Come Out to Play

Links to Safe Sites for Children

The Mouse Pad

Crawl in through the mouse hole, wander through an enchanted forest of whimsical graphics, ask Vikimouse to make a special topper for your homepage, and even adopt a baby mouse of your very own!

The Kid Safe Place

Learn to use a search engine, go talk with other children in a safe chat room, enter a contest.....and more!

Mr. Wizard's Kid Safe Site

Would you believe there's a place on the net where you can find help with your well as lots of links to other fun places to play?

Family Resources Neighborhood

Lots of kids stuff, have fun with kareoke lyrics, even go shopping!

Sylvan Kids Play Place

Kathy and Robin invite you to enjoy on-line stories, lots of fun graphics, activity pages for young children.....and more!

Safe Sites for Kids

Create your own crayon newspaper, visit stage hand puppets, have fun with an activity page, enjoy a whole collection of pages for the young and young at heart!

Winnie the Pooh

Come visit Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, have fun with Lamb Chop's play along, visit the Pooh picture gallery.....and much more!


Create your very own newspaper with crayon and visit Crayon's cool site of the could be yours!

Topher's Castle

If you like Winnie the Pooh, Goosebumps, Godzilla, Star Wars, comics and cartoons.....and even more neat surprises...this is the place to visit!

Tammy's Disney Stories

A whole site just for Walt Disney classics! Enjoy a different Disney story every month.....from the Jungle Book to 101 Dalmations, all beautifully illustrated with cartoon pictures.