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Lincoln Park Pool

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The Pool
Welcome to Lincoln Park Pool

The 2009 Season is approaching Fast!

  • Due to the very rainy early May, scheduled maintenance on the pool (resealing the pool joints) was delayed until May 12. Because of this and the early Memorial Day this year, it is very possible the pool will not be ready for the Memorial Day weekend. The Staff and Board are doing everything possible to open on time. Please check back for updates on this situation.
  • Check back at or call the pool (610-777-3976) to get the latest info.

Thanks for visiting our pool. Feel free to look around and explore. We have a great swim team and everyone has a lot of fun whenever they come here.

If you experience any problems or have any comments, e-mail us at . Sorry for any inconvieniences, but this site is constantly under construction to bring you, the reader, updated information.

Other Info

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