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The Acting & Stunt Troupe of Clan Darksail
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"Le Theatre de la Voile Noire" is the French name for the 'Theatre of the Black Sail'... an acting and stunt group from Southern California known as Clan Darksail.  The whole of Clan Darksail is a historical re-creation group specializing in the Baroque era of Piracy.  The Theatre Division is the group of Darksail members with acting or stunt skills, who perform at SCA events, Renaissance Faires, in movie & T.V. shows, and at special promotional events and parties.  Although the specialty of Darksail is 17th century nautical & pirate themed events, we have appeared in films and at events portraying various historical professions of various time periods.  Mostly we do this for fun, not pay, so you can hire us for very little to nothing for your event.  For television and movie appearances we require non-union base rate, except for smaller "indie" films, which may negotiate.  To hire Clan Darksail for your SCA event or party (or any other event you may want us at), contact our acting coordinator at
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The following links are photo pages of Darksail at some of the various events we have done over the last 5 years.  Be sure to check back often to this page for new events and updates!
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SCA Events
Renaissance Faires
TV & Movie Appearances
Promotional & other Events
Darkwell Wars:  The Leper Colonies
Dreiburgen Anniversary:  The Visagoth Fairies
Gallavalley Anniversary:  Columbus & His Crew
Dreiburgen Yule:  Lady Cordelia's Pirates
Renaissance Pleasure Faire - South
Escondido Renaissance Faires
Ojai Pirate Festival
The Unliving
Conquest II (History Channel)
Tartuffe in Beverly Hills
2003 ACS Relay For Life
TILT Promo
Dream Circus:  "I am Medieval"
Soldier of God
Other Darksail Units include our archery team, equestrian units, medieval armored combat group, fencing team, brewing guilde and more.  For more information, CLICK HERE
Or to learn more about our pirate group and see pictures of all the crew, plus a listing of places we will be at; take a virtual tour of our pirate ship HERE
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Revenge of the Muskrat
Newport Sea Base Christening
Douglas Fairbanks Sr. Memorial Event ('04)
Douglas Fairbanks Sr. Memorial Event ('05)
Grand Terrace Library Volunteer Dinner
LAHS Grad Night 2005
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