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Welcome to George Ruban at GeoCities

Always first in my life is my lovely Alexandra. She has a much better looking web page here at GeoCities, with our pictures on it - take a look!
She was a professional Webmaster, Web page designer, and engineer at Lycos, and moved on to get her MBA.

Text Pages

My resume
summarizes my work and educational history, with links to all relevant places that have information on the Web.
Signal Sequences by Computational Analysis
is a paper on a program to predict secreted proteins I wrote for Joachim Reidl, a microbiologist friend.
Favorite Books A few Book recommendations
probably tell more about me than my resume does.
My art page
currently contains two sketches of Alexandra.
The Windows "New HTML Document" Template
is a sample base for the default file created when selecting "File > New > HTML Document" from the Windows Explorer or My Computer menu.
I also have a few pages dedicated to my role-playing game hobby.


"World's Smallest Political Quiz" for PalmOS
An implementation of "The World's Smallest Political Quiz" as a PalmOS application and Java applet. This is a 10 question Libertarian quiz that determines a political profile along Personal and Economic Issues axes. Written in Waba and WabaJump, free for download and open source.
C program that translates a file of ASCII base chromosomes into a file of likely proteins to be made by them. The Signal Sequences by Computational Analysis paper describes it in detail. The program is also available compiled, in a zip file (40476 bytes), containing the C code, a Windows 95 executable (faster, but might not run off Win95), and a DOS executable (slower, but should work on Win3.1, DOS, and DOS/Windows emulators).
Character Set Utilities
are a set of pages that enable typing non-standard English or accented characters on an English keyboard. There is a table for DOS/Windows Alt-Num-Pad combinations, and two JavaScript pages that will "transletterate" English character combinations to Cyrillic or Accented Western characters.
This is for all the times you are 10 directory levels deep in a Windows Explorer or My Computer window, and want to open a MS-DOS Prompt Command Line window to the same place. The Zip File (48,267 bytes) contains C source code and executables for Windows95 and WindowsNT, the Readme.txt from that zip file describes it in more detail.
Simple Windows command line program to divide a large into smaller pieces for easier emailing, writing to disks, or whatever. 14, 454 byte Zip file contains 32 bit executable, Readme.txt, and C source code.
An expansion of Jef Poskanzer's Java program to copy Web page trees and images to local files. The expansion accepts FRAMESET FRAME's and BODY BACKGROUND images. Source and class files, including necessary supporting classes from Jef's Acme Java library.
Java program to convert Jef Poskanzer's /// Javadoc comment style into the javadoc-acceptable /** style. Used to generate HTML documentation for his invaluable Acme Java library.
contributes an extension "that worked once" to convert all .java files in a directory recursively.
The Twelve Days of Programmers
Once I had the inexplicable urge to create a Unix Bourne shell (sh) script that prints "The Twelve Days of Christmas" for hackers.
Palm Mirror
A trivial PalmOS application. It turns the screen black, that's all. Surprisingly, this can be useful. Written in Waba, a port of Java to PalmOS and other handheld devices, with WabaJump turning it into a standalone PalmOS application.
short UNIX Bourne shell script (sh) for text replacement over several files using sed. It is useful to globally change the names of variables and such.
fairly long code fragment demonstrating implementing an Out-of-Band data Socket in Java and C native code.
Lex program that puts HTML hotlinks around appropriate references in a text file, as well as a few other minor beautifications.
port to Java of Robin Hilliard's 80*86 disassembler. The disassembler does no code/data separation, and this port adds no new features - yet :-).
Tk Minesweeper
Tcl/Tk version of the Windows Minesweeper game as an array of button controls, written to experiment with the language. 2.79KB Zip file.

Contributions to Other Sites

is a way to write PalmOS programs in Waba, a simplified Java-like language for small computers, and compile them to a native PalmOS executable (a stand-alone program, that doesn't use a separate interpreter. Smaller, faster, etc.). You'll see a few of my own (small, toy) examples above, others have written more serious projects with it. I'm a developer and administrator of this Open Source and SourceForge project, originally founded by Peter Carroll.
The Open Directory Project
is a volunteer-maintained Web directory, Yahoo-alternative. I was an editor (including editall, catmv, and meta) there for a while, for many categories including several authors, software types, programming languages and games, and created several of the ODP editor tools and resources, including the first tool (multi-editor feedback, latest version here), the first FAQ, many "Power Tools" and Bookmarklets, and the descriptions of many top level categories. (DMoz stands for - the Open Directory is hosted by the Netscape Mozilla Open Source group.)
Roedy Green's How To Write Unmaintainable Code
should be self-explanatory. I'm responsible for submitting rules 32, 34, 35, 39-41 (as of May 1998 - Roedy keeps changing the numbers!). Yes, I encountered them in code I was supposed to maintain. Now I can laugh - then...
Matthias L. Jugel's and Marcus Meißner's Java™ Telnet Applet (now also Java SSH)
"A fully featured telnet applet/application with embedded VT320/ANSI emulation." I used their TelnetIO class as the heart of a TelnetWrapper that allows reasonable scripted program / telnet interaction - they have added a version to their (free) distribution.
Peter van der Linden's Java Programmer's FAQ
is the definitive FAQ for the newsgroup, and a useful Java reference in its own right. I contributed to a few entries.
Ted Landry's Java Signing FAQ
is meant to be the same for signing Java applets to give them greater permissions. Again, I contributed to a few entries.
Join the Java Lobby! The Java Lobby
is an independent organization that supports the promise of Java as an open and universal (platform-independent, "Write Once, Run Anywhere") programming language. I am a member, and encourage others to join, it's free.
An Efficient CRCW PRAM find max algorithm
is a Boston University problem solution I did that Professor Bestavros has kept up on the Web for many years now. He must have liked it. :-)
Leonardo Boselli's TETRACTYS Freeware
is a Java Tutorial here on GeoCities. I added a Page field to his Post Visitors Data applet, and wrote a Java UNIX Mail Parser to separate out the resulting emails from normal ones. Since then GeoCities has improved their page counter, so this is not as useful.


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