Kings Pix 10

9-9-00 & 9-10-00: Kings 2000 Training Camp photos at Health South were taken by myself and Yvette, w/ few exceptions. Please Do Not Post Any of my pictures WITHOUT my permission. Thanx! Enjoy the pics!!!

On Ice Photos:

Note: Most of the pictures are in black & white...

Joe Rullier Up Close(In Color)
Same Picture of Joe Rullier Up Close, but in Black & White
Joe Rullier Ready to Shoot the Puck
I Got Joe's Attention!!!
Joe Rullier Again
A Blurry Shot of Joe
Richard Seely and behind him is Joe Rullier
A Blurry Shot of Richard Seely
Richard moving the Puck
Richard Up Close(In Color)
Same Picture of Richard, but in Black & White
Yanick Lehoux Up Close
Yanick Lehoux Again
Steve Reinprecht
Steve Reinprecht Again
Brian McGrattan
Chris Schmidt

Off Ice Pictures-Day 1:

Glen Murray Signing Autographs while Kelly Buchberger is Waiting
Glen Murray
Kelly Buchberger
Aki Berg
Bryan Smolinski
Jamie Storr and his new Blond Look
Luc Robatille
Too Bad Pavel Rosa Wasn't At Camp, but Lubomir Visnovsky Filled In.
Eric Belanger
Scott Thomas
Rob Blake
Brian McGrattan and Steve Reinprecht
Kip Brennan
Kevin Baker
Kevin Baker Spotting At Team L.A. Store
Ian Laperriere
Chris Schmidt and Cody Bowtell
Sean Blanchard
Peter Hogan
Richard Seely
Jerred Smithson with Richard Seely in the Background
Yanick Lehoux and Joe Rullier walking to the Gate.
Joe Rullier
Yanick Lehoux
While I'm Getting Yanick's Autograph, Joe is posing with Yvette.

Off Ice Pictures-Day 2:

Alexei Volkov
Cody Bowtell
Marcel Cousineau
Eric Belanger
Steve Reinprecht
Steve Reinprecht Showing a Smile While Signing
Stu Grimson
Nelson Emerson
Jerred Smithson
Brian McGrattan
Chris Schmidt
Travis Scott
Brad Chartrand
Marko Tuomainen
Mathieu Schnider
Greg Willers
Peter Leboutillier
Jamie Storr Signing to Some Fans.
Richard Seely
Yanick Lehoux
Joe Rullier
Joe Rullier and his Sexy Smile
Kevin Baker
Kevin with his Cap Off
Kevin Baker w/ his cap On
Kevin Again
Go Kings Go!