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Great Links and More
to this lists very first newsletter.
I will attempt to send out a newsletter every few weeks.
It will be loaded with a variety of stuff.
Fun, Inspirational, Informative, Useful Website Surfing Links.
Plus Freebies, Discounts, Steal of a Deal!!

You can ALWAYS access this Newsletter through this link:
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"HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  2003"
What a great beginning for a brand new newsletter...
The beginning of a new year!
"I hope all of you have a
Wonderful, Happy, Healthy, Safe New Year!"
"May it bring you more than you deserve!"

I hope you all enjoy this issue.
If you have any suggestions or ideas...
Please let me know..Contact me at:
Let us talk about New Year's Resolutions...
Mine is to start drinking water again like I did years ago.
A small step..for a larger picture...
To loose weight.
A small, easy resolution so it is easy to accomplish.
From that accomplishment, I can move onto the bigger picture.
To loose some weight and feel healthier!
What is your New Year's Resolution??
OK. Let's Get Started!
Let us see what online help is out there for a
Dieting & Fitness Resolution...
Turn your computer into a personal nutritionist
Try DietPower FREE for 15 Days..
LOSE WEIGHT! Get our FREE GIFT PACKAGE today! Give yourself the perfect GIFT... a NEW "SLIMMER" YOU!!! Amazing programs tailored to your body type and Metabolism!
So, You've Made your NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION TO LOSE WEIGHT. Click here
Click Here To Receive Your Free Personal Health Report
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Lose 5 pounds for only $1 - click here!
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Finally a fool proof way to count calories! HealthTrack offers tools for a complete analysis of your diet - tracking over 2,000 foods.
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Lose weight on the Net. Take this engaging 5-week course to change the way you think about food and nutrition. It works. Click here.
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For your Stop Smoking Resolutions
Quit smoking on the Net. Based on the nation's best live program, this engaging and motivational Internet course really works. Click here
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Kick the smoking habit at
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4 Minute Fitness
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For a Stress-Free Future
Starting in 2003
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Re-focus, refresh, regenerate in just 4 minutes. Curious? Click here
The best of tai chi, yoga, meditation and chi kung. 4 Minute Fitness. Try it!
Tai Chi for Busy People. Mind and body fitness to fit any schedule. CLICK HERE
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A New Year's Prayer
A Treasured New Year Wish
Happy New Year ~ In Flash
Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow:
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.
~Alfred, Lord Tennyson
How to Keep your New Year's Resolution!
What is in Store for you in 2003?
Find out
Free Daily Horoscopes
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Predict - Get your Numerology Forecast
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Find Someone Special this 2003!
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~  Special Words to Live By ~
In 2003!
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Just a Reminder...
To Send New Year's E-Cards!
Free Greeting Cards. Send someone an online greeting card.
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Holiday cookbooks
Cooking For all of this Year's Upcoming Holiday's?!?
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For all Upcoming Issues..
I will be featuring a links section.
Sorry..I couldn't get that in this first Newsletter.
Also Freebies and more...

Would you like to be Featured?
Would you like your Website, Newsletter/E-zine or Group
featured in future Newsletters?
We can do an Ad Swap...
Just Contact me at:
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Happy New Year!
To a Great 2003!!!
Celebrate all the Holidays
with a very special Group!!
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