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Galesburg High School - Graduating Class of 1993


Here you will find LINKS to Alumni HOMEPAGES and other places relating to the CLASS of 1993! Don't miss out on the PLACES TO HAVE FUN at the bottom of the list!


 Xoandre`s World 
Personal homepage of the designer of THIS site. Contains poetry, art, photography, and much more.

Jeremy Oehlert's spot on the web. Find some very interesting images, discussions, and jokes that will make you pee...

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 MoatsArt Enterprises 
Jeremy's home-business homepage with customizeable graphics, etc.

 New Millenium Theatre Company 
Zenna is Managing Director of this "non-profit Chicago theatre company, producing a varied season which focuses on new or non-traditional approaches to theatre..."

 Mid-West Choppers 
One of Mick White's many passions...

 WTMJ-TV Milwaukee 
Sydney is a PRODUCER here!

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 Galesburg High School 
This is THE Homepage!

 History of GHS 
What was GHS like over 100 years ago? Written by a GHS Class of '99 graduate. Class of 1899 that is!

 Knox College 
The school of Hard Knox really exists! Some of us even went there!

 Carl Sandburg College 
Affordable alternative with great teachers!


 Galesburg Commerce Center 
An informational site.

 Galesburg Area Convention and Visitors Bureau 
A great place to start planning for your next home-town visit!

 Virtual Galesburg 
Missing Link Communications Galesburg info site.

 Restaurants in Galesburg 
Search for a restaurant through


 Galesburg Register-Mail 
Galesburg's number one news source.

 The Zephyr 
Galesburg's weekly journal of news and opinion.


 PopCap Games 
If you start playing any of these games, you WILL be addicted. Remember TETRIS? This is worse (in a good way) and FAR more enjoyable... You can sometimes find "xoandre" (J.Moats) in the Psychobabble playing area online. You can also DOWNLOAD demos of the games! YAY!

 Guess The Name 
Think of a TV show... Any TV SHOW... or maybe a Movie... ANY MOVIE! Now go here and see if the computer can guess exactly what you are thinking of. This is a great time-waster and you may be surprised how many OBSCURE questions they have. 
When you have nothing better to do...

WIN CA$H PRIZES while playing some great games!

 Yahoo! Games 
Play some great games (no prizes)...

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