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A Woman's Bill of Rights

While not specific to pregnancy, I am sharing this "Bill of Rights" with you because it affects every woman.

It is from Dr.Carolyn Demarco's book,"Take Charge of Your Body: Women's Health Advisor".

A Woman's Health Bill of Rights and Responsibilities:

I have the right to be treated as an equal human being.

I have a right to be listened to and have my problems taken seriously.

I have a right to an explanation that I can understand in my native language, using a translator if necessary, on any questions concerning my health care.

I have a right to know the choices I will face in getting treated for any health problem, and to have possible side effects of any drugs or surgical treatments clearly explained.

I have a right to choose the types of treatment I prefer from among options offered to me by my doctor.

I have a right to have normal events in my life, such as pregnancy and menopause, not be treated as diseases requiring treatment.

I have a right to choose natural therapies and not be ridiculed for doing so.

I have a right to request a second opinion on any major surgery or health care decision.

I have a right to refuse any drug or surgical treatment.

I have a responsibility to become knowledgeable about my body and how it works.

I have a responsibility to learn as much as possible about my health problems, so I can make informed choices.

I have a responsibility to look after my diet, reduce stress, exercise, and to relax on a regular basis.

I have a responsibility to avoid pressuring my doctor into giving me drugs when I do not need them.

I have a responsibility to prepare my questions for my doctor beforehand, and schedule adequate appointment time to discuss them.

I am ultimately responsible for my own healthcare, using my doctor as a resource rather than an authority.

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