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Not all Hebrew, Yiddish, or Aramaic words, concepts, or idioms translate directly to and from other languages, and the Hebrew-English dictionary often doesn't capture the exact meaning. Every "davka" or "stam" in Hebrew has a complementary and untranslatable "epis" in Yiddish and an equally frustrating and untranslatable "subtlety" in English. (That's right - there's no word for "subtle" in Hebrew or Yiddish).

Around the world, those who translate to or from Hebrew, Yiddish, Aramaic, or Ladino - and any other language - share their suggestions in Hebrew Translating, in order to resolve many of the dilemmas posed by this Babel of languages.

Hebrew Translating also includes translation software reviews, questions and discussions about terminology or idioms, and relevant job leads.

The Hebrew Translating Forum also features links to Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino, and Aramaic on-line dictionaries and resources, as well as a collection of online translation glossaries and resources.

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