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Erin Babin
geocities mirror May, 20th 1984

This is my best female friend, I meet her about 6 years ago, although we've never talked in person, we have keep friends for all these years. we meet in a Sailor Moon Chat Room on mIRC, and have been friends ever sence. She's easy to talk to, fun and always a blast. I plan to see her next year (2005).Erin is like a sister to me. Below are her Stat's and Bio

Name Given at Birth: Erin Sarah Michélle Babin
NickNames: P-chan Natasha Kirt
Date of Birth: 20.5.84
Age: 18
Sex: female
Birthplace: Brisbane, Queensland AU
Parents: people i love
Siblings: younger sister and younger brother
BoyFriend/GirlFriend: Paul
Do You Truly Love your Bf/Gf: i dont say 'i love you' until i'm married. so
it doesnt hurt as much if you break up
How long have you been dating: few months now
School: none yet
Pets/Names: the last pet i had was a fish named peppy. I loved that
Job: i wish
Zodiac Sign: taurus
Current Residence: usa
Height: 5'3.5"
Shoe Size: 10us 42au
Hair Color: varies.....right now its like half brunette half reddishblonde
Eye Color: light brown
Heritage: a 1/2 german 1/2 french aussie
Crush: Anton Chelnokov (the russian circus performer who played Icarus in
Cirque du Soleil's Varekai)
Best Advise ever given: i dont give advice i just tell it like it is.
Words or Phrases you use too much: wot?, lol, huh
A non-sport in which you excel: Drawing
A non-sport you enjoy: gymnastics? i dont understand what is a non-sport
Dream Car/ Mode of transportation: ohh those new BMW convertibles....
Coolest Experience: making friends in Disneyworld's Epcot Germany
Stupidest Thing you've ever done: Made friends with this guy who started
stalking me in like 8th grade. now i dont know where he is thank goodness
Fav thing to do in Summer: sleep...swim....beach!!!
Fav Amusement Park Ride: rollercoasters
Special Skills/Talent: flexibility drawing and i've heard that unwrapping
a peppermint with my tongue is some kind of talent, i dont think it is but
people say so.
Character traits I look for: eyes, smile, personality, then looks
What I want to be: maybe a photographer or an Educator in French or German
Religious Denomination: non denomination
Church/Temple: a close church nearby
First Ambition in Life: i dunno.....i think i wanted to be a detective
Second Ambition in Life: then i wanted to be a vet
Fav Music: hard rock but none of the grunge stuff and i listen to punk even
though its dead and foreign music!. i hate poprock or just pop....that crap
will drive me up the wall
Fav Song: hmm.... "Les Yeux de ton Père" "J.b.g." "J'ai pas vingt ans"
and "J'en ai marre"
Fav Food: seafood
Least Fav Food: bland stuff. must have spice!
Fav Vacation: country to country i must say! Oz is great and so is Germany,
France is wonderful, I hate canadians, and Russia is beautiful
Fav Subject: English
Fav Sport: soccer volleyball gymnastics
Fav Actor(s): i have no idea
Fav Actress(es): Sophie Wynona Rider chick
Fav Movie: goodness.....i really dont know. i liked spiderman
Fav Music Video: i dont watch mtv..its crap
Fav Animal: snakes/dogs
Fav TV Show(s): Everybody Loves Raymond
Fav Day of the Week: saturday
Fav Month: i dont know....June?
Fav Season: Spring
Fav Holiday: Christmas
Fav part of the Newspaper: comix
Fav thing to wear: my shirt from Paris and my black slacks
Fav Book: ooh the complete collection of William Shakespeare
Fav Author: Billy Shakespeare and probably Tim Lahay and Jerry b. Jenkins
Fav Breakfest: my own specially made French Toast
Fav Ceral: mm froot loops and frosted flakes
Fav Snack: fruit?
Fav Candy: jellybeans
Fav Ice Cream: vanilla
Fav Drink: water...kool aid...sprite
Fav Saying: do you like Tony Blair?
Fav Person to make fun of: Sam
Funest thing that happend to you at School this year: when Sam brought his
stuffed monkey and when Tasha killed us all with her family jokes
Fav Scent: ohh Christian Dior's "J'adore" ....that was a bitch to get
Fav Sound Track: oh goodness....i guess the cirque du soleil soundtrack
Fav Flower: roses lilies daisies...any flowers i guess
Fav Thing in my Room: my foreign currency collection and my 'shelves of
things from many lands'
Fav thing to do on a Raniy Day: sleep in
Fav thing to do with my friends: go shopping ring up people
Fav Fast Food Restrant: i have NO idea
Fav REAL Restrant: La Madeleine's
Fav Color: blue
Last Vacation you have gone on: Florida, went to disneyworld then the beach
Have you ever had a crush on your Best friends Bf or Gf: ha no
Do you have a really good on-line Friend that you have Never Meet befor,
only talked to on the Computer: yes a couple actually
What is there name: theres Andros and Eun-Jee and Jeremy!
Dr.Pepper, Coke or Pepsi: neither......i hate dark carbonated drinks
Do you have any close Friends that have moved away: yes........
A Major TurnOff for you: annoying people and copycats and wannabes
A Major turnon for you: sexy smile, sexy voice, beautiful eyes, ways with
Worst Quality in you: lack confidence sometimes and i have a tough time
being mean when i need to be
Best Quality in you: i know when to keep my mouth shut and i'm overall
If I were an Inanimate object: ......a stapler. they're fun to play with i
guess...i dont know!
Historical Era you'd like to vist: the Renaissance
Something New you'd Like to try: skydiving
Would you cheat on your Bf/Gf if there was a chance no one whould ever know:
theres no way i hell i'd do that
Most Prized Possesion: have many of those
Thing you hate the most: pet peeves and people thinking that Avril Lavigne
is a punk. i hope that bitch chokes on her !@#$%^& tie.......
Most Childesh thing you have ever done: i get hyper often when i go to the
mall. Aldin works there and i make a fool out of myself everytime i see him
If you had a Magic Carpet, where would you Fly: russia! or free trip back
to Oz!
Paper or Plastic: plastic.
What Came First: the chicken. who would be there to warm up the egg?
If you were in the Wizard of Oz would you be the Tinman, the ScareCrow, the
Cowardly Lion,Dorthy or Toto: i dont know....dorothy i guess. i get lost a
What are you wearing right now(no lying): shirt, shorts, earphones
If a Tree falls in the forest and no one's around to hear it, dose it make a
sound: yeth
Do You Floss: yes
Do you feel bad about not Flossing: i do floss
Do you think you should Floss: what the heck
Dose Your Computer have a Name: no
What Is It?:
Have YOu Ever Gone Skinny Dipping?: maybe
Dogs or Cats: dogs
Do you dream in color: yes
How long is too long: when i say it is
Peanut or Regular M&M's: peanut!