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Franzette Elsa Paguio Rodela

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Born at Cedars Sinai Hospital
Beverly Hills, California
on the mid-day of
April 27, 1994
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I spent

My toddler years at
CHLA Child Dev Ctr
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My early elemetary years at
Christ The King School
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Few months at St Paul Pasig geocities mirror when I was in the Philippines
There I learned about Filipino Language and Culture
Enough to comprehend when I watch TFC

North Valley Charter Academy
Graduated Middle School 2008

Freshmen High School 2009
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When I'm not in my regular HIGH school working hard for "A" grade,
I am spending time taking College Courses at LAMC.
I thank Ms Nancy at KUMON for helping me master all the way to Level-J.
Otherwise I am on the ICE practicing hard and training with Renee Rocca for Moves
(aslo formerly with James Yorke who inspired me so much),
Freeskate with Amanda Johnson who also choreographs for my programs.
I skated with the Sychro Team
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and now getting ready to move on to a bigger world of Sychronized Ice Skating
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I gained so many life experiences with all the schools, teachers, coaches and friends I met along the way.

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My Skating Diary
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KUMON Awards geocities archive geocities mirrorTENIS Awards
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I am also on
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Thanks for dropping by ...
geocities archive e-mail me at: ElsaDmpls
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