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Big-File HERO System Combat Applet

Please wait a LARGE eternity for the applet to load and start reading in its characters data file. You will then see two scrolling lists of HERO System characters, three text windows, and three "Fight" buttons. Select a hero from each list, and push a Fight button. Details of their combat will appear in the larger text window at the bottom. You can use the Combat Stats windows to see current characteristics and change tactics between Fight button pushes. Read the detailed instructions about using the other buttons. Repeat until satisfied. If you get tired of waiting for the download, or want more details, take a look at the original combat applet, with a smaller characters list, links to the source code, and other fun stuff.

By the way, the last group and character in the list are X-Men and Wolverine. Sometimes the browser will claim to still be loading data after this, but just ignore it - if you have up to Wolverine, you have loaded them all.

This Program Requires a Java-enabled Browser

If you are seeing this text, your browser isn't Java-enabled. Sorry. If you want to use this page, pick up one of


Java Hero Combat Applet written by George Ruban,
The HERO System and Champions belong to Hero Games. Most of the characters in the lists belong to either Marvel or DC comics. All of these are used without the owners' permission. This applet is not intended to make a profit or be a challenge to any owners' respective ownership or trademarks, but rather as a tribute and a work of fan fiction.
Character write-ups by Sam Bell
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