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George M. Ruban
23 Summit Avenue, Somerville, MA 02143 (617) 623-6030

OBJECTIVE: Senior software engineering position.

PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES: Java (1.02 - 1.4), C++, C, HTML, CGI, UNIX Bourne, Korn shell scripts, SQL, JavaScript, JavaCC, Waba, Lex, YACC, several Assembly Languages. HTML, XML. Some: Visual Basic, TCL, LISP, PostScript.

OPERATING SYSTEMS & PROGRAMMING ENVIRONMENTS: UNIX (AIX, SGI, Solaris, SunOS, SCO Unixware), Microsoft Windows (3.1-2000), Linux, PalmOS, MacOS; AccuRev, ClearCase, CVS, Eclipse, JDK, Khoros, MPW, Oracle Server, Purify, Rogue Wave Tools++, Sun Workshop, MS SQL Server, Visual C++, Visual Source Safe.


Avaya, formerly Spectel, Inc. Chelmsford, MA. 01/02-present
Engineer III, Principal Software Engineer and Section Manager Environment: SCO Unixware (real-time Unix OS), Linux, Windows 2000; C++ with STL (Standard Template Library), Java 2: JDK 1.3, 1.4; Bourne and Korn shell scripts, Emacs Elisp, Windows Batch files, Informix SQL; Apache Ant build/make tool, log4j logging, JUnit automated testing; Eclipse, JBuilder, Visual C++, Emacs IDEs; AccuRev, MKS RCS, Visual Source Safe source control; Purify.

Fidelity, Inc. Boston, MA. 09/00-11/01
Consultant, eBusiness Accounts and Trade group. Environment: Sun Solaris Unix; Windows NT; Sun Workshop, Purify; C++, XML, HTML, JavaScript, Bourne and Korn shell scripts, Informix SQL.

Genuity, Inc. (formerly GTE Internetworking) Waltham, MA. 02/99-09/00
Consultant, EIP group, COMIT Voice Over IP gateway/gatekeeper provisioning project. Environment: Sun Solaris Unix; Windows NT; Oracle 8 for Solaris, Sun TeamWare source control. C++; Oracle ProC; Oracle SQL; Java 2 (JDK1.2-1.3); Bourne Shell Scripts; Perl CGI; Visual C++.

NeTegrity, Inc. Waltham, MA. 08/98-01/99
Consultant, SiteMinder Web site access control software. Environment: Microsoft Visual C++; Windows NT; Sun Solaris; Oracle 8 for NT and Solaris; Intersolv ODBC Oracle driver; Microsoft SQL Server; ODBC; ERWin abstract schema design tool; Netscape Directory Server; LDAP; Bristol WindU; Microsoft Visual Source Safe.

Teradyne, Inc. Boston, MA. 09/97-08/98
Consultant, Multimedia Software group, IMAGE project, automating testing of chip testing software. Environment: UNIX: Solaris 2, SunOS 4; X-Windows: XView, C, C++, Bourne Shell (sh); ClearCase revision control system.

GTE Laboratories Waltham, MA. 01/97-09/97
Consultant, Digital Services Test Systems group, qualifying telephone lines for ADSL installation. Environment: UNIX (IBM AIX); Java (1.02), CGI, HTML, C++, C, JavaCC, CVS.

ALPHATECH Inc. Burlington, MA. 07/95-09/96
Software Lead, Search module, MSTAR model-based image recognition program. Environment: UNIX: SunOS, SGI, Solaris; C, C++, HTML, Khoros 2, Purify, FrameMaker.

Delos Corporation Billerica, MA. 08/94-06/95
Lead Software Engineer, vMax voice recognition system for industrial communication. Real time program linking users in a noisy factory wearing radio headsets to a dedicated 486 PC. Environment: Windows 3.1, Borland C++; SoundBlaster, IBM MWave, Verbex Listen.

TeleTypesetting Co. Brookline, MA. 02/93-12/93
Software Engineer, maintaining the TScript PostScript Interpreter for the Macintosh. Environment: Macintosh, Macintosh Programmer's Workshop; C, 68000 Assembly, PostScript.

EDUCATION: B.A. in Computer Science, Boston University, Summa Cum Laude with Distinction, 05/95.
Grade Point Average: 3.94/4.00. SAT: 800/800 English, 760/800 Mathematics. First in graduating Computer Science class. Computer Science Class Valedictorian. Dean's List every semester. Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society. Golden Key Honor Society.

OTHER: College French, fluent Russian.
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