New Adventures in Morocco
The Visits to Agadir 1999
- New Places, New Adventures, New Friends...

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The 14th of January 1999 I went to Agadir for the first time 1999, the sixth in total.
I tried a new way of travelling this year. The departure from Stockholm was due to 7.30 pm. Britannia once again proved to be a pretty unreliable aircompany. They didn't manage to take off until 11.15 pm. The plane was late arrived, they had to change a battery (!) and there were some other problems connected to that.

The hotel where I stayed, the six floors Residence Shems, is located in the very City of Agadir.
For people who want to stay in a hotel close to the beach, or are disturbed by traffic or other noice that always exists in a city, this hotel would be absolutely wrong.
For me, it was perfect. I prefer to stay in a hotel out of the tourist area. I don't mind the sounds of a living town; the traffic, sounds from the shops, people talking, shouting, laughing.

I got an appartement on the fifth floor. It was quite well equipped, light and with a balcony with a view over the street. I could see the beach and the Atlantic some 800 meters away.
Since I've been in Agadir so many times before, it felt almost like coming home again. I knew exactly where in Agadir I was going to live for two weeks, where to find shops and other places, recognised streets and buildings.
To my disappointment I quite soon found out that my best friend Medhi was in Marrakesh, and wouldn't be coming back during my stay.

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The first day was pretty slow. I spent half the day sleeping. The cleaning ladies learned from day one that I don't mind staying in bed til lunch...
Just across from the hotel I found a restaurant/bakery; Le Moka. Just the place I needed for my brunch!

Patisserie Le Moka

From the first day Youssef took care of me, and that he did for the rest of my stay. My brunch was always the same: a cheese omelette with fries, bread, sallad, a Coke, and after that: a big cup of Café Au Lait. At Le Moka, I everyday wrote in my diary what happened during my stay. A quite perfect start of the day.
The days continued following the same schedule.
After brunch, I walked to the beach. A walk that took about 20 minutes, since I was in no hurry. On the beach I stayed for a couple of hours laying in the sun and looking around at people in general and men in particular. There were always plenty to look at...And it's always tremendously funny calling friends in Sweden on the cell phone, letting them listen to the sounds of waves to the beach, seagulls, the breeze and asking what temperature it's in Sweden....
Back to the hotel later in the afternoon, resting for a while with a good book, taking a shower, and then out in the evening to experience the adventures of the Arab night.

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The first week, my very good friend Samir from Laãyone in West Sahara came all the way to Agadir. I had written to him and told him when I would arrive and he travelled for a whole day, just to see me. We spent a week together, enjoying the great company of each others.

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The second week I got aquainted to two brothers; Aniss and Muhammed. Aniss was 22 and sat in a wheel chair, and Muhammed was 21.
They earned their living by selling roses in the street. We met at the boulevard by the sea where everybody seems to walk at night.

The first time we met, I just looked at them, Muhammed smiled and we had passed each other in opposite directions. The second time he gave me a big smile before passing me. The third time I was determined not to let them pass me again. We started to talk and that first night I followed them to a restaurant where the live Moroccan music was loud, vivid and fun.

We decided to meet the next day, and so we did.

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The third day, I was invited to their grand mother to have lunch. She lives in the town Taroudent one hour drive south of Agadir. Of course I accepted.
I rented a car, and the three of us took off.
Would you like to see some pictures from that beautiful town? Just click on the picture...

Both Aniss and Muhammed were great friends. We had a lot of fun together.

In the afternoon the day before I left, the three of us took a taxi to the beach Tarazout about 10 km north of Agadir. Muhammed had something he wanted to show me, and he was very determined that I should see this before I left.

Just before the sun set, Muhammed and I left Aniss in a café, and strolled along the beach towards the cliffs. He sometimes went here by himself, when he wanted to be alone for a while. It was his very special place, but now he wanted me to come there and share it with him.

We reached the cliffs just as the sun touched the horizon, and sat down close together, watching the sun disappear into the Atlantic Ocean. No words were necessary. It really was a magic moment.
That was a perfect end of my sixth stay in Morocco. Do I have to say that it was as hard as ever to go back to Sweden. As usual I lost another part of my heart to Agadir and Morocco.

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