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John Carlos
geocities mirror  June 30th, 1980

Ok This is One of my Best Friends John, as you can see above he's not a ruthless dictator, he's nuttin but an old softie, but he likes to act all macho, now don't get me wrong, he can kick ass when he needs to, but other than that...he's a wuss...below are his stats and Bio.

Name Given at Birth: John Carlos
NickNames: Lafe. Carlos
Date of Birth:
Age: 23
Sex: M
Parents: John and Shari Carlos
Siblings: 2 brothers and 5 sisters
BoyFriend/GirlFriend: Kim Cole
Do You Truly Love your Bf/Gf: Yes
How long have you been dateing: 5 months
School: Where do you think
Pets/Names: Hartley, Molleigh
Job: Manager
Zodiac Sign: Gemini, Monkey
Current Residence: Some Place in the void
Height: 6'2
Shoe Size: 11 1/2
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue/Green
Heritage: Spanish, Indain, Scottish
Best Advise ever given: If you are ever unhappy figure out what makes you unhappy and change it.
Words or Phrases you use too much: people in hell want Ice water. its your wolrd I'm just renting space.
A non-sport in which you excel: Video Games
A non-sport you enjoy: Pool
Dream Car/ Mode of transportation: Doge Vaper
Coolest Experience: Going to New Orleans
Stupidest Thing you've ever done: moveing to St. Louis
Fav thing to do in Summer: Swiming, hiking, fishing, road trips
Fav Amusement Park Ride: don't have one
Special Skills/Talent: good boyfriend
Character traits I look for: Honsty, hard working, loving
What I want to be: Me
Religious Denomination: NONE
Church/Temple: NONE
First Ambition in Life: To Live
Second Ambition in Life: To Die
Fav Music: County
Fav Song: Fools Rush In
Fav Food: Steak
Least Fav Food: Any kind of Greens
Fav Vacation: To go to England
Fav Subject: History
Fav Sport: Football
Fav Actor(s): Morgan Freeman
Fav Actress(es): None Realy
Fav Movie: Star Wars and Lord of the RIngs
Fav Music Video: none
Fav Animal: Wolf
Fav TV Show(s): None
Fav Day of the Week: Saturday
Fav Month: June
Fav Season: Summer
Fav Holiday: Christmas
Fav part of the Newspaper: Funnys
Fav thing to wear: Blue Jeans and a Sweat Shirt
Fav Book: Wheel Of Time series and Lord of The Rings
Fav Author:Robert Jordan and JRR Tolkin
Fav Breakfest: any Kind of food
Fav Ceral: Coco Pebbles
Fav Snack: Twix
Fav Candy: Twix
Fav Ice Cream: none
Fav Drink: Coke/ Mountian Dew
Fav Saying: Deal with it, lick my nut sack
Fav Person to make fun of: Tony
Funest thing that happend to you at School this year: None
Fav Scent: Kim
Fav Sound Track: None
Fav Flower: None
Fav Thing in my Room: TV
Fav thing to do on a Raniy Day: Watch the Storm
Fav thing to do with my friends: Hung out
Fav Fast Food Restrant: McDonald's
Fav REAL Restrant: OutBack Steak House
Fav Color: Blood Red
Last Vacation you have gone on: TO Boston
Have you ever had a crush on your Best friends Bf or Gf: NO
Do you have a really good on-line Friend that you have Never Meet befor, only talked to on the Computer: NO
What is there name: N/A
Dr.Pepper, Coke or Pepsi: Coke
Do you have any close Friends that have moved away:NO
A Major TurnOff for you: Smoking
A Major turnon for you:Eyes
Worst Quality in you: Controling
Best Quality in you: Giving
If I were an Inanimate object: I would be a seat
Historical Era you'd like to vist: Midevil England
Something New you'd Like to try: Deep Sea Fishing
Would you cheat on your Bf/Gf if there was a chance no one whould ever know: NO
Most Prized Possesion: My Knifes
Thing you hate the most: Going to the Store
Most Childish thing you have ever done: Fight over the TV
If you had a Magic Carpet, where would you Fly: To England
Paper or Plastic: Paper
What Came First: The Chicken's Egg
If you were in the Wizard of Oz would you be the Tinman, the ScareCrow, the Cowardly Lion,Dorthy or Toto:Toto
What are you wearing right now(no lying): Blue Shirt and blue, Adidas Tear a way pants
If a Tree falls in the forest and no one's around to hear it, dose it make a sound: Yes
Do You Floss:NO
Do you feel bad about not Flossing: NO
Do you think you should Floss: Sure
Dose Your Computer have a Name: NO
What Is It?: N/A
Have YOu Ever Gone Skinny Dipping?: Yes
Dogs or Cats: Dog
Do you dream in color: Yes
How long is too long: 1 hour
Peanut or Regular M&M's: Regular