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Battery 204 and Visitor Center

The right side entrance to Battery 204 (1944-1946).
This battery was armed with two 6-inch guns on shielded barbette carriages.
The shells in front are 16-inch shells from Battery Seaman.

Inside the main corridor of the battery.

The #1 gun platform for Battery 204.

The rear (main) entrance to Battery 204.

The #2 gun platform of Battery 204.

Close-up of the Battery Commander's Station.
Entry was from a ladder inside the battery.

Inside the BC station.
Note the instrument pedestal and the ladder.

Unidentified concrete footings, possibly for post-war radar platforms.

Reverse angle of the same structure as above.

Another type of concrete footer on top of the battery.

The Sugden House, now expanded into the Seacoast Science Center.
The original portion is on the right. See next photo.

The Sugden House before the 1992 expansion.

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