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Welcome to Frogbutter's Homepage of Music and More. 

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I get asked a lot "what is frogbutter"?  So here it is...Two frogs hopped into a pail of cream and could not get out, they kicked and kicked, finally one frog gave up and he died.  The other frog would not give up.  He kept kicking, finally the cream turned into butter, and he was able to hop out.  So never give up!  Keep Kicking....


Lets get started with some Cool  Midis

You will need a Media Player to hear my music,  if you need a Media Player here is a link to Windows Media Player

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Men In Black

Gimme One Reason

American Pie

Money for Nothing

I love Rock & Roll

Eye of the Tiger

Nothing Else Matters

Walking on the Sun

Manic Monday

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Summer in the City

Below you will find the links to my other pages, and pages my family has made.  Enjoy your stay and feel free to Email me with your questions or comments.

My Full Song Pages

Wife's Page

My Family Page

Family Picture Page

Oldest Son's Page

Youngest Son's Page

Daughter's Page

Cool Links

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