Please, sit down with me.”

            Laura smiled genuinely.  “Sure, what’s up?”
            “I know I asked you if you were finally over Luke,” she said sitting down next to her, “And I’m sorry.  With what you two had, it was wrong to think that in a few months it would all fade away.”

            Laura looked down.  She smiled almost happily.  “I understand.  And I’m sorry that you keep being put in the middle.”

            “You know, I don’t blame you for feeling angry with Luke, or Felicia, but you have to remember that it was just one time.”

            Laura smiled.  “One time before the trial, but I don’t buy that it’s been only one time since then.  And even so, it’s not that they slept together, that night or any other night.  It’s that Luke kept looking at me…like he still cared.  And I kept hoping.  And I never thought at the times when those moments between us were there, that he was thinking of Felicia.  I thought he was thinking about the person whose eyes he was looking into.”

            “Maybe he was; maybe he thought you didn’t want him.  He would watch you as you walked away.”
            “I am not placing all the blame on Luke.  I haven’t been a saint, but I never denied that Luke was the love of my life.  I asked him so many times to take me back, to come home.  I regret that more than I can say.  Felicia threw herself at my husband in front of me.  And in her eyes it was my fault.  My marriage to Luke was over in Felicia’s mind, and it was all my fault, so she followed Luke pretty much everywhere.”

            Bobbie nodded, understanding.  “But, she found herself loving Mac, realizing that that one night was over, and she testified for Luke, knowing it would cost her her own marriage.”

            “Why are you acting as though she did it for me?”

            “No, I’m not saying that at all.  But she risked everything to keep your husband from going to prison.  She loved and loves Mac.  But she did the right thing, knowing she would lose her husband.  A husband she loved.”

            Laura looked down.  “Okay, you know what Bobbie?  I would’ve believed that story.  I know she went away for the summer with Mac and her daughters.  I know she wasn’t having it easy on the stand.  I’ve been there, when I testified for Stefan…but…the first time I saw Luke after the trial, she was dancing with him like nothing ever happened except that night of passion.  So it’s hard to believe that she loved Mac so much and was completely willing to let go of Luke.”

            “Felicia cares about Luke, but I don’t think she loves him the way she might be fooling herself into believing now.  I think because she lost Mac, she’s gone after Luke again.”

            “Bobbie, I understand Felicia’s point of view.  She loves Mac, yet she was seduced by Luke.  She went on the run with him and didn’t sleep with him until the very last minute.  Don’t you know I’ve been there?”
            Bobbie smiled.  “Yeah, I know you have.  But look at you now,” Bobbie said.  “Scotty’s still in love with you!”

            Laura looked down.  “Maybe, I’d be the luckiest person in the world all over again if he did.  But it can never be like it was back then, Bobbie.”

            Bobbie looked understandingly at Laura, and then grabbed her hand. 

            “Well, whatever you do, do it for yourself.  And I’ll be here.  I have a small suggestion though.”


            “Tell Luke how you’re feeling.”

            Laura burst out laughing.  “Oh, right!  No.  It’s too late, nothing I could ever say could make a difference now.  Besides, I don’t think he wants me around any more than necessary.  I wouldn’t feel threatened if you were to tell him anything you thought he needed to hear.  He’s your brother.”

            “Just the basics, he should know.  Just to torture him.”

            “If you put it that way,” Laura said getting up from the seat.

            They hugged, and Felicia came through the door.  Her heart sank as Bobbie held Laura and laughed, whispering something in her ear.

            “I may be Luke’s sister and Felicia’s best friend, but you and I have been through so much and I am glad.  I’m glad you’re a part of my life and I’m glad you come to me now and then.”

            “I hope you’ll come to me too.”

            Laura stepped down from the bench, looking at Bobbie.  Gotta go!  I’m off to meet Scotty.”

            Bobbie’s eyebrows rose.  “Scotty, huh?”

            “Yeah, Felicia can have Luke,” Laura teased, turning around to see Felicia’s face.

            “Hi Laura,” she said like a weak kitten.

            “Hi Felicia,” Laura said and walked out.



The Next Day

Kelly’s Diner


            Laura walked in, placing her purse down on the seat beside her, and waited for Bobbie to come out.  She looked around, wondering how Lucky was doing.  Liz was such a terrific woman.  She was glad they’d found that love, and hoped that they would always be honest with each other, unlike she and Luke had been. 

            “Bobbie, hi.”

            “Well hi!  You make these days so much better when I come out and see you.”

            Bobbie came out and touched Laura’s hand.  

            “How are you?”
            “I’m alright.  There are a lot of unanswered questions about Roy and my love life altogether, but as soon as I somehow figure out the answers to all those questions, I’ll be alright.  How about you?”

            “I was just thinking about our talks, these past few days, and I seem closer to you now than I ever have been.”

            Bobbie smiled.  “Thank God.  I will gladly take advice from you.”

            “Oh please don’t!” Laura laughed.

            “So…how’s Scott?”

            “He’s great.  We’re growing closer by the minute.  We’re almost closer now than we were when we were children.  It’s amazing how much our connection hasn’t changed.  And you know what’s even more ironic?  I always felt that Luke needed me in a way that Scotty never did.  But Scotty’s still here, and still needs me, and Luke, I realize, was the one that never did.  I was so lucky to have the love Scotty gave me, and I didn’t know it.”

            Laura saw Bobbie’s eyes looking behind her and she turned around.  Luke was there.  She felt a little embarrassed, but the look in Luke’s eyes let her know he heard pretty much the whole conversation.

            “Laura,” he said, his tone hinting he wanted a rise out of her.

            She licked her lips.  “Hi,” she said casually, not feeling guilty in the least little bit.  She turned back to Bobbie.  “Bobbie, call me sometime, because there’s so much more I’d like to say if you’d care to listen.”

            “Yeah--you take care!”

            Laura brushed by Luke and walked out the door, not looking back.  He watched her with puzzled eyes.  He sat down shaking his head, and then looked up at his baby sister.

            “She…she doesn’t really believe that, does she?”
            Bobbie looked up from writing something.  “Can you blame her?  I choose to believe that you really loved her, but because of your actions with Felicia, I’ll never even expect her to think she should.  Scotty really does love her, in the same way he did back then.  I’ve seen them together.”

            Bobbie walked to the kitchen and Luke sat back, chuckling sarcastically.  A few minutes later, Bobbie came back.

            “What’s wrong?”

            He leaned in to her.  “How could Laura think that Scott Baldwin could have loved about her as much as I did?”

            Bobbie licked her lips and pretended to think.  “Well, from her point of view, let’s see.  She dumps an incredible husband who loves her for the man who the world believes kidnaps her, when really they’re on the run.  After almost twenty years of the most intense love she’s ever felt, her husband starts pining for another woman.  As her marriage falls apart, she desperately holds on to one last thread.  When that vanishes, and her husband has ruined two families, Scotty is the one who is there for her.  Her husband, knowing he’s ruined two families, isn’t at all concerned about his own family, only his one time mistress’s.  Then, while her husband divorces her, and is spending most of his spare time elsewhere, Scotty shows her how much he still loves her.  And every time Laura turns around, you’re with Felicia.”

            Bobbie eyed him sadly, successfully placing guilt on him as she turned to leave.



Laura’s Office

The Next Day


            Stefan burst through the door, causing Laura to jump.  Stefan didn’t realize that Bobbie was walking back from the bathroom through a side door of Laura’s office, fully able to hear everything that he said.

            “Can I help you?” Laura replied.

            “Laura, you’ve got to help me get Nikolas to let me help him.  You will help me.  You owe me that much.”

            Laura laughed.  “I owe the man that faked his own death, framed my husband, and tore my son’s life apart?  I’m sorry.  I’m through with you.”

            She stood up, and he felt his pulse speed up.  He grabbed her arm.

            “Let go of me,” she said slowly.

            “Laura, we’ve been through too much-“

            “Yes, way too much!  I’m through with all you men who think you have the right to run my life!  You acted like leaving that island and being taken away from my son was my fault!”

            “Don’t change the subject-“

            “Remember that night we spent together on the island?”
            Just then, Luke, Lucky, and Nikolas came around the corner, but heard them arguing, so they waited, all of them listening.

            “Of course, Laura, quit changing the subject-“

            “Stavros raped me every night!  You knew that!  You knew I hated him.  And I gave him a son!  Do you know how much I wanted to take that baby I loved away with me?  But I didn’t know that Luke would see me and never let me go back.”

            “You could’ve easily come back to your son.”

            “Oh, heaven forbid I want to escape being a prisoner, and being Stavros’s little toy.  I tried to come back for my child, and my mother was killed.  It is your fault that I didn’t get to be with my son!  I wanted to come back but when I went home and saw everyone I ever loved, I knew I couldn’t go back and be Stavros’s token.  And I hate you for actually expecting me too.  That you thought me or my child deserved that.”

            Luke was a little surprised they were arguing about this.  So were both of Laura’s sons.

            “You know I would never willingly leave my child!  But I had no choice once I was given the options.  You promised me you’d take care of my son until I could come back but I wasn’t able to.  Did you get a thrill coming to save Lulu’s life in exchange for ruining mine?  Was that fun?” 
            “Listen to me, Lasha, please,” he said, a bit more desperate.

            “Did you want me to stay on that island so I could stay married to a man who raped me just so I could spend a few nights with you?  You know, every once in awhile when I could get away from Stavros, you and I could be together?  Is that a life?  When we could’ve gone anywhere else?”

            “You certainly didn’t seem to mind being married to your first rapist.”

            Laura’s eyes widened slightly.  Luke felt anger pour over him, and Lucky looked at his father.  The next thing Luke heard was the sound of Laura’s hand connecting with Stefan’s face.  Laura had calmly turned away, then surprised Stefan by turning back, smacking him with the back of her hand.   

            “How can you stand there and say that to me?” Laura hissed.  “I had no idea what rape was until your brother showed me.  And when you threatened to tell Luke you could be the father of Nikolas and I asked you if you were sure, do you remember what you said?”

            Stefan didn’t reply. 

            “You said that Luke wouldn’t mind which Cassadine was the father, just how many Cassadines had had me!”

            Bobbie made a disgusted face and even Nikolas was surprised that he had loved a man who could say that to a woman he was supposed to love.

            “I regret saying that,” Stefan said truthfully.  “But I can’t take it back, so either you forgive me or you don’t.”

            Laura swallowed.  He moved closer to her, shaking her lightly, and then touched her face with his hand. 

“Don’t you know that I’m the only one who understands?  I was there the whole time.  I loved you.  I loved you more than I’d ever loved anyone.  Nikolas is ours.  That’s why you’ve got to help me get him back!”

            Laura tried not to laugh.  “Like the way you helped me get him when you first brought him into my life?  Sort of the way you convinced him that I loved him?”  Stefan looked away.  “Oh come on, Stefan!  You think I didn’t know you were spoon-feeding him lies about how and why I left!  I wonder just how many times you told him I was ashamed of him!”

            Laura felt the mascara-filled tears running down her cheeks.  Stefan brushed her tears away as best as he could.

“Lucky actually asked me why I had sex with Stavros.  I’ll never forget that.  You weren’t the one that hurt me most.  Nikolas wouldn’t let me touch him, Lucky for awhile considered me only as a liar and some sort of cheap imitation of a person, and Luke!”

            He tried to hold her and she began to cry in his arms, very softly, and she surprised herself by still wrapping her arms around him.


            Luke came in.  He pushed Stefan’s hands away from her, and then Bobbie, Lucky and Nikolas came in.  Laura was shocked to see all of them just come out of nowhere. 

            “Luke,” she said surprised.  “Nikolas, Lucky, how long were you all standing there?”

            “Laura, let me take you home,” Luke said.  “You’ve had enough for one day.  You need help--”

            He tried to take her hands but she pushed him away.

            “Why didn’t you tell me, Mom?” Nikolas asked, reaching for Laura. 

            She hugged him tightly.

            “I never wanted you to know.  I never wanted to hurt you,” she whispered, feeling guilty. 

            “Lucky was right.  I knew you hated my father but I didn’t know he raped you.”

            Bobbie cut through to Laura, seeing her in distress.

“Laura, let’s go.  I’m going to take you somewhere else.  You can’t blame yourself for this.”

            Bobbie pulled Laura and together they began to walk out.


            “Luke!  Leave her alone!  You all can stay here and fight it out but she and I are leaving!”

            “Mom?” Lucky asked, following a little.

            “I’m fine, honey,” she said, getting in the elevator at Bobbie’s strong request.  “I’ll call you soon, I promise.”


Laura’s Bedroom

Three Days Later


            “Scotty, you don’t have to stay any longer, you can go.  I don’t mean to keep you.”
            Scotty grabbed Laura’s face, keeping her eyes on his.  She was so beautiful. 

            “There is nowhere else I’d rather be, and you know that.”
            Just then, Luke came around the corner, and when he saw Scott’s hands on Laura’s face, he decided that it would be a good idea to stay.  Laura’s bedroom was an interesting place for them to be.

            “Talk to me, Laura.”
            She placed her hands over his.  “I pictured it all the time.  I’m sure it was beautiful, stunning and romantic and hot.  All the things I dread now.  All the things I haven’t felt in years.  I keep seeing my husband--my ex-husband with another woman, and I wonder if I ever pop into his head?  Does he remember us-“

            She was so embarrassed she stopped and brushed his hands quickly away.

            “God, could I be anymore selfish?”  Scotty was confused.  “Scotty, I’m sure those are the exact things you thought of when I ran off with Luke.  And here I am spilling my heart out to you!  Please, I’m so sorry.”

            “You’re not hurting me, Laura.  I can’t tell you I haven’t been in your place, but I’m not going to wish pain on you because I’ve had my own dose.  Go on.”
            “I’m sure you felt when I left you the way I do now.  Maybe I deserve it, because I let you go.”

            Luke stiffened.

            “I just felt…I don’t know, desired.  And now I don’t.  And there is no one to blame but me.  Because there was no one in the world better, stronger, as amazing as you.”

            Scotty lunged forward and grabbed her again.  She looked back and forth in his eyes.

            “You know how much I want to touch you.  How much I want to kiss you.  You’ve known that forever.  You used to drive me up the wall, you know, I don’t think you ever stopped!”

            Laura giggled a little as Luke’s face outside the door was turning angrier into pure hatred. 

            “I want to make you feel desired, Laura.”

            She smiled, a single tear falling down the side of her cheek.  “I want that too.  I want you.”

            He grabbed her, making her gulp for air, swallowing her whole.  Luke left.


The Next Day


12:43 PM


            Luke walked through the door, knocking on it as he saw Laura look up at him.


            She sounded happy, brighter.  He’d go to pieces if he thought about why she was this way.

            “Laura, how are you?” he asked, nonchalantly.
            She straightened the papers on her desk.


            “What’s it like working with my sister’s daughter?”
            Laura smiled.  “Well, she has an ego about as large as yours, but…she also has some good ideas.  She’s smart, and ambitious.  But she’s especially ambitious about beating me.”

            He smiled.  The phone rang, and Laura answered it like a pro.  When she got off, she was writing some stuff down, and then she looked back up at him.

            “I know you didn’t come here to talk about Carly.”

            Luke tried to look casual.  “No.  I guess not.  You feeling better?”

            Laura looked up at him.  “Feeling better?  Meaning?”
            Since yesterday.”
I’m fine,” she said, not really paying attention.

            “Yeah, I’m sure you’re much better now,” he replied.

            “Luke, I’m busy, tell me what you need.”

            “I stopped by yesterday.”

            “Where?” she asked, hesitating.

            “Home.  And I noticed you weren’t alone.”
            Laura felt her pulse quicken slightly.  “What did you hear?”
            “You mean the part about me or the part with you and Scott?”

            She had never been so furious in her life. 

            “When did you walk in, Luke?” she questioned, trying to remain calm.

            “The part where Scott told you to talk to him, and you told him about picturing Felicia with me.”

“And…what, what’s the point now?”
            “Well, I left before it got too graphic.”

            Laura’s mouth dropped open.  She walked over to him, her eyes bright and alert.

            “You heard…and what, you just decided to stay?”

            “I wasn’t peeking through the keyhole, no, but I heard what I heard.  And I left just as things started to get really gory.”

            She was amazed.  She punched him in the stomach with all her might.  Her eyes blazed with anger, she looked just like she had on the sailboat that day twenty-one years ago. 

            “Get out of my office!”

            “Hold on, Laura.  Just calm down-“

            “Don’t tell me to calm down!  You don’t spy on someone’s private life!  Though, I suppose, you probably wouldn’t mind at all, would you?”
            He didn’t say anything.

            “Just please, leave me alone!  Don’t you know what you’ve already done to me?  You want to embarrass and humiliate me some more?”
            “Embarrass you,” he said innocently.  “I’m not the one that slept with Scott.”
            “Stop it!  Would you stop it?  Don’t you think you’ve degraded me enough?”

“How the hell have I done that?”
She turned away.

“Laura, for one minute, could you just put away your pride, and be honest with me?  What are you thinking?”

            She laughed.  “Why?  Because that’s what you want to know, that’s what you want me to say so that you will feel like you have all the power over me?”
            She turned her head towards him, her hair surrounding her face. 

            “Do you have any idea what it’s like to want something you know you can’t have?”
            “Oh no, Laura,” he said with a little anger and a little sarcasm.  “I’ve never known what it was like to want you and not be able to have you.”
            “I saw you kissing Felicia so happily, I understand that you need to be with her now, but if you could do me the honor of staying away from me-“

            “Why, you think that will make it easier?”
            “What do you care?”
            “Come on, you know I care-“

            “No I don’t.  How could I?”

            “You mean you meant what you said to Scott?”
            “Damn right I meant it.  I wish I’d done almost everything differently.”

            “You really regret us that much?”
            “You know, I always felt the love you had for me.  That’s what drove you to do a lot of those insane things you did.  But when you touched me, I could feel how much you loved me.  And that’s why I followed you.  I would’ve done anything, and I did.  You made me feel something indescribable.  And I suppose it was just a little difficult to get used to the idea of you stopping.”

            He blinked disbelieving.  “What, are you crazy?  I didn’t.  That’s not what happened.”

            “Really?  Then explain it to me.”

            He just realized he couldn’t.  She looked at him, and then knowing he couldn’t answer, she ran off.




An hour later, Laura stepped out of the General Hospital elevator, arguing with Luke.  He refused to leave her alone.  Laura looked up to see Monica, Stefan, Lucky, Nikolas, Elizabeth, Bobbie, Scotty, and Felicia.

            Everyone looked at Laura like she’d lost her mind.  Why was she looking at them like that when Luke was right next to her? 

            “Luke, I just realized that pretty much everyone looks at me the way you do.  They are all disappointed in me for the same reasons you are.”

            She had everyone’s full attention, and none of them had seen her as angry as this.

            “You,” Laura said pointing to Bobbie.  “You want to question me on what’s right?  You tried to get pregnant by Scotty so you could keep him away from me!  You played every dirty trick in the book, and before we were thrown together by the idiot I’m standing next to, we worked very hard to get along!  You call me a saint, a princess, and a tramp.  Bobbie, pick one.” 

            She turned around and looked at Luke, then turned back to Bobbie.  “Did you tell Roy about your past?  Did you not screw up terribly?  You said I had no right to fake my own death.  All of you were against it!  It was stupid, wrong, and heartless.  Stefan though, you can’t give me that line now, can you?  Did I ever try to justify what I did?  Every single one of you now knows that although Stefan has been a big part of my life, he has screwed me over as often as I’ve ever disappointed him!”

            “It’s over now, Laura-“
            “Oh shut up!” Laura said to Luke.  “Monica!”

            Monica’s eyes widened.  “My life was on the line!  I was trying to save my mother.  I couldn’t exactly think about the next day.  I was trying to save what was left of my mother’s mind.  If it had been Emily, you would’ve allowed everyone in the world to think you were dead to protect her!  Can you deny that?”
            “No,” Monica said.

            “And like you haven’t messed up because of a man in your life that you loved?”
            Luke tried to speak, and Laura’s eyes glowed with anger.  He stopped talking.

            “You almost had a child with my father!  When he was married to my mother!  My mother delivered Alan Jr. and then you told her that it was her husband’s baby.”

            Monica understood, and everyone else understood that Laura couldn’t take any more from anyone.

            “You all want me to stop acting like I do everything right?  Fine!  I’m mad at all of you.  Nikolas and Lucky,” she said, walking towards them.  “You both hated me because I tried to keep you from killing each other!  I made every stupid decision, trying to please both of you at different times, and no matter what I did, I made you two hate each other more.  I guess when I stepped out of the picture, you two could become close.  If only I’d known.”

            Nikolas walked towards his mother, and he held her with Lucky right behind him.  “I did love you, I did love you,” she whispered to them repeatedly.  She opened her eyes and saw Stefan.  She broke free from her sons’ embraces and rushed to him.  “You saved my life only to control it.” 

            Laura pointed at Luke who stood beside Stefan.  “What have you done?  Both of you mess with my children, and you never let go of the hatred!”

            “You’re right,” Bobbie said.

            Bobbie came through the small crowd and grabbed Laura.

            “Laura, please yell at me.  You never get mad enough at anyone and you let them make you feel more and more guilty.”

            “It always happens,” Laura said very quietly.

            “What happens?”
            “I think I make the right choice, I try to please everyone and I always screw up everything.  I’m sorry, Bobbie.  I’m so sorry-“

            “Oh come on!” Bobbie smiled.  “You know what it was, Laura?  I did play every nasty trick to get the man I wanted!  Scotty wasn’t even the first, and he certainly wasn’t the last!  But that was the first time that I faked a pregnancy--“ they both laughed.  “And you think this was bad, think about our first fights.  I love you, and I apologize for my own hatred towards you.  You had everything I wanted.”

            Laura laughed, wiping her tears.  “Don’t be.  I’m obviously not one to be jealous of. I didn’t win, did I Bobbie?”
            Bobbie, who still stood by Laura, touched her shoulder and she turned. 

            “I love you every day except the ones when the man I love chooses you.”  Bobbie laughed.  “You have everything it takes to be anything you want.”

            “I learned from you.  You were always stronger than me.”

            Monica stepped up and took Laura out of the hospital. 



            Two months later, Laura was taking a peaceful walk beside the river.  The river cascaded along, and she remembered being caught in it, and Luke saving her before the helicopter rescued them.  Despite the fact that he’d practically pushed her out of a plane, when he pulled her up out of the water, cupped her face and looked at her that way, she would forgive him anything…and she did. 

            She heard screaming, and Felicia came into view.  Laura ran towards her, genuinely concerned, for she’d never seen Felicia this way.

“Felicia, what’s the matter?”

Georgie!  She’s gone!  I brought her here for a picnic and--she’s ONLY nine years old!” 

“Alright, calm down,” Laura said, cupping the back of Felicia’s head.  Laura then saw a man in the background, and she pushed Felicia to the ground, collapsing on top of her as the shots rang out. 


Shh, we’ll find her!”

“No, my little girl!  Laura, you’ve got to help me.  Those men were following me and my child!  They’ve got my daughter!”

“I know,” Laura said, caressing Felicia, not concentrating on the past two years, but remembering everything that had happened before that.  Felicia was screaming, tears puddling under her eyes.  Laura clutched Felicia to her.

“Felicia, calm down!”

“She’s my daughter!”

“I understand, believe me, I do!  But you’ve got to-“

Laura’s eyes saw only black, and then all seemed to fade.        


Laura Webber Spencer woke up cold, and in a dungeon-like room.  She looked around, and the person she truly despised in the world, Felicia Scorpio Jones.  Her lips were blue and her face was as pale as she’d ever seen.  Laura ran over to her, and curled her up in her arms, trying to keep her warm.  That’s when she noticed how badly Felicia’s head had been damaged.

            “Felicia.  Felicia!”

            Georgie…” Felicia’s blue eyes opened to meet Laura’s own blue ones.

            “Felicia, it’s Laura.”

            Felicia saw Laura.  “Where are we?”
            “I don’t know, are you alright?”

            “Cold…I’m cold.”
            Laura ripped off her black jacket and wrapped Felicia in it.  Felicia was shivering, her teeth chattering.  Laura tried to hold her close, to warm her up. 
            “Laura, please, help me, don’t leave me now…my daughter, Mac…”

            “I’m not going anywhere.  I don’t think either of us are right now.  I will help you any way I can.  Are you in pain?”

            “My head.”

            “What’s wrong with it?”
            “Aches, they must have knocked me out, is it bleeding?”

            Laura reached and touched Felicia’s blonde hair, and she gasped in pain.  Laura felt the pain in her own head as well, but the blood covering Laura’s hand told her that Felicia’s injury was worse than her own.

            “Felicia, you’ve got to stay conscious.”

            “I’m so tired.”

            “No you’re not!  Tell me about Georgie.”

            While Felicia slowly rambled on about Georgia, Laura tore off her jacket, not minding the cold, and wrapped it around Felicia’s head, tightening it, hoping to stop the bleeding.  Felicia passed out.


            She was gone.

            Dammit!”  Laura ran to the small window with bars.  The window didn’t open to the outdoors.  She screamed but knew no one would hear her.  Just as she gave up hope, Helena Cassadine walked in.

            “Well, Laura, it’s been a long time since we were in this situation.  Let me think, 1981, was it?”

            “What do you want,” Laura hissed.

            “You and your husband’s lover are my captives for awhile.”

            “Yeah, I got that,” Laura said sarcastically.  “Look, Felicia has done nothing.  What have you done to her child?”

            Georgie?  What a beautiful little girl-“

            “Shut up, dammit!  Helena, where is Felicia’s daughter?”

            “She’s perfectly alright.  I have no interest in that child.  She’s going to wake up in her own bed.  Felicia on the other hand, now look at her on the floor.”

            “So, what?  Do you want us to die now?”

            Helena laughed.  “No Laura.  That would ruin my plans for Luke.”

            “Luke!  What are you doing to him?”

            “You still love him,” Helena smiled.

            Laura ignored that.  “What the hell have you done to Luke?”

            “Nothing, that’s what you’re here for, as a distraction for him.”

            “Well, if you’d like us to survive, you may want food and blankets, and if you’re feeling really generous, maybe a doctor because one of your hit men knocked Felicia a little too hard.”

            “Oh Laura, you’ve always asked for too much-“

            “She could DIE!”

            “Such concern for your husband’s mistress.”

            “Oh shut up!  You don’t scare me anymore.  Just let Felicia go.  I am the one you want!”

            “You’re right, Luke’s interest is more in you than Felicia.”

            Helena saw that Laura wasn’t convinced of that.           

            “Oh come on, Laura, tell me you haven’t noticed?  Luke is quickly losing interest, and he is coming around, back to the love of his life who neglected to tell him that she bore another man’s child.”

            Laura wasn’t in the mood to argue. 

            Fine, so let Felicia go.”

            Helena smiled and was gone.  Laura sighed and yanked the bars one more time before turning back to Felicia.


            Felicia didn’t wake up.  Laura struggled to lift Felicia up and drag her onto the little cot they called a bed.  She laid Felicia on it and drew her into her arms, thinking body heat may help.

            Hours passed and Laura fell asleep with Felicia beside her.  A little twitch awakened Laura.


            Laura’s dark blue eyes opened to meet Felicia’s lighter ones.

            “You alright?”

            “Where are we?”

            “At the moment, we are Helena Cassadine’s captives.”

            “Who knows why Helena does anything,” Laura said, trying to keep Felicia from thinking about Luke.

            “It’s because of Luke.  Helena has my daughter!”
            Helena?  I don’t think she does.”

            “How do you know?”

“Because unfortunately, I know Helena very well.  And I can tell when she’s lying and what her priorities are.”

“But it is because of Luke, isn’t it?”

            Laura said nothing. 

            “We have to get out of here.”

            “I know Helena, we’re not going anywhere for awhile.  I just hope Luke doesn’t get hurt.”

            Felicia ignored that remark, agreeing wasn’t the best idea.  “I’m starving.”

            “So am I.”

            “Laura, help me…” Felicia said.

            “Okay,” Laura said holding her.  “Just lie back, relax.  I will get help.”

            “I’m still so cold, and I can’t see very well.”

            “Just sleep then, I’ll keep you warm.”

            Felicia passed out again, and Laura held her, keeping her as warm as she could.  Quickly though, Laura dozed off also.  What seemed like hours later, she awoke, Felicia still out cold, her face pale.  Laura saw some blankets and some food.

            “Felicia, wake up, can you hear me?”


            “We have food.”

            Laura aided Felicia, wrapping her in blankets and feeding her with her hands.  Though Laura was hungry, it was obvious who needed the food more.  Felicia ate it all, and then collapsed back into a deep sleep.  How long would this last?  And how long could Felicia last?

Three Weeks Later

Time Unknown


            Laura and Felicia began to talk a little, trying to distract themselves from the fear they felt.  Laura continued to let Felicia have most of the food.  Laura felt her insides cramp up from starvation.    

            “Do you miss Frisco?”

            “Yes.  I remember the first time we talked.  I don’t think I was even attracted to him when I snuck under his bed trying to get my treasure back.  But the first time he spoke, I was afraid he would figure me out; that I was a girl, and he did, and after that, I guess it was history.”

            “You believe that he loved you, don’t you?” Laura asked almost as a way to see if she could believe Luke still loved her.
            “It’s hard.  He left me, over and over.  He made me want to live, he made me want to stay, and ever since then I’ve been trying to get that back, get that feeling back…” Felicia trailed off. 

            “And that’s why you’re so attracted to Luke.  He reminds you of Frisco.”

            Felicia looked away. 

            “Mac made you feel too settled down, but Frisco was the passion.”

            Felicia still didn’t say anything.

            “I understand,” Laura said.  “When I was practically a child, and still married to Scotty, I ached for something more.  And I got it.  I got it in a package that was even too wild for me, but I loved every minute of it.”

            Felicia turned away. 

            “I thought I could win,” she said.  “I thought I could be everything he wanted me to be, and I tried.  But I don’t think I’ll ever mean to him what you meant to him.”

            Laura looked down.  “Yeah well, I think it’s too late.  I think because of my lies and his lies that we can’t build that trust again.”

            That was all they said.

            “Well, this is new.  The wife and the mistress having a heart to heart.”

            Laura ran to the bars that Helena looked cruelly through. 

            “It’s been weeks, Helena.  Luke and Mac and our children must be sick with worry.”

            “You are absolutely right.  And Luke is close to finding you, which I hope will be a lesson.  I’m debating on whether or not he should find you the way you are, or, a slightly less healthy state.”

            “Don’t hurt Felicia.  She has nothing to do with this.  This is between Luke and me and you.”

            “A first born for a first born.”

            “Felicia’s children have nothing to do with us!  And Stavros raped me!  I was his prisoner!  When will you admit that to yourself?”
Stravos loved you, and you loved Luke, he was no different if you call it rape.”

            Felicia watched as Laura reached through the bars and slapped Helena, her eyes flashing. 

            “Laura, will you ever be able to control yourself?”

            “There is no comparison, what Stavros did and what happened with Luke and me do not fit in the same category.  Have you ever been raped Helena?”

            “Stavros gave you everything you could have wanted-“
            “Except my body, except my mind, except my freedom!”

            “Stavros made you the princess of our dynasty.  He gave you a beautiful island, and had you just forgotten the past, you could’ve been everything in the world.  But no, you had to run back to your pathetic husband and murder my son!”

            Laura rolled her eyes.  “I didn’t murder him.  Neither did Luke.  He fell down the stairs himself and broke his neck-- I don’t want to argue about this anymore!  Felicia is hungry, and freezing, and sick-“

            “Looks to me that she’s been eating the food for the last three weeks.  And that’s why you look like death yourself.”

            Laura threw her hands up in the air.  “God, why do I even bother?  Felicia has children!  And so do I!  Felicia wasn’t around when Mikkos was killed, or Stavros, or at the beginning of this whole mess!  Let her go!”

            Helena just walked away.  Felicia moaned in pain.  Laura ran over to her, though she was fatigued herself from lack of food.

            “Felicia, are you alright?”

            “I’m just a little…weak.  Laura, I’m sorry.  Despite how much you hate me, you’re thinking about me as a mother instead of an enemy.”

            “I don’t hate you.  I just hate what you did.  But being with you, I see you as a person instead of the women who took my husband.”

            “You make me feel strong.”

            Laura felt her own stomach muscles cramp up from starvation.  She felt nauseous from what was happening to her body.  Felicia fell asleep in her arms again, and it was almost as if they had been friends since the Aztec adventure.  As if none of the last two and a half years had happened.  None of that mattered anymore.  They were forced to be face to face, and understand.  In that, Helena had given them both a gift.


A Little Over a Week Later

Time Unknown


            Felicia was asleep on the hard bed and Laura thought she would pass out at any moment.  Her blonde hair was greasy and un-brushed, but Felicia’s looked even worse.  The lack of water and food had been hard on them both, but the blow to Felicia’s head had taken a greater toll on her system.



            “Are you okay?  I know we’ll be out of here soon.  I will not let you die.”

            “Why?” Felicia asked weakly.  “I got pleasure out of hurting you, but I never really won anything but pain.”

            “You didn’t get pleasure out of hurting me.”

            “How could you tell?”

            Laura came over and covered her up.

            “Psychic,” Laura replied lightly.

            “So why do you care if I live or die?”

“Because your children love you.”

“I’m trying, Laura.  I want to be with my girls.”

“Come here,” Laura said, holding her close.

“You did what I never did.  You created your own life.  After Frisco, I just kept searching.”

            “You don’t need to replace him, just remember him.”

            “Sometimes Maxie will move just the way he does, and it just stabs me.  What if I never see him again-“
            “You will.”
            “I’d give anything if he’d come rushing through these doors and hold me.”

            Laura realized Felicia had done more than apologize.

            “I grew up, Felicia, and I had to let go of the dream.”

            Felicia laughed sarcastically.  “How do you do that?  Just let go of your dream?”

            “I had to survive to take care of my daughter.”

            Felicia opened her fatigued eyes, comforted as she stared into Laura’s.

            “I’m sorry,” Felicia said.

            “Me too.”

            “Please check on my children, Laura.  Mac too, make sure they’re all okay.”

            “No, come on Felicia!”  Felicia began closing her eyes.  “I’m not going to let you do this!”

            Then Felicia passed out.  Laura felt tears slipping down her face, and she felt true friendship once again for this woman.  She tapped Felicia’s face lightly, shaking her.  Laura found herself too weak to do much more for her, from her own lack of weeks of food.  She nearly passed out herself, as her muscles and bones ached, yet she ran over to the bars and screamed, praying anyone would hear her.  

Six Hours Later

2:14 AM


            Laura didn’t wake up as Luke rushed through the bars with Roy.  She was passed out, as well as Felicia.  Laura’s body had wasted away, and she now looked as bad as Felicia.  Luke kneeled down beside her, lifting her head onto his knee.

            “Laura, Laura, can you hear me?”

            She didn’t respond.  

            Roy, get over here, help me!”

            Roy bent down to examine Laura.  He checked her pulse as Luke’s breathing became hard and uneven with fear. 

            “She’s got a pulse, but look at her.  But I know she’ll survive, she’s too strong not to.”

            She didn’t wake up.  He and Roy gathered her up off the floor, and then Roy saw Felicia.

            “Luke, it’s Felicia.”

            Helena kept them both like this?  How could she do this to them?”

            “This explains why Laura’s so sick,” Roy said.

            “What the hell are you talking about?  Felicia’s head looks damaged.  Her hair is drenched in blood.”

            Luke scooped Laura’s limp body up in his arms.  “Don’t just stand there!  Grab Felicia and let’s get them the hell out of here.”

Six Hours Later

7:15 AM


            Bobbie came racing through the hospital doors.


            “Barbara, Laura’s fine.  Felicia’s going to be fine.”

            “Is it true?  Laura and Felicia were held prisoner, and Laura took care of Felicia?”

            “Felicia keeps saying Laura’s name, and all the food was given to Felicia.  But Felicia’s in a coma.”

            “Laura did all that?”

            Bobbie looked away, amazed.  Then she looked angrily back at Luke. 

            “Maybe this’ll be a lesson to you to stop putting people you’re supposed to care about on the line.  I’m going to check Felicia’s charts and then I’m going to see Laura.  Do not see either of them, Luke, you’re the reason my best friend and my sister-in-law are in the hospital.”

            Luke was left bewildered.  He walked right into Laura’s room without even acknowledging what Bobbie had said.  She was sleeping peacefully, a little too peacefully.  He touched her cheek with the back of his hand and she opened her eyes in fear, gasping.

            “It’s alright, you’re safe.”

            “Luke.  Are you okay?  You’re fine?”

“Yes, I’m fine.  You’re still very weak, just rest.”

            “Where’s Felicia?  Where is she?”

            “Barbara’s checking on her, I think she’ll be fine. You’ll be out of here tomorrow.”

            Laura closed her eyes.  “It’s my fault.  It’s my fault what’s happened to her.”
            “How can you say that?  You saved her.”

            “I’ve got to talk to her,” Laura said, trying to move.  Luke stopped her.

            “You can’t!”

            “Why?  Because I’m too weak?”
No.  She’s in a coma.”

            “What?  Is she going to wake up?”

            “We all think so.  Don’t worry about it.”

            “Don’t worry about it?  It’s my fault, I’ve got to see her-“

            “Laura, baby-“

            “Don’t baby me, let me go!”

            He threw her back against the bed.

            “You’ve got to stay here.”

            “Luke, I’ve got to talk to her, I’ve got to do something.”

            Luke was beyond shocked that Laura was feeling this way. 

            “Do you need me to stay with you?” he asked.

            She looked at him with a raised eyebrow.  “Do I need you to stay?”

            Before he could answer, Bobbie came through the door. 

            “Luke, dammit, I told you to leave her alone!”  She grabbed his shirt from behind as he humorously objected, and she threw him out, yelling at him the whole time.  Bobbie slammed the door behind her and rolled her eyes.

            “Hey, how you feeling?  Sorry about that.”

            “It’s alright.  You didn’t have to throw him out.  I honestly don’t want anyone protecting me anymore.  Let me kill him.”

            “Okay,” Bobbie said casually. 

            “Is Felicia going to wake up?”

            “God, I hope so.  Her signs look good.  You’re going to be out of here tomorrow!”

            “How’s Lulu?”

            “She’s fabulous.  I brought her.”

            Laura looked up and saw her daughter. 

            “Oh, hi sweetheart,” her eyes were full of happiness.  “Come here.”  Lulu ran into her mother’s arms.

            Before Laura could get a good grip on her child, Lucky and Nikolas broke threw the doors screaming “MOM” and hugged her.  Bobbie smiled, thinking how much she missed BJ.



Two Days Later

8:13 AM

            Laura walked into Felicia’s hospital room.  Laura was still extremely weak, but she had eaten and was still planning to do all Tony had told her to.  She walked over calmly.  Sitting down, she touched Felicia’s hand.  Mac had just left to go check on the kids.  They were divorced and she was once again a single mother of children she loved more than anything.

            “Felicia, it’s me.  It’s Laura.  We had a pretty bad adventure together, but the adventure’s over…and you’re safe.  So you have to wake up.  Your daughters miss you so much.  Could you give me a sign that you’re at least trying to wake up?”

            Laura let go of Felicia’s hair.  “I can uh…brush your hair.”

            Laura stood up and brushed Felicia’s hair softly.  Bobbie opened the door silently, surprised to see Laura there, and watched quietly.

            “You know, I don’t want you to feel like there should be any hesitation in opening your eyes and living again.  I don’t want you to feel guilty anymore.  Don’t get me wrong - you hurt me - but it’s all over now.  Don’t let Luke ruin your life, and don’t let me.  I saw you as…as a friend again, and it was nice.  Maxie and Georgie need you so much.  Maxie doesn’t want to see you until you wake up.  Can you hear me, Felicia?”

            Laura sighed.  “Open your eyes.  Come on Felicia, open your eyes, open your eyes and look at me.  If you can’t open your eyes, then tell me how I can get you to open them.  Please, Felicia.”

            Just then Laura turned to see Bobbie.  She dropped the brush and Felicia’s blonde hair.

            “I’m sorry, Bobbie.”

            It’s okay-“

            “Am I not supposed to be in here?  I just wanted to talk to her, tell her we were out of danger-“

            “Laura, you are trying to save her.  You have done nothing wrong.”

            Laura looked back at Felicia’s pale face.  “Yeah well, maybe her hearing my voice puts her into a deeper coma.”

            Bobbie took Laura’s hand.  “No, that’s not true.  But I had no idea you could be any better of a person than I already knew you to be, but you just proved it.”

            Bobbie pulled Laura’s body close to hers and held her. 

            “Want to go get some lunch?”


            Laura walked over to Felicia one more time.  “You have daughters, be the mother you want to be and open your eyes.  Leave the guilt with the coma, and you walk out of it.”




An Hour Later


            Bobbie and Laura talked about Roy, and their children, but both thought about Felicia. 

            “You know, Felicia survived watching Maxie almost die, and you know that’s much harder than being in your own pain.  So Felicia’s going to wake up.”

            “Bobbie, you don’t have to be strong.  She’s your best friend.  And I’m here for you now, and I will do whatever I can to bring her back.  If you have even the slightest suggestion of what I can do for you-“
            “Laura, you’ve done enough.  Roy is being so good to me-“

            ROY!  Perfect!  Oh, I’ve got to go,” Laura said grabbing her purse and rushing out the door.



A Week Later

General Hospital

10:02 PM


            “Laura, where is she?”
            Laura stopped and held his hand in front of Felicia’s door.

            “You have to talk to her the way you used to.  Be honest, don’t worry about anyone’s feelings, you just have to bring her back.”

            “I will do anything, you know that.”

            “Yes, I do.”

            “Thank God you found me.”

            Laura smiled.  “Any time, Frisco.”

            He flashed that seductive smile at Laura unintentionally, and then bolted into Felicia’s room. 

            “Damn,” Laura whispered to herself. 


Felicia’s Room


            Frisco felt tears prickling his eyes.  He sat down and gripped Felicia’s hand.

            “Felicia, it’s me.”  He paused.  “I really don’t know what to say except I’m sorry.  I need you to wake up.”  He paused again.  “And I need you to know how much every minute of every day I’m thinking of you.  But I know I have a lousy way of showing it.”

            She didn’t respond.  He took her tiny hand and touched it to his cheek, rubbing skin to skin.

            “Can you feel me, Felicia?  Can you feel how much our girls need you to wake up?  How much…I need you to wake up?  I need you, Felicia,” he whispered fearfully.  “I need you.  If you’ll forgive me everything, there’s nothing I won’t do.”

            Everything in the room seemed dead, and she was no exception to that. 

            “Do you remember at the end of our Aztec adventure in ‘84, when you were telling me you didn’t know who to believe in?  You said you’d be careful before you believed in anyone else and I begged you to believe in me?  Remember what you said?  You said there was so much you had to do first, that you weren’t ready?  Remember?  I know you do.  It was out in the backyard of your grandmother’s house in Texas.  You were wearing a white dress and cowgirl boots.  Do you remember what I said?”

            He paused.  “I said people were more important than places.  God, if only I’d listened to myself.  Because honestly, all these years away from you, and I never thought I wouldn’t come back to you, and if you leave me now, I know that my whole life will have been a waste.  Worse than a waste.  Don’t leave me, Felicia.  Open your eyes.”

            In that moment, Felicia’s eyes seemed to struggle.  He noticed a large tear slide down her closed eye as she struggled to wake up. 

            “Come on, that’s it.  Come on Princess, be as strong as I know you are.”

            She continued the process of forcing her tired eyes open.  Finally, they blinked open, seeing the love of her life with tears streaming down his face in front of her.

            “Frisco,” she cried.

            He pulled her into his arms, both of them crying.  He held her head close, which hurt just a little.  The wounds weren’t fully healed.  She didn’t care.  If only this moment could last.

            “I love you, Felicia.”

            “I wanted you to come and rescue me so much.”

            She pulled back and sniffed, then laid back, still weak.  “Who told you?”

            “Laura came and got me.”

            “Laura!  Oh my God, is she alright?”

            “Yeah, she’s fine.”

            “She found you, to help me?”


            “I have to talk to her.  Get her for me?”

            “Right now?”

            “Just for a minute.”

            He tenderly touched her face, making her heart speed up.  Still.  Laura walked in a few minutes later.


            “You’re awake.”

            “Laura, thank you.”

            “You’re welcome.”

            Felicia felt so guilty.  “I owe you my life, Laura.  I owe you more than my life.  You forced me to wake up-“

            “Frisco did-“

            “No, you did.”

            Laura smiled. 

            “I felt you brushing my hair and holding my hand.  Through your strength and your words I became conscious.”

            Maybe they would never be close, or friends, but they cared.  They had each other to thank.  Felicia’s honesty and Laura’s strength.  Frisco stood behind her. 

            “Oh, excuse me, Frisco.”

            “Not at all, Laura.  Doesn’t she look beautiful?”

            That hurt Laura a bit, Frisco stating how beautiful Felicia was.  She turned back to Felicia.  “She always did,” and then she left.

            Frisco looked at Laura strangely as she left, and then sat down facing the lady of his heart.

            “What’s up with you two?”

            Why deny it?  He’d hear it soon as long as Amy Vining was in this hospital.

            “I slept with her husband,” Felicia said softly.

            “Luke?  You slept with him?  What…what the hell were you thinking?”

            “Frisco, look at who’s talking.”

            “Are you in love with him?  After what he and Laura have been through?”

            “I thought I was,” was all she could say.  “You said you needed me, did you mean that?”
            “More than I can ever ask you to believe.”

“Then don’t leave.”

“I’m not going anywhere.”


            Laura bumped into Luke outside.

            “Where you off to?” she asked.

            He hesitated slightly.  “I was going to see Felicia.”

            “Oh no,” she said, shaking her head.  “You’re not.  Frisco’s with her, and I will kill you before I let you go in there and do something stupid.”

            “When the hell did Frisco come back?”
            “I found him and brought him back to her.”

            “You what?”

            Laura smiled egotistically, but she was cute about it.  “Yes.  Now would you like to turn around and walk away or would you like to test me?”



Five Days Later

General Hospital

3:13 PM


            Felicia was out of the hospital, and although she knew she loved Frisco, that he was the one, a single thread held onto Luke.  She had to see him one last time.  She was still fascinated by him.  She walked into General Hospital to find Bobbie, in hopes she would know where Luke was.  She was sitting on the couch talking to Laura.  Felicia sat watching. 

            “…Felicia is awake because of you.  How did you do it?  Find Frisco?”

            Laura smiled.  “You think Luke is the only one who knows how to do stuff like that?  The first ten years of Lucky’s life, I had more than half the brains.  It was easy to track Frisco down.  It was facing him that was hard.  But he couldn’t have been more anxious to see Felicia.  And I’m glad.”

            Bobbie touched Laura’s hand.  “You saved my best friend’s life, Laura.  And even if you weren’t married to my brother, I would’ve still loved you.  Despite my years as a prostitute and a liar, I came out of it.  Who would’ve expected that?”

            Bobbie laughed, but Laura was serious.  “Me,” she said pointing to herself.  “I would have.  I knew you could’ve been anything.  And you have been.  You have been my sister, my friend.”

            “You are that princess I always thought you were.”

            “Oh please!” Laura laughed.  “I was so young and stupid and naďve and…I fell for your brother!”
            Bobbie smiled.  “Yeah, well I fell for your husband!”

            Felicia felt something sharp pressing inside of her heart.

            “Love conquers all,” Bobbie sighed.

            Laura stopped smiling.  “Does it?”

            “If it means anything, Laura, you were the best thing that ever happened to Luke.  You made the world see the good in him, and maybe even some of the good in me.  You were the eyes through which everyone saw Luke.  They still do.”

            “I wish they wouldn’t at this time.”

            “Despite both your mistakes, you both know that there will never be anything like what you two had.  And through his eyes, I saw you.  And that’s why I loved you.  That’s why I still do.  It’s just a tad hard to forget that my first love, my brother, and my latest husband all left me for you.”

            Laura rolled her eyes.  “You still have Roy, and I don’t have Luke.”

            “Do you want to?”

            “How do I even begin to answer that?  I’ve got to go, Bobbie,” Laura said standing up.

            Bobbie changed the subject back to them, and held her.  Felicia stepped back, pretending to walk their way.

            “Felicia!” Bobbie said.

            Laura walked past Felicia, not angry, but assuming this would be a moment for Bobbie and Felicia.

            “Laura,” Felicia said.

            Laura jumped a little, turning back.  Felicia gripped Laura’s hand.

            “Thank you.”

            Laura smiled genuinely, though a little uncomfortable, and then Felicia slowly hugged her.  A light hug, that made Laura’s eyes almost pop out of her head.  Felicia shook a little.  Bobbie smiled, watching them.  Laura let her go and looked her right in the eyes. 

            “You follow your heart,” Laura said.

            “You do the same.”

            Laura smiled and walked away.



Luke’s Office

A Month Later


Laura walked into Luke’s office, after the whole ordeal was all over.

“Oh dear, what’d I do now?”

Laura let a small smile touch her lips. 

“Same damn thing you always do, Luke, confuse me.  I just came here to tell you that Felicia’s back at home, and she’s fine.  Helena Cassadine won’t hurt her again.”

“Why are you telling me this, Laura?”

“I thought you’d care.”

“I care, but what’s really going on here?  Are you alright?  The Cassadines are still going to use you to get to me.”

“Why me?”

“Laura, we have a past.”

“Exactly, a past.”

 “Luke, I could’ve been killed, and Felicia could’ve too, I’ve got to go.”

“Laura, quit running!”

She turned back.  “Well if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black.”

“There’s a reason they took you.”

“Yes, I am the mother of your children.  They took Felicia for you.”

“Would you forget about Felicia?  And I don’t think the Cassadines believe we still don’t care about each other.”

“Well I do.”


"You betrayed everything I thought we had for ten seconds of muscle contractions with a younger woman."

Luke just studied her. 

"Scotty never would've done that to me," Laura said, heading for the door.

Luke roughly grabbed her and fiercely wiped the lipstick off her face with his fingers, streaking it, and then smothered her mouth with his.  He breathed her in, crushing her lips painfully, and then ran his tongue smoothly along the bottom of hers.  He kissed her over and over, then as quickly as he reached for her, he pulled away.  Laura pushed him back lightly, and he grabbed her arms.

“Take your hands off me,” she said seriously. 

He did.  She walked away from him.   Before he could say anything else, she threw the photo of the two of them that he had on his desk into his stomach, and it shattered when it hit the floor.

“That’s what’s left, Luke.”

Luke slowly bent down and picked up the shattered frame.  He held it up to her.

“The frame is broken, but the photo’s still perfect.”

She wasn’t sure what he meant by that.

"Laura, please come back."

She didn't move.  He then moved closer to her.

"If you come any closer I swear to God I'll break your neck!"

"Laura, Laura, just tell me what you want me to say."

"Luke!  I don’t know what you could say!  It’s a little late.  So many things could’ve been said months ago and it would’ve changed things.  But it can’t now.”

"God Laura, you don't change a bit.  You play with my head, and you just leave it with more questions that will never be answered!"

“Me!  You’re the one that left me with a spark!”

He said nothing at first, then found some words.  “Laura, I haven’t had anything in my life that meant anything in a long time.  And you’re still here and I still want you here.”

He started leaning in, but she turned her head.  He gripped her face, turning it back, and for some reason she just let it be.  He pressed his mouth on hers.  He opened her mouth with his lips and pulled her upper lip into his mouth, nipping it and suckling roughly.  He wrapped his arms around her and eventually, when the fear was pushed away by his passion, she relaxed and remembered him.  Pretty soon, he was placing soft, loving kisses all over her face.  Her cheeks, her forehead, her nose, her lips.  It was making her remember how much she loved him.  She pulled back from him and hit him.

"You lied to me!"

"You lied back!"

He grabbed her arm and slammed the door with his foot, before knocking everything off of his desk and pushing her onto it.  His hands ran through her hair briskly, and she whispered his name.  He pushed her harder against the desk, massaging her lips with his own.  Laura cupped his face to push him back for a second.

Laura allowed Luke to pull her roughly towards him, and kiss her.  She ran her fingers through his hair, as he knocked the rest of the stuff off the desk.  He passionately stroked his tongue with hers, then delicately tasted the corners of her mouth.

“Luke,” she said softly.

He breathed her in, his hands gripping the back of her head as he pushed her back, knocking her head against the desk.  She looked at him with her baby blues, and amazingly enough, she was able to look both shy and seductive at the same time.  She began to unbutton his shirt, lightly letting her lips touch his, but then quickly pulled back.

            “Do you want me, Luke?”

            He tried to answer her with a kiss, but that wasn’t good enough.  She allowed him to kiss her though, his tongue gliding with hers, as she flicked his buttons off the material, almost too quickly to keep the buttons intact.  She released his lips, looking at him.  Laura turned away, and then she looked back at him, licking her lips. 

            “Luke,” she said, pulling him back against her.

            “I need you, Laura,” he said trying to catch her lips, but she ducked lightly, deciding to place a trail of kisses down his neck to his newly revealed chest.

            “Are you sure?” she asked, planting soft, wet kisses on him.  “Luke,” she said between deep kisses.

            “Laura,” he whispered before kissing her hungrily, wrapping her in his arms, imprisoning her lips and body in his touch. 

Arms entwined as well as legs, he kissed her neck as she bent her head back.  The heat intensified between them, the desire even stronger than they both remembered.  During hot, open kisses, he pulled her back, cupping her face as she looked at him, bruised lips and bright eyes.  His hands went from her face, through her long hair.  Her eyes were curious, and wanting.

            “Are you sure?” he asked.

            “Are you?”

            His thumbs went up and down her cheeks.  He covered her mouth, forcing the air out with his need. 

            “I’m sure if you are,” she told him.