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Chiddush Chiddush is an advanced group that offers Jewish scholars (talmidei chachamim) on a Yeshiva level the opportunity to share original insights into Jewish ritual and lore.

Chiddush welcomes research and study findings that have not yet been published elsewhere. Subscribers offer and share peer feedback before these chiddushim are published or presented in a shiur. It's like working on a sugya with multiple chavrutot around the world!

Submissions to Chiddush may be up to one screen long, and must include traditional sources for reference. Please include a statement that the submission was your own and that it has not been published elsewhere.

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Chiddush is a member of the Jewish Law set of discussion groups. Other moderated discussion groups in this set include Jewish Beginnings, Jewish Events, Jewish Traditions, Jewish Computing, Kosher, and Leining. Davening.

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