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FTM Passing Tips - Stubble Technique

Fake stubble/facial hair is not recommended (see here), but if you insist on using it, a reader sent in the following technique for creating stubble:

"I discovered this in the search for stubble techniques, for those who want stubble, and thought you'd be interested in posting it on your page."
"(Time consuming unless you can find a better application method)"
"You can do two days of stubble or a few housr stubble. For both you will need mascara and something with a few bristles. I reccomend pulling a bristle bundle out of a cheap toothbrush, don't use the wand that comes with the mascara. For the few hour stubble you will need a compact."
"Unless you have pure black hair, I don't recommend pure black mascara alone. You might want to use black/brown, or a mixture of black black/brown either separately or mixed together depending on your preference.(They make a soft black but I haven't tried it)"
"Note: If you have an abundance of facial hair already, you might not want to shave it just yet."
"Apply mascara to the bristles (I usually do the darker one first)"
"Blot gentley on toilet paper if needed."
"Now this is the part that takes skill. Carefully poke on face. Refuel bristles when needed. Wipe the old mascara off the bristles if it starts getting to clumpy, and before using another color, if you want two distinct tones. If you If you have enough facial hair and can get the right angle (for me a bit of a slanted brushing motion) you just might be able to get some of it dark enough to pretty damn close to the real thing. Even if you can only do it in a few places, it will throw off any doubts someone might have. If you end up looking like a butch woman with a hormone problem, shave it off before you reapply."
"If you are doing two tones, you have to decide which you want more of. Go with the one which best matches your hair color. Don't forget to get under the chin!"
"Since this is time consuming, you may opt for the growing a goatee look."
"I give this an upclose (really up close) authentic look rating of 8 in bright light and 9 at dusk, and 10 in a nightclunb."
"Few hour stubble."
"This is actually a bit more difficult to master. You'll want to use a fairly dark color probably, as you're trying to go for the under the skin darkness look. Follow the directions above, only gently blot your face afterwards. Deffinatly shave any facial hair first. Next apply the face powder. I don't just blot it on, smear it around a little. It's okay if it wipes off excess mascara. You'll want to brush a lot of the excess powder off too. Be careful to maintain some degree of speckledness, otherwise you'll look like you have grease on your face."