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Title:  Burn With Me

Rating:  NC-17


Summary:  Mac and Laura go out for an evening, Mac kisses her and everyone they could possibly not want to see does.  Luke and Felicia are not extremely happy, show up with Mac unexpectedly, not at the same time, yet damn near drive Laura to insanity.  It progresses from there. 


Keyword:  Laura/Mac Romance, then Luke/Laura Romance


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Thanks to:  John York, I would really like to see Mac get over his obsession with Felicia, always be there for Laura, since she has some SENSE and realistic internal beauty.  Thank you to Genie, for your amazing acting and not just that, everybody on television acts, but you have created this beautiful character that is lit inside only because you play her.  Tony, I will always love the way you make sure Luke loves Laura.  I really love any scenes between you and Genie, whether you’re arguing or making love.  My only problem is when you’re ignoring her! 


Laura Spencer’s House

8:12 PM


            Laura sat in front of the television, smoking some marijuana.  It was completely out of character for her, but she’d had all she could take in the last few…well…years.  It was a side that never would’ve emerged had Luke Spencer and Robert Scorpio not come into her life, and in her early twenties, she’d infrequently with those two gentlemen experienced it.  Her mother would’ve been shocked.  Of course who knows what was in Laura’s mother’s past also.  Now Laura, always being the good girl, suppressed this part of her, but with all of the pain of Lucky, Stefan, Luke, she had her own house by herself, and it was her right to let the rebel in her…out.

She also had a bottle of extremely cheap wine because she was too lazy to bother to pick out something expensive.  As long as it did what alcohol does, it didn’t matter how fine it was.  She flicked through the channels and finally found something that wasn’t as boring as everything else.  She placed the joint in an old ashtray and stood up to go get a glass of water.  The doorbell rang and she walked over and answered it.

            “Laura,” Mac said.

            “Hi, you all right?”

            “Absolutely, I just wanted to know if you…what is that smell?”

            Then Laura realized that he was smelling the marijuana.  She sighed.

            “That is marijuana, police commissioner.  Would you like to arrest me now?”

            Mac walked in the house.  “Have any left for me?”

            Laura frowned and shut her front door.  “Excuse me?  You, the police commissioner, have touched drugs?”

            “Please, Laura.  With Robert Scorpio as a brother?  And being a mercenary?”

            Laura smiled.  “Wow, well, unfortunately I only have one joint, but you’re welcome to the rest.”

            He held his hand out to her.  “Let’s finish it off together, and then I’ll take you out to dinner.”

            Laura smiled.  “Um, I’m in my nightgown and I’m not sure that we could fool the rest of the world with our innocence.  Do you really think that’s a good idea?”

            “All right, let’s watch…whatever the hell that is you have on your television, finish this little party of yours with the marijuana and the wine, and tomorrow I’ll take you to dinner.”

            Laura laughed.  “I shouldn’t miss this opportunity.” 

            In an hour they were laughing and at the same time, humorously paranoid.  Laura still couldn’t believe Police Commissioner Scorpio would have ever broken a law that wasn’t directly linked to helping someone else.  This seemed so out of character for Mac.  Yet at the same time, she had no doubt that Robert would have easily broken the law even though he’d sworn to uphold it.  At this moment though, with the wine and the television on the old movie channel, she felt as if she were with Robert, and it comforted her.  It was amazing how much Mac could be like Robert when he was relaxed.   

            “Hey, Laura, “It Happened One Night” is now on.”

            Laura sighed. 

            “Got something against Clark Gable?” Mac said, noticing her reaction.

            “No, I have something against the way they hang the blankets over a rope to separate the two beds.”


            “Never mind, can you turn the channel?”

            “You all right?”
            “Yeah, give me the damn remote,” she said struggling to get it from him as they laughed. 

            “Hey, hey, hold it, what’s the problem?”

            Laura sighed.  “Couldn’t you just turn the channel!

            “I will when you tell me, what’s wrong with this movie?”

            “Back in the dark ages when Luke and I were happy, when we were on the run for the first time and I didn’t want to sleep in the same bed with him because I was married, and I put up that blanket just like in this movie.  After that we did everything like they did in that movie…we even slept in the hay.”

            Mac saw the disappointment.  “Well, you see that was my big head butting in to where you really didn’t need to go.  You sure you don’t have anymore drugs?”

            She laughed.  “No, but I have wine to spare.  And beer.”

            “Okay,” he said filling up both their glasses and handing her hers.  “To us having married idiots when we deserved better!”

            She laughed.  He touched her face and she looked back at him, a little uncomfortable yet not fighting him.  But pretty soon the wine caught up with them and she lay sleeping on his chest. 


She woke up by the sound of him coming down the stairs.  She opened her eyes slowly and the light hit her and she could feel a migraine coming on. 

            “Oh, man,” she whispered as she lifted her head slowly off the couch.  “Why did I do that?”

            “Got any aspirin, Laura?  Cause I’ll get it for you.”

            “How are you up and about?”

            “Drugs never really affect me.  And I didn’t drink half as much as you did.  Last night I wish I had, but not anymore from your face.”

            “Is that your way of telling me I look awful?”

            “No, that’s my way of saying I’m glad I’m not in as much pain as you are.”

            “Thank you.  Thank you for that lovely complement, Mac.  Why are you all wet?”

            “Oh, I took a shower, hope you don’t mind.  Where’s Lulu?”

            “She’s at a friend’s.  I thought I told you that.  I’m not gonna get bombed with my daughter upstairs.”

            “I figured.”

            Laura ran her fingers through her hair.  “So what time is it?”

            “It’s 11:14.”

            Laura began crying in a fake, whining way.  “Then you’ve gotta get out of here.”

            “Overstayed my welcome?”

            “No, it’s just Lulu’s coming back and Luke said he was coming over to see her.”

            Mac rolled his eyes.  “Okay, well, I’ll go, but can I still take you to dinner?”

            Laura breathed.  “Yeah, if I get rid of this migraine, sure.”

            He gathered his things and headed towards the door.

            “Mac!” Laura said with eyes barely open for protection from the sunlight.  “Thanks.  What time?”


            Laura nodded.  “You really are my hero.  You kept me from freezing to death on the roof.  Your main flaw is that you loved Felicia.”

            “Yeah well, likewise, you have that same flaw with Luke.  Get feeling better and next time I’ll supply the drugs.”

            “Yeah, next time I’m leaving out the wine.”

            Mac laughed.  “Need anything before I go?”

            “No, I’ll be fine.”

            “All right, I’m holding you to it.”

            “To what?”

            “To going out to dinner with me.”

            “Oh…oh yeah, absolutely.”


Dinner That Night

6:42 PM


            Laura sat with Mac, drinking pink lemonade, not wine, and eating very little.  She still had a little bit of a hangover, and therefore didn’t have much of an appetite. 

            “Why did you happen to show up last night?” she asked.

            “Is that a real question?”


            “I was feeling down about my marriage falling apart so I came to the only person who has ever been able to make me laugh when I feel that way.”

            She looked up at him with her dark blue eyes, enhanced by her lashes. 

            “Yeah, well, you always make me feel like I deserved better.”

            “You do.  And so do I.  So I wanted to take you to dinner because like I told you before, my motives are far more selfish than trying to make up for what Felicia did.  And, you’re much calmer now than you were last night.”

            She gave him the evil eye.  “Mac…” she whined, and she threw a French fry in his face.  “If you wanted me to stay “calm”, that was not the way to do it!” 

            “I’d be thrilled to have a food fight but shouldn’t we do it at your house instead of a restaurant?”

            “Oh sure!  So I get to clean up the mess!” she laughed.

            “No, because we’ll get thrown out!” he said tickling her a little.

            “You know Mac, you need to just carry a shovel around with you wherever you go.”

            Surprisingly then, he kissed her.  He’d cupped her face and kissed her.  While she adjusted from giving him crap to him kissing her, she slowly placed her hands on his shoulders and began to kiss him back.  It was very innocent and very tender, yet very sensual.  It was a very long kiss, and a very beautiful one.  They parted yet he held her face, waiting for her reaction.  Before she could give one, her eyes moved right behind him where Luke and Felicia were suddenly standing.  Felicia’s face was priceless, but Laura couldn’t enjoy it because she was too focused on Luke.  Mac turned and saw them, then turned back to Laura. 

            “I gotta go,” Laura said quickly, getting her purse.

            “No, wait a sec-“

            “No, no, it’s okay, I’ve gotta go-“

            “Laura, sit down!”

            Mac gripped Laura’s shoulder and pulled her back down into the booth.  She’d never seen him so determined and she didn’t move a muscle.  Bobbie came over to Luke and Felicia.

            “Can I join you?” Bobbie asked Luke and Felicia.

            The three of them left.  Laura sat frozen, not realizing that Bobbie had done that to give her a break.  The minute they were out of sight, Laura placed an arm on the table and covered her face on her hand. 

            “Oh my God, why didn’t you let me leave, Mac?”

            “Because you would’ve let them win!”

            “I don’t wanna deal with it tomorrow, though.”

            “Deal with what, Luke?”

            “No!  Luke I can handle, it’s your lovely ex-wife that I’m not in the mood to take abuse from.  She gave me so much abuse when she was kissing my husband, God knows what she’ll say now that she’s seen me kissing hers!”

            He placed a hand on her shoulder.

            “I’m sorry.  But I don’t want you to leave because they are here.  It’s not as if they were ever concerned about your feelings.”

            “Are you trying to get even with Luke and Felicia?” Laura said without accusation in her voice.

            “No, I’m trying to not let you feel guilty and let them win.  If they can’t handle you and me, then that is their problem.  How long are you planning to feel guilty for something that isn’t your fault?”

            Laura exhaled.  “Okay, I know you’re right; it’s just a little hard to know that they both have their eyes on us.  And that they will all night.”

            “So what?  Come on, why do you need to worry about what they feel?”

            Laura smiled.  “You have a very annoying quality, Mac.”

            “And that is?”

            “You’re often right.”

            “It’s funny.  I usually think that about you.”

            She smiled and touched his hand.  “Before they walked in, I was doing exactly what I wanted to do.”

            “So was I.  And I wasn’t planning to stop.”

            There wasn’t any hesitation in her about the rest of the night.  Laura touched his face.  “Then let’s not stop.”

Bobbie watched them with big eyes trying to keep Luke and Felicia from looking or paying attention.  Laura had a right to do anything she wanted and Luke would shoot his fat mouth off and make it worse anyway.  Luke wasn’t oblivious to Laura behind him.  He heard her laugh and he knew she was trying not to for his sake, which angered him more.  He hadn’t come here with Felicia exactly, the real reason he came didn’t matter now.  He hadn’t known Laura would be here, and to be here with Bubba was even more of a surprise.

“Let’s go somewhere…just not a hotel room,” Mac said, taking Laura’s hand.

            “You think like I do,” she said with a smile.

            He left some money, held his hand out to her, and they walked out the door together.  He took away her guilt, and they didn’t hold anything back that night.


Two Days Later

Laura’s House

4:12 PM


            Lesley Lu was upstairs watching a movie when the doorbell rang.  Laura came down stairs yelling, “I’m coming!” because whoever it was, wasn’t being patient.  She opened the door.

            “It would be you,” she said staring at Luke.

            “Can I see my daughter?” he said barging in.

            “Can you leave your anger at me out of it?” she said, knowing he suspected she had been with Mac in more ways than one. 

            “I’m going in the kitchen.”        

            “What for,” Laura asked.

            “Because I might make a late snack for my daughter.  Is that all right with you?”

            “Sure, go.”

            “Thank you.” 

Luke left because he knew Bubba would show up in a second because he’d sped past him on the way there.  Luke left and Laura headed back up the stairs to Lulu when the doorbell rang again.  She opened it.

            “Laura, hi.  Can I come in?”
            “Uh…well yeah, please,” she said to Mac.  As he walked past her she placed a hand on his shoulder.  “Luke is here,” she whispered to warn him.

            “For what?”

            “To give me hell.  But also to see Lulu.  I’m going to go check on him.”

            “On Luke,” Mac said suspiciously.

            “He’s in my kitchen,” Laura replied.  “I’d like it to still have wall paper by the time he’s done.  I didn’t invite him, obviously,” she said.

            “It’s not your fault, go.  Can I wait here?”

            The phone rang and Laura headed for the phone as the doorbell rang again.

            “God, what happened today,” she said, trying to decide what to do first. 

            Mac came to her.  “Look, you go check on Luke, and I’ll get the door.  Okay?”

            “Thanks.  Let the phone ring.”

            Just as Laura reached the hallway to the kitchen, Mac opened the door and Felicia burst in.

            “What a shock you’d be here, Mac,” Felicia said, walking in.

            Laura came back towards them before reaching the kitchen to check on Luke.  “Can I help you?”

            “Laura, Mac is a good man.  I don’t want you using him to pay me back.”

            Laura looked at Mac.  “See this is what I didn’t want to deal with.”

            “Felicia, Laura is not your business, why don’t you go?” Mac said quietly.

            Then Laura heard the fire extinguisher in the kitchen.

            “What are you doing?” Laura screamed towards the kitchen.  She looked back at Felicia and just shook her head as she ran to the kitchen.  Before she reached it, Luke came out.

            “Just a small fire,” he said innocently.

            “You set my house on FIRE?”

            “How typical, Laura, that you would have both of them here,” Felicia snarled.

            “Look, both of you, get out of my house!” Laura shouted.

            “Oh, I don’t think so.  Not without seeing my daughter,” Luke said.

            Laura took the plate full of Luke type food from his hand.  “No, you are leaving, right now.  Get out of my house.”

            “Oh so now you’re keeping him from seeing his daughter,” Felicia pressed.

            “Felicia!” Mac said.

            Luke sat back to the couch and made himself at home.  Laura glared at him.

            “Are you an idiot by nature?”

            “Absolutely,” Luke said.  “So lemme get this straight-“

            “No, you take Felicia and you get out of my house!”

            “Excuse me, I paid for this house-“

            “Yes, and you left it, so now it’s mine because I’m paying for it.”  The doorbell rang.  “Please God, let that be someone that can just make me disappear,” Laura said. 

She opened the door.

“Fine, make my DAY,” she said loudly.

“I suppose this isn’t the best time,” Bobbie said, not seeing everyone inside.  “Can I come in for a second?”

Laura made a pathetic face.  “Sure.”

            What else did she have to lose?  Bobbie came in and looked at everyone.

            “Oh, Laura.  Why do I get the feeling you didn’t invite these people?”
            Laura shut the door.  “Because you’re a smart woman.”

            Luke stood up.  “So lemme get this straight, you went for Stefan Cassadine, probably just to spite me-“ he began to Laura.

            She tried to get him to shut up but he wouldn’t and she just sighed.

            “So when that didn’t work out, you went to Scott?  Number two man I can’t stand?  And now…what, you’re gonna give Mac a turn?”

            Mac began to head towards Luke but Laura stopped him.

            “No, no, wait.  Nobody kills Luke but me.”  She turned to Luke.  “‘A turn’ is a such a nice way of putting it, thank you so much.  But don’t lecture me about Stefan, YOU are the reason Stefan and I didn’t make it.”

            Luke laughed.  “No, no, you’re wrong.  Stefan lied and betrayed you at every turn.  What he did to you was WAY worse than anything I’ve ever done!”

            Laura pursed her lips.  “What you did to me Luke beats everything anyone’s ever done to me.  All Stefan did was try to get me to love him!”

            “Oh so now you’re admitting you didn’t love him?  And besides, he tore your son away from you!  He raised Nikolas to hate you!”

            Laura smiled.  “Well he didn’t force you to hate me, you did that by yourself.  I am not going to deny I loved Stefan, even if Bobbie and Felicia and half the town justified that love as the entire reason our marriage fell apart!  I don’t care anymore.  I would’ve died without him, on the island and the year Lucky died.  I did love him…I was in love with him and I planned to marry him, but you kept butting in which made it hard for Stefan to believe in us!  And as for lying to me, nothing he ever lied to me about was as evil as what you lied to me about.”

            “And what lie would be?”

            “You know the lies by heart because that’s all you’ve ever done.”

            Bobbie took Laura’s hands.  “Okay-”

            “No, no wait a second, Barbara Jean.  This is important.  I ruined your relationship with Vlad, how did I do that?”

            “You made it impossible for me to move on!  You kept lying to me and making me feel guilty when it was YOU who wouldn’t come home for a year and then I dare to love another man and I’m the bad guy?  And yet while I was feeling guilty, you were with Felicia in Faison’s control.  With the foreplay on tape and her saying she could never betray her husband!”

            Felicia couldn’t believe what she had said.  Neither could Mac, since that tape was not pleasant.

            “Whoa, how did you get a hold of that tape,” Luke said, surprisingly uncomfortable, possibly embarrassed.  Felicia was white.

            “That doesn’t matter, though I didn’t find it through you!” Laura snapped.

            “You saw that tape,” Felicia asked softly.

            Bobbie had no idea what tape they were referring to, maybe Felicia had told her but right now her mind was blank and the only thing that mattered to Bobbie right now was keeping her sister-in-law and her brother from killing each other.

            “Yes.  But no, I didn’t steal it or get it from either you or Luke.  I’m assuming you two had a copy, I don’t know.  I didn’t steal it.  It was mailed to me.”
            Felicia began to open her mouth but Mac stopped her.  Laura turned to Bobbie, holding her hands.

            “Back to the original topic, how in the hell did I ruin…whatever it was you had with Stefan Cassadine?” Luke said.

            Laura sighed and turned back to Luke.  “Every time I was with him, you would show up you would make yourself the center of attention, usually by embarrassing me and yourself in the process, and Stefan knew I was uncomfortable and would leave for my sake.  Then you would be all proud of yourself and walk out the door too!”

            “I did that,” Luke said innocently.

            “How in the hell is that fair!  Did you want to leave me but never let anyone else have me?  Stefan was the one that was there for me, and you would come by and automatically assume that he was the bad guy.”

            “And what…because the Count couldn’t stand that-“

            “I couldn’t stand it.  That was the point!  You wanted to make sure that I was never happy with him, and you lied and made sure I felt the pain and the guilt while you went off doing God knows what!  And if that wasn’t enough, you did it with Scotty too!”

            Felicia spoke.  “Well, Laura, it’s not like you didn’t try to kill me a few times.”

            Laura’s eyes flared but she remained completely in control.

            “No, Felicia, I tried to kill you when you said I didn’t know Luke.  As if I had never known him and as if I had punished him for the mistakes he’d made in our marriage.  As far as everyone was concerned, it was my lies, it was my betrayals that ended the marriage.  And I don’t care to defend myself anymore.  But to tell me that I don’t know him, as if I haven’t spent the last twenty two years with him, is just ridiculous.  Not to mention your lecture to me about my infidelity and my mistakes that you went on and on about.  How my affairs with Stefan destroyed Luke’s heart and he could never forgive me for it, that’s preposterous.  You can tell me about your relationship with Luke and of course how much more real yours is with him, but don’t you ever say that I don’t know him.”

            Laura looked at Luke whose face was stunned at Laura’s strength and defense of their love.  “My favorite night was just after Lucky’s funeral and I thought it would be a good idea for me to join you and we could help each other through the grief of the loss of OUR son.  And I found you taking comfort by spending the night with Tammy on the bar counter.”

No one else knew this. 

“What,” Felicia said. 

            Laura looked at her with false pity.  “Oh, come on, Felicia.  You didn’t think you were the only woman Luke cheated on me with!”

            “Laura, stop it,” Luke said, hurt and tired of hurting Laura.

            Bobbie couldn’t believe it.  “You slept with Tammy?  After the funeral?  And then you blamed Laura for loving Stefan?”
            “I didn’t know Laura saw me, and I didn’t sleep with Tammy!” Luke said to Bobbie.

            Laura laughed.  “You sure about that, or were you too drunk to remember?”

            Felicia said, “Luke didn’t sleep with Tammy that night!  I was there.”

            Mac shook his head and rolled his eyes.  “Brilliant Felicia, way to make Luke look like less of a jerk.”

            Luke ignored that.  “So what, Laura?  Then you ran to Stefan?”

            “No,” she said evenly.  “I went upstairs to Lucky’s room and I put his jacket on me.  I held his teddy bear and I saw that he had a photo of him and me.  I broke the mirror with my hand, cutting it badly and began tearing the room apart.  Then Stefan found me, comforted me, picked me up off the floor and took me home.”

Wyndemere!” Luke snapped.

“He loved me!  He was the one whose pride wasn’t hurt by my love for you!  He accepted that I’d abandoned my own child for you and he still loved me.  Did you still love me, did you stay?  No.  And I called the next day, you pick up when I wasn’t expecting you to be there and you dared to be angry with me?  Unlike you, I wasn’t on the counter with some other woman!  Fine, I slept in the house of Wyndemere, but I didn’t sleep with Stefan.  Even if I had, you had no grounds to stand on since I’d seen what you doing with Tammy that night.” Laura hissed.

Luke looked guilty, but his eyes never left hers.  Laura leaned in near him.  Bobbie and Mac were impressed with Laura.  Felicia, of course, thought it was all Laura’s fault.

“Stefan took me someplace safe and he kept me alive.  And he didn’t make everything my fault.  The same way Felicia did for you, I guess.  I guess I really did make you somehow think it was your fault.  Though I never ever said or implied that, it was always inside you Luke.”

            “Is that what this all about?” Luke asked.  “Whose fault it really was?”

            “No!  It’s about me begging you to forgive me and that you never did!  You never forgave me for having Nikolas!  You never forgave me for being in love with a Cassadine!  Well I won’t apologize anymore and I can’t believe that I apologized then!  Would you have preferred I died to protect your honor?”

Luke didn’t say anything.  It bugged him that she had a valid point.

“I wanted a purpose in my life!  I wanted to have someone I could love for the rest of my life!  And you still hate the fact that I was with Stefan on the island.  Why?  How many times did you sleep with Holly?”

Bobbie had to cut in and stop this, this was far too ugly.

“Uh, Laura, you’re absolutely correct, but don’t you want to leave?” Bobbie said.

Laura ignored Bobbie and continued to lash out at Luke.

“I loved you and I begged you to forgive my so called “sins of the past” that I committed when you were as dead to me as I was to you!  And you walked right out that door!  I did everything I could to make you listen or make you understand but you refused to listen to anything!  Not about Nikolas, not about Stefan, not about Lucky, you couldn’t forgive anything!  I did everything including telling my son I couldn’t see him and letting him think I was DEAD!  For you!  How could you ask me to do that?  Why didn’t you just leave me before you tried to destroy me?  You left anyway.”

Luke couldn’t believe she could say this.  Tears swelled up in his eyes, and Laura was glad!  Maybe now he would understand something about guilt!

“How many times have you tried to kill my son, Luke?  Take Felicia, and get the hell out of my house.  Since your girlfriend has so much more in common with me than I realize!  She gave up her kids to be with you!  So take her and get out of my face because I don’t…forgive you.”

“So…every time I saw you kissing miscellaneous people, how was I supposed to react?  I left you because I knew you were still in love with Stefan, and then you were with him, how was I wrong?”

This was the one point Luke did have, though he was completely wrong.

            “You are so wrong, Luke.  I chose you.  Stefan and I shared a very intense past, with a lot of fear from the danger and the outcome of the secrets we shared.  I never ever cheated on you until not only after you’d refused to come home for over a year, but after the divorce proceedings began.  The difference between you and me is, when I see you kissing Felicia, I leave!  When you see me kissing someone else, you somehow make a scene or embarrass me to the point I can’t feel anything but guilty, for NO reason.”

            “Well, Cassadine deserved it, and you know Scotty was just a momentarily lapse of sanity.  And Mac-“

            “Oh shut up!  That’s what Stefan was really about, I loved him, I was in love with him and you hate him because he was there for me when you weren’t!”

            That was a hard blow to Luke.  On the island, when Luke didn’t know to rescue her, or recently?  Both, probably.  Bobbie tried to intercede again but it didn’t work.

            “You believed I was dead and I believed you were, so I fell in love with another man.  But the all powerful Luke Spencer couldn’t handle the fact that his wife might have sex with another man!”

            “Okay, Laura.  That’s enough.  Come with me, let’s go out.  That’s why I came over.  But now I think it’s essential you leave before you kill someone,” Bobbie said.

            Bobbie turned to Luke, holding Laura’s hand.  “Let it go, Luke.” 

Yet again, no one acknowledged Bobbie’s presence.

            “Okay, Laura.  If Scott was so damned perfect than why did you go with me?”

            “I was seventeen years old!  I was going through that need to rebel process.  I came around and I stopped.”

            “Yeah, at thirty,” he replied.

            “Luke!” Bobbie said, amazed at his stupidity.  “You’re walking into death!”

            “You can’t just make life perfect by reminding me of Wyndhams or something.  You can’t fix the past and you can’t make what you never forgave okay now!  Get out!” Laura snapped at Luke.

            “Why, so you can run to Scotty?”  Luke goaded her.  “Or Mac or whatever dumb spud you’ve got lined up?”

            “Luke, I am begging you once again to just leave!” Laura said, beginning to lose her control.

            “Laura, how many years were you married to him,” Bobbie pointed out.

            “Twenty,” Laura replied harshly.

            “And when has he ever given in?”

            “Never.  You’re right.  I’m leaving,” Laura said.

            “Well lemme take you,” Bobbie said. 

            “All right, lemme get Lulu.”

            “Laura, wait,” Luke said, pulling something out.  “Do you know what this is?”  He pulled out some object neither he nor anyone else in the room could identify.  Laura’s face drained color and her eyes swelled up.  She took a vase of flowers and threw them at Luke harder than he’d ever imagined was possible.  He ducked just in time.  “What is wrong?” he said scared from her throw that almost killed him.

“Okay, okay, that’s enough for me,” Bobbie said taking Laura’s body into her arms. 

“Is it Stavros,” Luke said, confused.

            “Did you just find that on Helena’s yacht and steal it to terrify me,” Laura said.

            “No, it was on your front steps.  I’m sorry.”

            “Laura, are you all right?” Felicia asked, never remembering having seen Laura that upset.

            “What is it?” Mac questioned.  “We know the island was awful for you.” 

            “Laura reacted with amazing restraint about that island.” Bobbie agreed.

            “Laura always reacts with a lot of restraint,” Mac said.  “Luke is still breathing.”

            “Stavros Cassadine tied me to a bed, held a knife to her throat and made me watch him rape her.”

            Felicia’s mouth dropped open slightly.

            “Stop it, Luke,” Laura hissed.  “Stop bringing that up!  I don’t wanna remember it!  I don’t wanna remember him.  I gotta get out of here, Bobbie.  Luke, get that thing away from me, SELL it for all I care.”

            “Okay, okay,” Luke said putting it in his pocket.

            Mac came over to Laura.  “Can I help you?  Want me to take you somewhere?”

            “Mac, I’ve got it,” Bobbie said.  “Laura, go get Lulu.”

            “Mommy,” Lulu said at the top of the stairs.

            Laura swallowed her pain and ran, scooping up her daughter.  “Lulu, Aunt Bobbie and I are gonna take you out, please come with us?”

            Laura was working very hard to keep Lulu from seeing Luke.  Lulu reached to the desk and handed her mother a Kleenex. 

            “Why are you crying, Mom?”

            “I’m not crying honey, let’s just go, okay?”

            “Hi Princess,” Luke said deliberately.

            Lulu struggled out of her mother’s arms and ran into her father’s.  Laura’s eyes blazed. 

            “Breathe, Laura, don’t let him get to you,” Bobbie said.

            “Sure.  Thank you.  Um, Luke, would you watch your daughter and let me go?”

            Luke kissed his daughter.  “Sure, I’d love to.  We’ll both be waiting for you when you get back.”

            “Oh great,” Laura said.  “Alright, Lesley Lu, can I have a hug goodbye?”

            Lulu went back to her mother, hugging her before Laura and Bobbie left the house.
            “Luke, are you sure this is a good idea?  Maybe you should wait till Laura calms down to see Lulu,” Felicia said.

            “As usual Felicia, you’re missing the point,” Mac says.  “First of all, Luke is causing all of Laura’s pain and he knows it.  Second of all, she is excruciatingly calm, and this is her house.  Maybe you should call, Luke, before you show up again.”

            “I’ll show up anytime I damn well please.  She’s still…the mother of my children.”

            “Let’s go, Felicia.”

            “You don’t control me, especially not when you’re spending the night with Laura,” Felicia said as Mac pushed her towards the door.

            “You’re right, I don’t.  But this is Laura’s house, and I didn’t hear her invite you to stay.  Let’s go.”


Bobbie’s Car

Bobbie and Laura’s Drive

An Hour Later


            Bobbie drove with Laura out into the country where they shopped in small old towns and ate great old country food. 

            “Was Luke…ever…rational?” Laura asked, drinking a cup of coffee.

            “No.”  Bobbie replied casually.  “Not ever.  He never hides his opinions.  He never has.  But that doesn’t mean that when he explodes that he has absolutely no control.  He just, feels a lot.”

            “Well, why does he so often explode at something I’ve done?  I mean, he never cared what Felicia did and he was supposed to be with her.  Why?  Why does he save all his anger for me?”

            Bobbie smiled, twisting the noodles with her fork.  “Because he’s still in love with you.  He’s not in love with Felicia and he never was.  I know you know that, even if you can’t accept it.  You’re still the reason he does everything.  And since you two have been separated, Luke has been unhappy like never before.  I think when he comes to yell at you, it’s because he can’t face his own feelings but he would rather yell at you than…than drink wine with anyone else.”
            “Oh good,” Laura said sarcastically.

            “Not that I agree with everything he does, mind you.  His hatred for your son, his insanity towards the Cassadines, particularly the ones you loved, his need to pretend with Felicia, even he is not proud of these things.”

            Laura shook her head.  “And yet you love him more than anything, don’t you?”

            Bobbie shrugged, smiling.  “He’s everything to me.  He’s my hero.  My constant.”  Bobbie touched Laura’s hand so she’d look up.              “You keep telling Luke to leave, but you want him to come back, don’t you?  You couldn’t stand to see him marry someone else, could you?”

            “It would be difficult, but I would have to accept it just like I’ve had to accept everything else.  As if the thought of him never being around me hasn’t gone through me a thousand times and just burned me up inside.”

            Bobbie smiled.  “You really love him.”

            Laura stared angrily at Bobbie.  “Is this what you brought me out here to do?  Finish what Luke started?  Trying to get me back where I was?”

            “No, but I know you know him.  And since you’re the only one who may listen, instead of fighting with him, fight for him.”

            “No,” Laura said firmly.  “No way in hell am I sacrificing any more for that man.  I have told him that I loved him and begged him to forgive me so many times I can’t see straight.  I’m not about to do that again.  I want my self respect.”

Dammit, Laura!  I have waited my entire life for someone to love me the way he loves you, and I think you two love this game you’re playing.  But how long is it going to take for either of you to tell each other that you love each other?  Don’t fight for him by sacrificing yourself, Laura.  Show him that he wants you.  You know you can.  Make him want you, it won’t be hard.  He wants you with every breath he breathes.  I have prayed my entire life to have a love like you two have, and I never have.  So take it!”

“A love like we had leads to destruction because it’s too powerful.  You’re blessed to have peace in your life.”

            “You’d do it exactly the same if you could do it again.”

            Laura tried to look down but Bobbie wouldn’t let her.

            “Laura, come on, what’s going on inside your head?”

            “What I’m thinking about is Mac.”

            Bobbie questioned Laura with her eyes.

            “And before you ask, yes.  We were together.  And the last person I feel sorry for is Felicia and I’m sorry because I know she is your best friend.  But I don’t feel any shame for spending the night with Mac, certainly not because of Felicia.”

            “Because she fell in love with Luke?”
            Laura made an exasperated noise.  “No.  I understand that.  But what she said to me, how she handled it.  How she handled it was worse than me and I thought I was awful.  But I can’t forget a moment of her hideous hatred and belief in herself to conquer him.  The way it was done is what I am not forgiving of.”
            “Luke never loved her, that’s why she is so irritating towards you.  Because no matter what she does, no matter what you do, she cannot make Luke love her the way he loves you.  I knew the minute Scotty took you out of Luke’s club that Felicia wasn’t going to be you.  The way Luke looked after you when Scotty walked you out-“

            “That’s only because Luke hates Scotty!”

            “That is because Luke saw that you could still have Scott or anyone else.  Luke knew you were never going to be undesired or alone because of how beautiful you are.  I begged Luke to leave Felicia alone because he was just going to break her heart, and waste his own time.  He didn’t listen to me.”

            Laura drank her water.

            “Laura, what do you think of when you think of Mac?”

            “I feel that finally we’ve been able to complete what we’ve wanted to for a long time.”

            “You mean you’ve thought about each other like this before?”

            “Oh yes.  We’ve always understood each other, in more ways than just our spouses being together.  He helped me see that I deserved better, he listened…and I listened.  I told him the truth, I didn’t say how much I loathed his wife, I told him that she needed to be with Luke and that time would heal him.  And he told me the truth also.”

            Bobbie frowned.  “And…how did this get you two where you are now?”

            “He makes me exhale for the first time in months because I know he’s not trying to use me for anything…and I’m not going to just throw him away.”

            “Laura, come on!  You think Mac thinks this is something permanent?  You two obviously care very deeply, but do you both feel this never ending love?”

            Laura looked away.  Bobbie regretted opening her mouth.

            “Okay, okay, sorry.  But please listen to me, you have had love that is so unbelievable with two men in your lifetime, but Luke is the one you have given your life for.  Don’t do that again, but force him to need you and to admit it.  Because you can.”

            “Okay, you’re giving me a migraine, just let me eat,” Laura said.



Two Weeks Later

1:02 AM


            Laura came up with a scheme, her own for once, to make Luke rescue her.  She drove to the mountains, making sure he knew she was going there and that she’d be in trouble.  Laura didn’t count on her car breaking down and having to walk a mile in the freezing cold to get to an abandoned house.  By the time she got there, she collapsed to the floor, bending her knees to her chest.  The storm outside was massive and she worried this would be when Luke wouldn’t show up.

            She tried to start a fire but was unsuccessful.  There wasn’t any electricity and her cell phone had died.  Laura hadn’t set this up to make Luke rescue her, but to trap him.  She pondered that he was mad at her as the hours went by.  She remembered how he always made her laugh, and how much he needed her.  In a way, she thought no one else ever had.  And now she truly did want him to rescue her!  Laura’s teeth were chattering, but she remained determined.  She must’ve dozed off or blacked out because when she came to Luke was shaking her.

            “Jesus Christ, Laura!  What are you doing?”

            Laura became completely conscious.  “Hi.  So nice of you to join me,” she said, trembling.

            Luke rubbed her shoulders and saw the snow flakes in her hair.  He brushed it out with his fingers, almost angrily, and then clutched her to him, keeping warm her in his embrace.  She shivered and snuggled into him, releasing a moan from her blue lips.  They clung to each other for a matter of minutes, not wanting to let go of the body heat between them.  She felt his heart beat against her for the first time in years.  He couldn’t believe he was holding her like this, and he didn’t want to let her go, but his pride made him.  He then pulled back, tightly clenching her arms in his hands.

            “What the hell was the point of this,” he demanded of her.  “You have a death wish?”

            “No,” she said firmly, still chattering.

            “Well, you were intelligent enough to pick the perfect time because you knew the snow was gonna be too thick to get back.”

            “I know,” Laura replied, having realized that a little earlier herself.  “My car broke down.  I had to walk forever to find this cabin.”

            “Yeah, and even though the snow was thick as hell, you and your footprints were still barely visible.  My God, Laura.  What if they hadn’t been?”

            “Then you would’ve found another way to track me down,” she said without a doubt.

            “You set this whole thing up for me to come and rescue you?”

            She looked up at him, eyes glaring a little.  “You are worth it to me.”

            “To get yourself killed?”

            “I never doubted you’d get to me.  Believe me, though, I didn’t intend it to be like this.”

            “That’s because you never think!”

            “No, I just somehow never imagine what happens between us could ever go as bad as it does!  You turned away from me and we’ve been apart a very long time, but I’m sick of it, and I know we are better than this.  We are worth fighting for!”

            Luke’s stomps around the dim room were as loud as his bitching. 

            “You’re delusional, Laura, you know that!”

            “Yeah!  I guess I am!” she shouted back.  “I guess I believed when I was seventeen years old when you told me you’d love me forever, that there was never going to be anything I could ever do to make you turn away from me!  But as soon as I disappointed you and I wasn’t your angel anymore, you left.  Well I don’t accept that!”

            Luke squatted in front of her.  “You came up here in the middle of the night, freezing your ass off so that we could argue about this for the millionth time?”

            “I came here to get you to admit that you still love me, and you want me back.”  His expression didn’t change a whole lot and she turned away.  “Pretty stupid, huh?  At least one of us thinks we are worth it.”

            “We were worth it.  But trying to recreate something is not going to happen-“

“Recreate something!” she yelled.  “Recreate SOMETHING!  Forgive me Luke, but I still feel the exact same way I always have about you, I don’t have to recreate it.  And your definition of not hating me is just no longer speaking to me.  I can handle you yelling at me, but I can’t handle you shutting me out.”

Luke tried to not yell back.  “Look, you were the one who asked for the divorce because you finally decided that you were in love with Vlad, and when that didn’t work out…then you decide you want me back?”

            She looked at him with blazing eyes.  “I loved you!  I loved you for so long I abandoned my child just to see you alive!  And then when I had a chance to be with my child again, you commanded me to hate him!  And when I didn’t you hated me.  And then when you found out that my baby was conceived in love instead of hate, you walk out, never to come back.  I begged you to forgive me.  I sold my soul to the devil to keep you looking at me with love.  I left my child three times for you, when I never should have.  But I wanted to prove to you how much I loved you.”

            “No, you lied about who the father of your baby was because you were still in love with him.  I saw the way you looked at him.  There is no way in hell that was just parental bonding.”

            Laura smiled.  “Well, since abandoning my child three times for you and leaving behind the man I loved wasn’t enough to prove that I chose you, it’s no wonder you didn’t fight for me!  And this man whom I had betrayed and left so many times still looked at me like I was this indescribable, incomparable woman, and he loved me and needed me.  And I realized that I loved him too.  I suppose I did accept you would never forgive me.  And that is why I asked for the divorce, because I deserved better than that.  I wasn’t going to stay married to you if you couldn’t stand to look at me.”

            “Then what the hell are we doing here-“

            Laura grabbed Luke by his jacket and pulled his face in front of hers.  “Don’t you EVER tell me I didn’t love you!  You were the one who didn’t love me enough!”

            She let go of him.  Laura watched his face turn regretful and defeated and turned away.  He leaned towards her and touched her shoulder.  She flinched at his touch and the tears rose in her throat.

            “And…I don’t know, I guess I thought you could put aside your STUPID pride and look at me the way you used to for just a minute.  And then if you didn’t, I wanted to see you look me right in the eyes and tell me that you don’t love me.  And make me believe it.  That you still don’t want me back.”  Laura turned to face him.  “Come on, I dare you,” she whispered.

            Luke stood up.  Laura sighed, irritated at his stupidity.

            “But go ahead, Luke, of course.  Say it out loud, get it over with.  Say that you don’t love me anymore or we can never go back or whatever it is you need to say so that you will believe it.  Tell yourself so you can believe it.  But don’t expect me to, I know you too well.”

            Luke sighed and sat down next to Laura.  “Alright, what the hell is it that you do want me to say?  Let’s just go somewhere and get remarried and we’ll live in a big house with all three of your children and Stefan can come for dinner on the weekends and we’ll never-“

            “Don’t, DON’T make fun of me!” she said, tougher than he’d ever seen her.

            Laura was so not going to take any crap from Luke now.  They were both silent for a few moments.  Luke went to try to heat up the fire more. 

            “Why are you hesitating, Luke?  Because I won’t be your doormat?  Is that why you love Felicia?” Laura said.

            Luke remained facing the fire. 

            “Or do you?” Laura pushed.  “It’s obvious you want to be with her, but why?”

            “How about…she loves me, how about, she doesn’t judge me.  How about she doesn’t throw all my mistakes back in my face-“

            “All YOUR mistakes!  Excuse me!  I had a baby with another man, I had a love affair with another man, I lied to you about both of those things and you never ever let me forget it.  And I give you crap about your mistakes!”

            Luke stood up.  “I’m not going to have this conversation with you-“

            “Oh of course not, anytime you can’t face me, you just leave!”

            “We have been down this road so many times.  I’m not doing it again!”

            Luke walked out the door and slammed it behind him.  The cold air froze Laura when he opened the door.  She waited, wondering how long it would take for Luke to come back inside.  She wasn’t worried, though, that he wouldn’t come back.

            “I can’t leave you here,” he said and even though she never doubted he would leave her alone, relief swept over her. 

            He sat down next to her, shivering like crazy. 

            “Damn,” he said rubbing his hands together.

            “Why don’t you just leave?  If I’m such an inconvenience Luke-“ he wasn’t cooperating.

            “You are SO-“

            “You don’t have to yell at me,” she said softly.

            “I’M NOT…yelling,” he said quieting down.  “Look, I’m not going to leave you freezing in a blizzard in an abandoned, barely standing cabin.  No darlin’, it’s not gonna happen.”

            Laura nodded, pulling her hair out of its ponytail to help cover her freezing ears.  The golden locks tumbled down and he watched her with fascination.  Her hair glowed as bright as the fire and then he knew how much he wanted her.  She pressed her hair close to her ears in an attempt to keep warm. 

            “You say Felicia loves you, she doesn’t judge you, doesn’t throw any mistakes in your face…what is that?  She just follows you around, where as I won’t be a little puppet?  Is that what you mean?  Or is it that you don’t fight with her?”  Laura’s voice turned deeper.  “Well that’s because you don’t love her the way you love me.  You don’t feel with her what you feel with me.  Why do we fight, why is that Luke?  You think it’s because we don’t care?  It’s because we can’t not care.  When are you going to admit that you still love me-“

            “Who the hell are you to talk about love!  You loved another man, you loved Stefan Cassadine!”

            Laura watched Luke attempt to stand and she stopped him.

            “Then you do love me, because you don’t want me to love anyone else,” she said.  “Can you tell me that you want Felicia the way you wanted me?” she asked softly, deliberately.

            Laura reached for Luke with her hand, stopping right before she touched him.  It physically hurt him and made him want to grab her hand and make her touch him.  It took every bit of strength inside of him not to.  Laura moved her hand slowly up and down in front of his chest, knowing she was tormenting him.

            “Do you burn with her, Luke?” she said seductively.  “The way you burn with me?  The way you still burn when you’re with me.  Do you fall right asleep after you make love with her, or do you stay up and watch her, waiting for her to wake up so you can touch her again?  Do you touch her the way you touched me?  Do you feel with her what you’re feeling with me when I’m not touching you?  Tell me you don’t feel me.”

            Laura leaned closer to him, her eyes as dark and determined as ever.  She didn’t touch him though, just let him feel the energy she gave, she tortured him. 

            “Tell me what you’re feeling right now, tell me you don’t love me exactly the way you did six years ago when I was still your angel?”

            Luke took her hand in both of his, pushing it back towards her, but not letting her hand go.  He couldn’t as he stared into her eyes.  Laura, knowing Luke was purposely not letting go of her hand because he did feel her, yanked it free and turned aside.  Her face never showed any pain, only more fury and power. 

            “Stefan once asked me why you weren’t here fighting for me, if you loved me so much.  He asked me if I married a coward.”

            Laura paused.  She knew what Luke’s face looked like even if she wasn’t facing him.

            “I thought I’d married the bravest man on the planet, but he didn’t fight for me, and he let me think it was my fault.  He was a coward.”

            Luke grabbed her by the wrists and pulled her up off the floor towards him.  Breathing heavily from being startled, she excited him just by standing there, and she received his passion.  Luke’s hand slid from her throat, caressing it roughly, then worked its way into her thick hair. Grabbing a fistful, he tilted her head back to stare into her eyes.  She felt the heat pool low in her stomach, her breaths needing to become longer and deeper as she waited for him to complete what they had started.  Her breasts ached against his chest and she felt confined and imprisoned inside her need.  She was so tired of fighting. 

            “Just kiss me, Luke, kiss me,” she whispered, giving in and leaning towards him.

            He took her shoulders and kissed her as he had never done, taking her mouth as his, not letting her breathe.  Why should Luke pretend she didn’t have control over him?  He burned for her and he couldn’t deny it now.  He pulled back, but only for a moment. He was kissing her again, more slowly this time, like he would never stop.  Laura did nothing to prevent it, she encouraged it.  Reaching to pull his head closer to hers, she reciprocated the kiss and breathed it in.  She wasn’t afraid to express all her passion and she had no intention of holding anything back this time.

            “Luke,” she whispered against his lips.  She cupped his face and kissed him, her hands touching him insistently.  “I want you to tell me you love me,” she said kissing him.  “I want you to touch me, taste me…” she murmured between kisses, placing her hands on his shoulders and pulling him as close as possible.

            Luke held her body in his control and kissed her again, over and over, sweeping his lips along her own, pulling her into a world of only emotion.  Laura pushed Luke’s coat off of him, hugging him lushly, sliding her hands slowly, inch by inch, down to where his shirt met his pants.  She un-tucked the shirt and pushed it up, slowly, feeling his skin as it was revealed to her.  Her nails scraped his back gradually as she pulled her head back from him to stare at him with challenging eyes.  She remained close enough he could feel her breathe, but he would initiate this now.

            He removed his shirt and bent her head back, so she was looking at him.  His hand rested against the side of her face.  Her eyes closed for a few seconds at the feeling of him touching her again.  Leisurely he worked his mouth down the side of her neck, nibbling and tasting her skin.  Laura was going to give him everything she had inside her, and make him give back to her.  And the rest was up to him, but she’d fought this far.  She wanted nothing more than to burn up in his embrace.

            “Laura,” he said softly as his fingers continued to stroke her cheek, sending electric currents up and down her body.

            “Don’t stop,” she told him. 

            He had no intention of doing that.  Taking possession of her mouth, he nibbled at her lips from corner to corner, turning her naturally pink lips to a deep red. His lips gently parted and brushed against hers, coaxing a moan of response from her as her lips opened to seek his. She was greedy now, aching for him.  Suddenly, as if in response to her passion, he was no longer tentative.  His mouth plundered hers, taking her breath as he gave her his own.

            She broke the kiss and pulled back.  She could hear his uneven breaths turn almost angry that she left him.

            “I want you…Luke, make love to me, right now,” she said, breaking the kiss to look at him.

            Luke brushed her magnificent hair away from her face slowly.  She didn’t want slow anymore, and she wasn’t going to take it.  Luke tightened his arms, pulling her against his body.  He slipped his hands underneath her coat and pushed it off in one swift movement.  She immediately felt the chill of the winter storm and he curled her against him, kissing her again, before lowering his lips to her neck.  Luke kissed his way down her neck, licking and nibbling to her collarbone and back to her nape. He erotically moved the thick golden mass of hair aside to give him easier access to the tender skin at the back of her neck, and she shivered in response to his caresses.

            Laura’s knees began to weaken and she needed him to lower her to the floor.  His hands went to her full breasts, teasing them through her shirt.  Laura gasped as his tongue flirted with her hardened nipples, Luke didn’t bother removing her shirt or bra yet, but his touch was still maddening.  He suckled one through the silk material of her blouse, as his hand grazed the stiff nub of the other. Laura threw her head back, moaning his name. Luke’s large hands extended up to caress her throat, possessing the skin as Laura’s eyes closed slowly to receive his touch.  She gazed hungrily into his eyes.  He unfastened a long row of buttons down the front of her shirt, one at a time, punctuating each revelation of flesh with a kiss, setting the skin on fire with his licks and caresses.  Holding her neck with one hand he brought her lips to his in a very hard kiss, his other arm encircling her back, lowering her to the floor without breaking the kiss. 

            It didn’t matter what happened in the past, now, right now, it was just them, and no one else existed to stand in their way.  He slipped the bra from her and pulled her to him in a sitting position.

            “Laura,” he said holding her face in one hand. 

            “Yes,” she whispered.

            She had the most expressive, emotional, passionate face and it was what made him fall in love with her in the first place.  When she felt, she felt it all, and showed it all.  She looked up at him with her dark blue eyes and shook her head with uncertainty and desperation.  His firm hands held her waist, looking into her eyes, down at her mouth, waiting for something.  Didn’t matter to her what it was, she knew what she wanted. 

            "Make me burn," she whispered, swooping down to hungrily capture his lips without any hesitation or shyness.

Grasping her head in his hands, he kissed her urgently, passionately, until the taste of her and her fire was deeply buried in his mouth. "I want you so much, Luke…"

            Suddenly he ripped her mouth apart from his so fast and so harshly she moaned from the loss of his mouth.  He had separated their starving, aching lips.

            “I’m not going anywhere and neither are you,” he said pushing her back against the ground and going with her.

            She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, felt him.  They removed the rest of the clothing and he pressed her body against his, moaning into her mouth as she cooperated in expressing her desire with her lips and hands.  He lowered his head to her neck and then to her breasts, tasting them. He took her left nipple into his mouth first, and Laura, sitting up as much as she could to make him give her more, she held his head against her breast. There was an intense mixture of pleasure and pain that accompanied his grip, and Laura was beyond any ability to think.  She didn’t want to wait though, the foreplay was more of an inconvenience now, she needed him right now. 

            “Luke…” she said trying to pull his face to meet hers.  “Luke,” she said again, more firmly.

            Reluctantly, Luke lifted his mouth off of Laura’s well-loved breast but didn’t meet her eyes like she’d wanted.  Luke laid her back down then familiarized himself with her body, tracing his lips and hands very lightly against her flawless yet shivering skin.  He was dragging his lips down her throat, across her chest and then to kiss each breast, and she wanted to yell at him to stop and make love to her but he wouldn’t.  He didn’t spend much time on any one part of her body because he knew he couldn’t wait very long himself, but he did want to savor every moment, and every part of her.  His lips then moved down her ribcage, reaching her stomach…where he stopped at her navel, dipping his tongue inside for a moment, hearing an involuntary moan escape her. 


            “Don’t say anything,” he told her.

            Luke gently parted her legs gently and ran his tongue up one of her inner thighs just beside her soft, blonde curls.  He started on the other leg to do the exact same thing, yet he never approached her essence.  Luke rained soft, delicate kisses on her center, and then began licking the silky blonde curls, coaxing a shiver through Laura’s body.  He barely touched the skin below, yet he completely drenched the curls themselves.  Laura’s eyes were wide almost in anger at what he was doing, that it wasn’t enough and that she had to control herself.  She was screaming inside in fury and her nails dug into the floor to help her with her frustration. 

            Luke then drew deep, incredibly sensual strokes against her opening, over an over, initiating a response.  He lapped up her essence with his tongue, not allowing a drop to escape his greedy mouth.  He hadn’t tasted her in so long, he needed to.  Clasping her core between his lips, he suckled it gently at first, and then with determination and ruthlessness, probed her with his tongue over and over. 

            Laura breathed very heavily trying to keep herself together, the breaths helped her stay in just enough control to stand it, but he was demanding, and she grew weaker with her orgasm.  Just when Laura knew she couldn’t control herself any longer, Luke lifted his head, pulling himself up over her again.  He took her hands and entwined them with his, pressing them against the floor despite her protesting.  When Laura knew he was about to make love to her she blocked him with her leg.

“Wait,” she said with the little bit of willpower she had left.  “Tell me you love me,” she commanded forcefully.

He released one of her hands and pulled her head up to his, making her gasp in fright at his sudden motion that could’ve broken her neck.

“I love you,” he said almost hatefully, like it was unfair that he did. 

Luke let go of her neck, moved her leg out of the way and gripped her other hand again.  He entered her body in one surging motion, and Laura’s hands were desperately trying to break free of his grip to clutch to him and participate.  He would pull out of her almost completely, and then enter her slowly, achingly, until he filled her. He did this over and over, driving Laura to an incredible desperation.

            To make matters worse, Luke refused to let go of her hands as he constantly kept them against the ground, kissing her throat and then reaching her breasts.  Her nipples were extremely tightened, almost puckered, pleading with him to be kissed.  Luke bent down, taking a hard pink nipple into his mouth, with a suction and a torture that was in the same rhythm as the movement of his hips.  Now Laura was trying even harder to move her hands but Luke wouldn’t let them go.

            “Luke, stop…” she whispered as she struggled with her hands and she responded to him at the same time.

            He did terrible things to her and she tilted her head back in ecstasy, tightening her hands in his, holding his hands for dear life as the strokes became uneven but remained just as beautiful.  She arched her torso, needing more from his mouth, which he automatically complied.  Making love to her and what he was doing to her breast without letting her hands free was an incredible taste of pleasure, yet it forced her to suffer the longing without being able to do anything to release her own strain of desire.  She couldn’t respond the way she wanted to and Luke knew that.   

He then lifted his head, and the cool air meeting her breast increased the sensations through her body and he finally let go of her hands.  She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him rapidly through the final thrusts.   It was the erotic kissing she was finally able to participate and that was what sent her over the edge, triggering his own response they both obtained a shattering release. 

            Both lying back down slowly together, Luke still on top of her and inside her, he began to move but she stopped him. 

            “No, stay.” 

            Laura tightened her arms around him and lifted herself closer to him. 

            “Hold me, Luke,” she whispered to him.

            He held her much more tightly than she held him.  His hands threaded in her thick hair and one arm went lower to caress the skin of her back.  He buried his face into her blonde hair, breathing her in for the first time in years.  Laura shifted her hips slightly, constricting her muscles around him, making him hard again almost immediately.  Laura smiled almost relief to be with him again and he kissed her lips softly.  He licked them until they glistened, when she wanted to kiss him back then stopped, placing her finger over his mouth. 

            “Are you ready to do this again,” he said not wanting to push her.

            “Ready?” she asked him incredulously.  “Yes,” she leaned in and kissed him with force, barely giving him a choice. 

            Laura lifted her hips dramatically, taking him completely inside her, not being cautious or slow this time, letting it all live it the moment, without logic.  He met each of her thrusts, over and over, driving into her body until they both moaned into each other’s mouths with their second simultaneous release.  Luke moved over on his back, taking her with him so she was on top.  Her golden, tangled hair spilled over him, surrounding them.  She smiled and lay down on his chest, exhaling for the first time in weeks.


General Hospital

A Week Later

4:14 PM


            Laura and Luke had left that cabin and once they returned to Port Charles, they went back to the lives they’d had.  Laura chose to not be embarrassed or even allow herself to be too terribly hurt.  She hadn’t seen much of Luke and just decided she wasn’t going to do this anymore.  She was going to live her life.  She gave him the memories, showed him it was still there, and if that wasn’t enough, fine.

            Laura walked over to Bobbie handing her a file, immediately and instantly smiling.  The two didn’t often admit their love for each other, but it was there.  They respected each other even though the jealously of a twenty year old competition came back into present day life occasionally. 

            “Hi Laura, Bobbie,” Mac said coming up, touching Laura’s back.

            “Hi.  How have you been?” Laura said cheerfully.

            “Did my brother enjoy being police commissioner?” Mac asked Laura.

            “Well, I came back to Port Charles just after he became commissioner so I’m not positive, but I think he did.  Which surprises me, I never thought Robert would settle down!”

            “Well, Laura, I’ll take care of this, and I’ll talk to you later,” Bobbie said, excusing herself from Mac and Laura’s company.

            Laura turned around fully to Mac and smiled. 

            “How are the girls?” Laura asked him.

            “Wonderful.  Perfect.  I see them as much as I can.”

            “Never stop, they need that.”

            Mac brushed the back of his hand against Laura’s face.  “You ever need anything, you call me.  Anytime, anywhere, I will be there.  I’ll see you soon.”

            He bent down and kissed her lips, which she immediately returned.  Brief, but beautiful.  She watched him leave her sight.

            “Oh dear,” Laura said, shaking her head.

            She took another file and walked down to a patient’s room when suddenly a hand came over her mouth and pulled her into a room.  The door closed and she was backed up against it.

            “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” he demanded furiously.

            “Well, I was walking down the hallway-“

            “You were flashing the baby blues at Scorpio!”

            Luke had her imprisoned between his arms and she was backed against the wall.

            “Excuse me?” Laura said.

            She tried to move, but he knocked both her hands backed up against the wall.

            “You are flirting with Mac?  You gonna go back to him?”

            “Let go of me, Luke,” she gritted through her teeth.  “What the hell is wrong with you?”

            “How can you act this way?”

            Laura’s eyes shot open.  “Excuse me, I fought for you-“

            “What the hell do you call coming onto Mac-“

            “Did I MENTION…I won’t beg you till I’m blue in the face!” she shouted.

            “What are you talking about?”

            “I told you I loved you,” Laura said firmly.

            “And I told you I loved you.”

            Laura almost laughed.  “Oh yes, yes of course you did.  Just as I blocked you from making love to me, you would’ve said anything to get into my pants, wouldn’t you?”
            “No, I wouldn’t, and as I recall your pants were already off.”

            Laura rolled her eyes. 

            “See, as usual you’re missing the point.  I gave you the truth, I gave you my love and I gave you my passion.  I don’t hate you, I can be fine saying it was great sex but I’m not up for hearing lectures on anything else I might do.”

            She moved to leave but he cupped her face, restricting movement on her part.  Her widened eyes looked at him with threats in her eyes and hatred staring right into him.

            “Is that what you call it?  Great sex?  Is that what you see anytime we’ve been together as?” Luke said.

            “No, but if it’s necessary I can transform it into that.  When I told you I loved you I meant it, and I’m not going to fight anymore for you because I’m not going to be something you settle for.”

            She moved, but he gripped her wrist harshly, twisting it.

            “Let go of me,” she said, trying to pull free.  “Let go!  I’m not going to listen to this anymore!  I am not going to do this because you know what?  I deserve better!  You were happy to have me then, but you had no intention of it being anything more than that cabin!  Fine.  You live your life and I’ll live mine!”

            Catching a handful of her hair, he held her against the wall, preventing her from leaving. 

            “Luke-“ she shouted.

            Shhhhh!” he said not wanting the whole hospital to hear her.

            “If you don’t let me go I’m gonna MAKE SO MUCH NOISE-“

            Whatever else she was going to say was lost in his mouth.  Immediately she fidgeted, trying to get him away from her.  Her fingers fumbled along his arms, clumsily attempting to unclasp his hands, yet all she succeeded in doing was run out of ambition to fight. 

            “Stop it,” she said with already swollen lips.  “No.  I’m not about to sleep with you on the floor of GH because I’m not doing exactly what you want!  When was the last time I succeeded in doing what you told me to do?  I don’t think I ever did, and you used to like that.  But now maybe now all I’ve succeeded in doing was making you remember the passion in an impossible situation.  But you can forget about me doing that again only to have you find some other reason you can’t live with my lies!”

            She ripped free successfully and tried to open the door, but he was just behind her. She could feel his breath on the back of her neck, and her hand barely turned the knob when he reached around to stop her, his arms encircling her, he held his hand on the door, stopping it from opening. 

            “Laura please, don’t go.  Not like this, not when I’ve been an idiot and I have to apologize even though you know I hate doing that,” he said in that special Luke way that made her almost laugh. 

            She turned her eyes towards him, waiting for an apology.  He saw that woman he’d loved for long over twenty years.  He never stopped loving her, he stopped being able to…live knowing she’d loved another man.  He had to somehow try and make that make sense. 

            “All right, just, chill for a second and try to listen to me try to explain something.  All your life, you’ve had something.  Maybe it wasn’t always what you wanted, but you always had love.  I had my sister and Ruby but it was different with you.  You didn’t live through what Bobbie and I lived through yet you took the time to…ask.  And because someone like you could see that much good in someone like me, I knew I would do anything for you.  And I never thought you would return my love.  And when you did it was a drug, and I knew I would never be addicted to anything like that.  So…to know you loved someone else, a Cassadine, makes me wonder how much you loved me.”

            Her mouth dropped open to interrupt in a stunned way.

            “Because you were a prisoner, and maybe I could understand using Stefan for sex, but you didn’t, did you?”

            “No,” Laura said, she wasn’t going to lie to protect him now.

            “That’s what I couldn’t stand.  That you could love someone who started as an enemy-“ Laura started to interrupt him but he stopped her.  “I know, I know, he was good to you, all right!  But I have never loved anyone else and I only wanted you.”

            Laura sighed.  “Okay, first of all, as I recall I left Stefan, the man I was in love with to come back to you.  To be with you.  To live my life with you.  Second, you did love someone else, you loved Holly.  You may have forgotten, but it was real.”

            “Not in the-“

            “No, love is the same as another, Luke!  But don’t deny that you didn’t love anyone else.  You were about to marry her and have a baby with her.  But when you saw me you knew that’s where we were supposed to be, until you walked out, unable to forgive me.”

            “I forgive you-“

            “No you don’t!  Don’t you lie to me!  You came home and told me you had trouble knowing I was sleeping with a Cassadine!”

            “I was angry-“

            “Oh, you were angry?  So…you’re the only one who gets to be angry, right?  You put me through HELL!  Did you think I didn’t miss you every minute I was on that island, that you weren’t the one I thought would always be my forever?  And when I accepted my fate, and yours, I loved someone else.  I thought you’d want me to be happy-”

            “I did!  I do.”

            “As long as I never love anyone else…”

            “No, I…alright, you’re angry and you’re right, but do you understand at all?”

            Laura closed her eyes in frustration.  “Yes, but I’m not going to regret something because you weren’t there and I moved on.  Or tried to.”

            “I know.  I can’t ask that anymore.”

            “Would you if you could,” Laura asked him.

            He didn’t say anything and she looked away. 

            “I do want you back,” he said.  “Because of you.” 

            “No you don’t.  But I did you a great favor, didn’t I,” Laura said sarcastically.  “I mean, not only did I not ask you for any money for my body, I even led you to a place so that you would rescue me and you could feel like a big macho man--”

            “Laura, stop it!  I want you back not just for one day, I want you back because of your passion.  You feel, you’re feeling right now,” he said to her. 

            “So you want me because I’m passionate.  Thank you,” she said.

            “Laura, don’t lie to me, don’t pretend you don’t believe me.  You want me as much as I want you.”

            She made an exasperated noise and turned.

            “No!” he said and kissed her.  “Don’t go anywhere,” he said to her, clutching her hard against him.

            “I love you, you idiot, you stupid, stupid idiot,” she said looking at him.

            He ran his finger over her lower lip.  He lifted her shirt off of her body and unhooked her bra.  Sighing with relief when it was away from her full breasts, she pulled him to her, kissing his neck as she feverishly ripped his shirt off.  They slipped to the floor together.

            Capturing her lips with his, he shoved his tongue into her mouth urgently, relishing her instantaneous surrender.  Laura moaned into his mouth, as his tongue took all she had to offer.  Luke bent down and cupped her breast, circling the nipple with his tongue, then sucking it into his mouth, slowly increasing pressure until she ached for him, instinctively curving her body to fit with his driving masculinity.  Slipping inside her, she clutched at his arms, clinging to him as she welcomed his strokes.  As he felt her tremors, he slowed the pace down, pulling part of the way out of her. Laura whimpered in disappointment.  His hand toyed with her nipple, teasing it between his fingers, then feasting upon it with his mouth.  Her breath was ragged as she strained against him, needing to be filled up again. 

He took his time sliding into her then pulling almost all the way out.  Laura grabbed his back with both hands and when he pushed into her she arched herself to take all of him deeply.  She trailed hot kisses all the way down his neck and bit him on the shoulder to urge him on as he continued his slow ravishment of her body.  Laura could feel her orgasm start to build and she raked his back with her nails as she felt the waves of ecstasy consume her.  Laura writhed against him, lifting her head to pull his head back down to hers, savagely grinding her lips against his desperately, sucking his bottom lip, then plunging her tongue into his mouth, rousing the response she wanted from him. With loss of his own control, he thrust deeply into her. Laura arched her hips up to meet each thrust. She could feel the quaking in her body build with each stroke.  Luke detected the change in her body, and he increased the speed until he felt her body start to spiral as she triggered his response, and they exploded together in an earth shattering orgasm.   


~The End~