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Disclaimer:  I do not own Luke, Laura, Bobbie, Scotty, Jennifer Smith, or any others relating to General Hospital.  Yadda yadda.


Title:  The Sailboat Seduction


Rating:  R for sexual situations


Genre:  Luke/Laura Romance


Verse:  Spring, 1980, Missing Scene, Alternate Universe


Summary:  Remember the famous Sailboat Seduction scene in Spring of 1980?  Luke and Bobbie trap Laura on the boat with Luke, making sure Scotty (her then husband) is detained elsewhere.  Luke finally forced Laura to admit the truth about her feelings, seduced her, then stopped.  What if they had made love???


Author:  Paradise


Special Thanks!  Juliette, my beta person!  I’ve written these stories so long ago that they’re just making me cringe.  I’m asking her to beta them to make them as good as they can be, but she’s not a miracle worker!  However, working with her, they come up a ways.  So thank you Juliette, for beta-ing anything I put in front of you!  *smiles*




            "I won't touch you, unless you want me to.  But, Laura, you have to say the words.  I love you.  I love you.  I wanna hold my arms.  Please..."

            Her glossy lips were pink, her blue eyes seductive and curious.  Her golden blonde hair shone like a lion’s mane, and surrounded her young face.  She just looked back at him, into his eyes, not knowing what she was feeling, and yet knowing exactly how she felt.  She looked at him very curiously, with a little anger, but then slowly walked into his arms, letting him bend down slightly to kiss her.

            He kissed her like no one else ever had.  His arms surrounded her, touching her face, her hair, her heart.  His lips consumed hers, and she let them.  She kissed him back.  She felt herself beginning to feel everything he wanted her to feel.  His lips left hers, planting soft, loving kisses all over her face, embracing her tighter.  His hands moved to her back, her hands moved to his shoulders, and he began to sit down.  She wanted to relax and be with him, and let it all go.  His arms were around her, sending lightning bolts through her, and a charge coursed through her body whenever he kissed her. 

Reality caught up to her in a small dose.


            "Oh, I love you.  I love you."

            He kissed her again, slowly, beautifully.  "I want you," he whispered.

            "Luke, no," she said pulling back.  "Please."

            “‘Please?’  Please, do you want me, Laura?" 

            She lowered her eyes and let him kiss her again. 

            "Tell me,” he said kissing her, and she let him.  “Tell me,” he began to tease her lips.  “Tell me," he replied covering her with kisses.


            She began to try to move away, he followed her, giving her nowhere to go and forcefully pushing any thoughts from her mind other than the two of them.  "I love you, Laura.  I have to have you, please."

            "Please," she protested.

            He cupped one side of her face.  “‘Please what’?  ‘Please make love to you’?” he said kissing her.  "Tell me that you want me as much as I want you.  Please, tell me.  Tell me."

            She let him kiss her again, finally forgetting everything. 

            "Yes," she whispered.  "Yes."  She licked her lips and looked at him with beautiful, slightly drugged eyes.  "I want you to make love to me," she said.

            He kissed her again, wrapping his arms around her.  She felt him push her back against the seat.  He buried his face in her hair as she wrapped her arms around him and felt her body melt from thick, heated waves.  Suddenly, he pulled his lips from hers and her eyes opened.  He was reaching in his pocket.

            "Here," he said, handing her a key.

            "Key," she said, confused.

            "Key to the door, you're free to go."

            She looked at him.  He stood up.  "Go on, go.  Go tell Scott, that that night in the disco, was RAPE!"

            The most erotic moment of her life had turned into the most embarrassing and painful...scene.  She turned bitter and angry.  She threw the keys to the floor and ran to him, clenching her fists against his chest.

            "I hate you!  I hate you for what you've done to me!"

            "What did I do to you?  What did I do?  I opened your eyes to how you really feel!  I opened your eyes, I showed you who you are, how you feel, and I tried to make a woman of you!"

            "You tricked me!  You made me think that that door was LOCKED!  That we were trapped in here!" she shook her hands away from his grip.

            Laura ran to the stereo and shut off the music.

            "That's right, the old jammed door on the sail boat trick!  It works every time.  Now you admit it.  YOU wanted me.  YOU WANTED ME!  And you can't try to lie your way out of it."

            She was breathing hard, anger taking over her body. 

            "I'm not!" she managed to say.  "I'm not, I hate the very sight of you," she hissed.

            "Oh sure you do, enough to wanna go to bed with me to prove it."

            God she wanted to kill him.  She'd never been so embarrassed in her entire life.  They continued to argue, but all she could think of was what she had done!  To herself, to everything she thought she'd so completely understood.

            "No!  No.  I'd never go to bed with you!"

            She ran from him, but he casually turned and his eyes followed her.

            "Oh well that's okay, cause I probably won't be offering you the chance again.  But a couple of minutes ago when we were in each other's arms, right here, you wanted me, just as much as I wanted you."

            She turned back to him.  "It doesn't matter what I wanted!  Do you think that I would destroy my marriage to Scotty for just a few minutes of physical gratification with you?"

            He casually replied, "Oh baby, BABY, you talk like a text book.  How tough are you, Laura?"

            He quickly gripped her cheeks, causing her to jump slightly, but then he felt her face heat up where he touched her.

            "You tell me you don't feel something when I touch you," he said rubbing her cheeks with his thumbs.

            "All right," she confessed.  "There is some kind of a magnetism between us.  I can't deny it."

            "Thank you," he whispered, still holding her face.

            "But I hate it," she breathed.  "I hate even the thought of it-"

            "You better face it.  Face it, Laura.  We're in each other's blood, and we'll never be free of each other."

            "No, we're not.  We're nothing of the kind!  I'd rather die than-I can't deal with this," she said breaking free.

            "Well I wanted to force you to deal with SOMETHING.  I think I...probably achieved that."

            She turned back, burning. 

            "It won't end up the way you wanted it to.  You know what?  I'm gonna walk straight out that door, and I'm going to tell Scotty and Lee everything, just the way I planned.  So your little trick here has backfired!"

            She bent over and picked up the keys, walking past him.

            "Laura!  Where are you?"

            Shit!  Scotty’s voice.

            "Luke, we're here!" Jennifer Smith said.

            Luke coolly took the keys from her frozen hand. 

            "Well, looks like everyone finally got here."

            He moved past her.  "Better cool down darlin'."

            She could’ve killed him.  Scotty walked in and hugged Laura, but her eyes were fixed on Luke, ready to kill. 

            "You alright, Laura?"

            She unfroze herself and smiled as best she could to her husband.  Jennifer was all over Luke, and he was cooperating, just barely.  Scotty kissed her lightly, but all she could think of was killing Luke.

            "Um, excuse me.  I have to go to the bathroom."

            Laura had to splash water on her face.  She hugged Scotty and left quietly, but never made it to the bathroom.  There was land drifting farther and farther away, and tears streamed down her flawless face.  She crushed her face with her hands, and almost fell to the floor from mortification.  She felt like she should jump overboard and swim back to shore.  There was no one she could turn to, no one she could share this with.  The closest person she could think of was Monica.  She felt a hand on her shoulder.  She turned around and saw Luke’s concerned face through her tears.

            "Laura, it's my fault you're crying.  I am sorry."

            She punched him with everything she had in her, tears hidden by the anger, fell down her face.

            "How could you do that to me?  Cool down?" she hissed.

            He blinked his eyes, trying to absorb the blow. 

            "I was trying to make you realize that you wanted me as much as I wanted you-"

            "Wanted me?" she was laughing now.  "You never wanted me!  You wanted to hurt me!  You used me and you lied to me!  You made me think all these things-"

            "That you already felt!  I love you-"

            "Oh, I can tell.  That's why you hurt me.  I hate you.  I really hate you.  What, why did you want to hurt me?  Why did you want to humiliate me and make me feel like a piece of trash?"

            "I wanted you to admit you care about me-"

            "And you thought that was the way?"

            "It was not your fault that night in the disco and there wasn't anyone to blame for what we felt a few minute ago!"

            She shook her head, disbelieving. 

            "I will always want you," he said.

            "Well, you had the chance to want me, and you threw it back in my face, trying to make it my fault."

            "No!  There was no blame!  I just wanted you to admit that you love me the way I love you."

            "I don't...I don't," she said, turning from him.  "I hate you."

            He whirled her around, holding her tightly, searching her eyes.  He just stared at her with anger, and then clutched her against him, his mouth smothering hers.  She kissed him back for a minute, and once again, he covered her entire face with kisses, but she pushed him back.

            "If you dare--"

            "No, I just wanted you to recognize that you'd said yes."

            "I think I would remember.  Do you really want to make love to me, Luke?"

            His face filled with relief.  "More than anything."

            She looked at him with big blue eyes, her lips moist and her hair flaming.  He grabbed her arms and dragged her into a tiny room, small enough to be a closet.  It probably was, but she wasn't caring at the moment.  He locked the door, kissed her, and lifted her up, holding her against the wall.  She couldn't even think about the fact that his fiancé and her husband were in the next room.  His hands were running along her body.  He lifted one of her legs around his waist, and continued to kiss her.  His lips tugged on hers, overlapping and nipping. 

            "I love you, Laura.  I just want you to love me as much as I love you."

            It was hard to believe he loved her after what had just happened, but hearing him tell her the way he did, she was starting to.  But she couldn't speak right now, didn’t know what to say; she just wanted him.  His mouth swooped down to capture hers, and he kissed her deeply, meaning it, needing it.  She kissed him back, though a big part of her still wanted to punch him.  And she probably would.

            She felt her blood quicken in speed and then flatten into consistent waves.  His hands went down her back, he held her up, and she placed her legs around his waist.  Her arms went around him, pulling him closer.  He planted soft kisses all over her face, and when she tried to turn away, he covered her mouth with his, reminding her that she wanted him too. 

His hands went up the back of her shirt, his fingers pressing into the soft skin of her back, causing her to moan.  His mouth went down her neck, trailing soft kisses and burning heat along the skin.  She became exhausted from holding her legs around his waist, and dropped them to the floor.  As she tried to take her shirt off, he cupped her face and kissed her again.  Her lips were by this point, erotically swollen and bruised. 

            He edged the long sleeve shirt off of her body and it fell to the floor of the tiny room.  His hands moved along her curves, up her stomach, to her breasts.  He kneaded the cups of her bra until her breasts overflowed.  With his mouth kissing all parts of her face she felt how much he loved her, how much he needed her, in a way that she never had with Scotty.  She felt all parts of her body begin to ache, and his hands moved from her breasts to her hair, tangling and gripping it. 

            She began to unbutton his shirt with delicate hands.  She hadn't felt this way with anyone before.  A part of her knew that this was real.  He unclasped her bra, and un-looped her arms from it.  It also fell to the floor, and he pulled her half naked body against his.  He continued kissing her neck, touching her with a burning hand, and she rested her teeth on his shoulder, closing her eyes. 

            "I love you, and you know it!  You know that..."

            "For God’s sake, shut up, Luke."

            Together, but not easily, they rid themselves of the rest of their clothing.  He lifted her so her legs were around him again, drawing her towards him. 

            "Let me touch you, Laura," he said teasing her lips.  "Let me touch you."

            "Yes," she agreed as his lips kissed hers.  "Touch me, Luke."

            His hand slid down her back, then to her front.  He kissed her neck and just enjoyed feeling her body against his.  His fingers found her center, dipping into her.  His lips covered her mouth, and she felt herself wrapping her arms around him harder, encouraging him.  His lips trailed down her neck, to her breasts.  He encircled her nipple with his tongue, suckling on it hard.  His hands held her back tightly against him, and he kissed her again, hard.   

For a matter of minutes they just kissed, their bodies entwined.  Finally, he made love to her.  His mouth never let go of hers, and he breathed her in.  His hands held her body in his, and her tiny hands and long fingernails held him just as tightly.  Her hair was tangled and wild now, and she felt beautiful.  She felt desired in a way she never had before. 

            When it was over, and they were both covered in beads of perspiration, she slid her body off of his, now conscious of what she had done.  They pulled their clothes back on and he thought she already regretted it.  As she opened the door, he yanked her face back and kissed her again.

            "Laura, I love you, please, don't regret it."

            "I can't go back in there.  Luke, you've got to get me out of here.  Jennifer and Scotty and Bobbie and Brian and-"

            "Let's get out of here, together."

            He opened the door and went to the front of the boat, where he steered them back towards the dock.  Both Luke and Laura were surprised that no one had come to look for them.  Ten minutes later, Luke realized that someone would come looking for them, so he grabbed Laura's hand and together they jumped off the boat, into the freezing spring water.  They swam back to shore, and Luke pulled her out of the water.  He grabbed her face so she would look at him, and she was breathing hard.

            "Laura, we have to get out of here!  Come with me, now.  We're still in danger, but we can stop it.  We can save everyone."

            She looked at him, ashamed of what she had done, yet wanting so desperately to be with him.  She believed he loved her, could she admit what he wanted?  Did she love him? 

            "I don't know what I've done-"

            "Is it unreal?  It is a regret?"

            "No, I was there.  I was with you."

            "Do you regret it?"

            "I...I don’t know…I should."

            "Will you come with me?  We can have a chance, Laura."

            "All right...let's go.  I want to go with you."

            He grabbed her hand, and they ran as fast and as far as they could.  Back on the boat, Bobbie stood, watching them run.  Luke knew that it was Bobbie who had saved them.