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George Ruban's Roleplaying Pages

Text Pages

4 Call of Cthulhu scenarios
are 3/4 notes for myself to finish writing up - but one scenario is ready for reading.
is a Hero System roleplaying character, by William Nabors. The sheet was drawn up using Douglas MacDougal's wonderful HtmlHero JavaScript program, and my improvements to it. Cheetax is a Multiform character: Alexis, and the Cheetah are the two alternate forms.
The Cheetax Campaign
is a directory of email messages comprising this PBEM. They're sorted by date and author, but the file size is useful too.
Nero Wolfe
is a HtmlHero Hero System writeup of Rex Stout's famous detective (the world's greatest detective - by mass at least). Archie Goodwin is his faithful (and mobile) sidekick.
NewHoo: Games/Roleplaying/Hero Games
is a category on a Yahoo-like web directory that I am currently the sole editor of. It's not paid, and they take anyone who applies, but apparently no one has applied for this one yet! I try to give good site descriptions and categorizations. I also help out with the other Games/Roleplaying/ categories, but share that responsibility with quite a few others.


HERO Combat Applet
Java applet that simulates HERO System Roleplaying game combat between Sam Bell's superhero collection. Currently it's the biggest attraction for visitors of these pages. It comes in several pages:
  1. The original applet is the most detailed page, with Sam Bell's first 46 characters. It is fairly straightforward to play with - for detailed use you now need a separate page of instructions.
  2. Usage Instructions is the page of detailed instructions about using the less-straightforward features of the applet.
  3. The large-file applet is a combat with all of Sam Bell's 200+ characters. It takes a while to load, but the applet itself otherwise has the same functionality.
  4. The Deejay applet is hosted on Shelley Chrystal Mactyre's Online Champions Resources page. It has even more characters (though not all of Sam Bell's ones).
  5. Leandro Oliveira da Silva has put up a copy of the applet on his pages. The Java source code is freely available, you can do this if you choose to, but please give me the credit and tell me that you are doing it. Also it would be nice if you added something - a different characters file would be easiest - in order to give people a reason to go to the applet on your page.
The source code is freely available as a Zip file, but I would appreciate if all changes were also sent to me, and documented, so I could keep the definitive version at this site. The small characters file is the text file read in by the smaller applet, with 46 Sam Bell characters. The larger characters file contains the 200-odd Sam Bell character write-ups. I've corrected some typos that made the files possible for my program to parse, but otherwise they are entirely his.
My HtmlHero improvements
include automatically calculating characteristic costs, CV's and phases, the ability to input previously generated HtmlHero .html pages (a parser), as well as fixing some minor bugs. There is a complete list of changes from Doug's original, and a disclaimer I posted to announce the changes to this JavaScript program. You can also download the whole thing as a ~50K zip file for offline use - unzip, and open HtmlHero/index.html in your Frames- and JavaScript- capable Web browser (Netscape Navigator, MS Internet Explorer, Opera (?)). Please sign my guestbook if you find it useful.
HERO Die Roller
is a simple JavaScript program that rolls HERO System dice on line, counting STUN and BODY, and allowing adds of 1 pip or a half die.

Friends and acquaintances

of mine with roleplaying pages on the World Wide Web.
Peter Maranci
was a excellent gamemaster of mine. Now he runs the roleplaying magazine Interregnum.
Tim Larson
organized and maintains the Great Net Book of Real HEROs. I was his first contributor, and did a bit to help popularize it.
Surge (Jonathan Sari)
maintains The Complete Usenet Role-Playing Game List and The Complete Usenet Role-Playing Companies List, which I wrote a Lex program to automatically HTML-ify.
Shelley Chrystal Mactyre
maintains not only the most comprehensive HERO System Links page on the Web, but what was once Deejay (Jack Wilson) 's, Hero System characters collection, the Champions Write-Ups Page, with a copy of my applet that reads in those characters in Deejay's HTML format.
Joshua "JD" Marquart
started the newsgroup, and still maintains the newsgroup FAQ. For a short time this FAQ was HTMLized from text by my program - since then, he has made it much prettier by maintaining the HTML by hand.


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