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Michael Thomas
geocities archive September 15th, 1982

Ko people, this is Michael, I meet him through Mandie, they used to go out....but then she dumped him to marry some idiot named Steve...but luckly she divorced him a year later...but anyway, mikes cool, he's kinda odd too, but hey who isn't?! but yeah anyway below are his stat's and bio...

Name Given at Birth: Jonathan Michael Thomas
 NickNames: Michael, Mike, Bruce, Jammin, Minor Mike
Date of Birth: 09/15/82
Age: 21
Sex:  Male
Birthplace: California
Parents: 2
Siblings: 2
BoyFriend/GirlFriend: Hmm
Do You Truly Love your Bf/Gf:  What is love?  Can we truely know that we are in love unless we are shown love ourselves?
How long have you been dateing: 
School: Southwestern Adventist Univ.
Pets/Names:  Mel
Job: Carpenter
Zodiac Sign:  Virgo
Current Residence:  Dorm
Height:  5' 10"
Shoe Size: 13
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color:  hazel
Heritage:  Germanic royalty, Scottish royalty, French Huganaught, British
Crush: Yes please, actually it was britany
Best Advise ever given: To find out your true calling, and then pursue it
Words or Phrases you use too much: But of course
A non-sport in which you excel: comp
A non-sport you enjoy:  comp
Dream Car/ Mode of transportation: Hummer
Coolest Experience: Probably going Ice fishing
Stupidest Thing you've ever done: Bashed my head against a brick wall then drank some Antifreeze
Fav thing to do in Summer: Lay beneath some trees in the cool soft grass and go to sleep
Fav Amusement Park Ride: Mamba
Special Skills/Talent: Genius
Character traits I look for: Funny, smart, intellegent, common sense
What I want to be: Millionare
Religious Denomination:  Un affiliated
Church/Temple: Non denominational
First Ambition in Life: Be a Millionare
Second Ambition in Life: Be a Millionare with a happy family
Fav Music: Classic Rock
Fav Song: Stairway to heaven
Fav Food: Spaghetti
Least Fav Food: Brussel sprouts
Fav Vacation: Scottland
Fav Subject:  Chemistry
Fav Sport: Football
Fav Actor(s): Sean Connery
Fav Actress(es): Don't have one
Fav Movie: Shrek, or the rock
Fav Music Video: Moby natural blues
Fav Animal: mini monkeys
Fav TV Show(s): simpsons
Fav Day of the Week:  saturday
Fav Month:  June
Fav Season: summer
Fav Holiday: Xmas
Fav part of the Newspaper: Comics
Fav thing to wear: A F, A E, C K, T H
Fav Book: Stardust/neverwhere
Fav Author:Neil Gaiman, Laurel K Hamilton
Fav Breakfest:Bisquits and Gravey
Fav Ceral: Corn meal mush
Fav Snack:  Kar's sweet and salty Trail mix
Fav Candy: Chocolate, Reese's peices
Fav Ice Cream: Moose tracks/central dairy
Fav Drink: Dr Pepper
Fav Saying: Just for the Shyts and giggles
Fav Person to make fun of: Myself
Funest thing that happend to you at School this year: foam clubbing
Fav Scent: Axe Effect
Fav Sound Track: Shrek
Fav Flower:  Red rose
Fav Thing in my Room: Comp
Fav thing to do on a Raniy Day: read a book
Fav thing to do with my friends: Chill, make people laugh
Fav Fast Food Restrant: Mongolian BBQ/Indian food
Fav REAL Restrant: Greek, Italian
Fav Color:  Black
Last Vacation you have gone on: Scottland
Have you ever had a crush on your Best friends Bf or Gf: Yes
Do you have a really good on-line Friend that you have Never Meet befor, only talked to on the Computer:  Yes
What is there name: Chris
Dr.Pepper, Coke or Pepsi: Dr. Pepper(is this a trick question?)
Do you have any close Friends that have moved away: yes
A Major TurnOff for you: A naked guy
A Major turnon for you: A naked girlfriend
Worst Quality in you: Blunt
Best Quality in you: Funny
If I were an Inanimate object: Silk, It is smooth, soft, liked by almost everyone and covers flaws quite well
Historical Era you'd like to vist: Middle ages
Something New you'd Like to try: Parachutting
Would you cheat on your Bf/Gf if there was a chance no one whould ever know: No
Most Prized Possesion: Gifts
Thing you hate the most:  Someone who will go out of their way to make your life hell
Most Childesh thing you have ever done: Decided to take a piss in a trash can
If you had a Magic Carpet, where would you Fly:  To asia, and then europe
Paper or Plastic: Depends what, Plastic can kill a baby easier, paper can ruin a reputation easier
What Came First: Chicken
If you were in the Wizard of Oz would you be the Tinman, the ScareCrow, the Cowardly Lion,Dorthy or Toto: Tin Man
What are you wearing right now(no lying):  Briefs
If a Tree falls in the forest and no one's around to hear it, dose it make a sound:  No
Do You Floss: Yes
Do you feel bad about not Flossing: No
Do you think you should Floss:  Yes
Dose Your Computer have a Name: No
What Is It?:  bish
Have YOu Ever Gone Skinny Dipping?:  yes
Dogs or Cats:  Cats
Do you dream in color: Yes
How long is too long: 9 1/2 inches
Peanut or Regular M&M's:  Penut