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My 1st birthday
at Camp Pendelton Beach Trailer.

My 2nd birthday
at my Grandma's house with Minnie Mouse.

My 3rd birthday
again at my Grandma's house but with Mickey Mouse this time.

My 4th birthday
at Adventure City.

My 5th birthday
again at Adventure City w/ Hiccups d Clown.

My 6th birthday
at adventure city for the 3rd year in a row but remains to be just as fun like the first and second time.

My 7th birthday
at LegoLand this time, another wonderful year of celebration.

My 8th birthday
at Universal City Walk, the day of My 1st Holy Communion.

My 9th birthday
courtesy of Tita Yeye during my Mom's Baby shower for my sis.

My 10th birthday
at Buca de Beepo Universal City Walk.

My 11th birthday
at Northridge w/ Tita Marcy & My Cousins

My 12th birthday
again at Buca De Beepo Universal City Walk.

My 13th birthday
at Pickwick Disco Ice.

My 14th birthday
again at Universal Buca De Beepo City Walk, Universal Studios and Universal Hilton.