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How to use a Tampon


Most of us will try to use a tampon at some time! And so, it's important to know how to insert a tampon the right way. Inserting a tampon seems tricky at first, but after trying several times, insertion becomes as easy as putting on lipstick.

The key is to RELAX! Worrying about it may make you tense, making insertion even harder. You should read the package instruction leaflet carefully, and practice inserting a tampon during your period when your flow is heavy. Then the tampon should glide in easily. Lubricating the rounded end of the tampon applicator with a water-based gel such as K-Y jelly, for the first few tries, can also be helpful. And by the way, don't use a petroleum-based jelly. It can cause an infection as ALL "OIL BASED" lubricants can.

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These instructions should make first time insertion easier:


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1. Stand or sit in a comfortable position. Try sitting on the toilet with legs apart and lean slightly forward, or try crouching down with knees far apart. Standing with one foot up on the tub also works for some girls. Hold the tampon applicator in whatever hand you write with. Use the thumb and middle finger to hold the ridged rings (the finger grip) at the bottom of the larger (outer) tube.

The tip of the applicator's larger (outer) tube should be pointed into the body, toward the lower back. The end of the smaller (inner) tube, with the removal cord showing, should be pointed away from the body.

2. With the other hand, spread the folds of skin around the vaginal opening. Place the tip of the outer tube of the tampon applicator in the opening of the vagina.


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3. As the picture shows, the vagina slants upward and toward the back. So, aim the tampon toward a point low on the small of the back (the curved area of your lower back). Gently push in the tampon applicator. For flushable (cardboard) applicator tampons, ease in the applicator by slightly twisting or rotating it from side to side. (Avoid twisting a plastic applicator, which slides in best when pushed at the proper angle.) Stop when the outer tube is inside the vagina and the two fingers holding the applicator tube touch the body at your vaginal opening.


4. Then place your index finger (or a finger of the other hand) on the end of the inner tube (where the cord comes out). Push the inner tube until it is completely inside the outer tube. This pushes the tampon out of the applicator and into your vagina. Take your finger off the end of the inner tube so that the removal cord hangs free. Keep your thumb and middle finger on the outer tube rings.



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5. Hold tightly onto the two tubes that are now one inside the other. Gently take out both applicator tubes together. (The cardboard tubes can be flushed away.) If the tampon is in correctly, you shouldn't feel it at all. (There are very few nerve endings in the vagina where the tampon is placed.) If it feels uncomfortable, it is probably not placed far enough into your vagina. The uncomfortable feeling comes from the tampon rubbing against the muscle at the opening of the vagina. If this happens, remove the tampon and try again with a fresh one.

6. To remove a tampon, pull the withdrawal cord gently downward and forward. The tampon can be flushed down the toilet.


Guidelines for Tampon Use

Tampons are a comfortable, effective way to handle menstrual flow. Girls and women should follow a few simple guidelines for proper use of tampons:

·         Tampons should only be used during menstruation, not for absorbing vaginal discharge.

·         Tampons should be changed regularly, every four to eight hours. A used tampon should be removed before a new one is inserted.

·         Tampons do not need to be changed every time a woman urinates. Simply move the removal cord out of the way to keep it clean.

·         Always remember to remove the last tampon at the end of a period.

·         Young Women aged 13 or younger should refrain from using a Tampon due to potential harm this may cause to the hymen and their periods are unpredictable usually.

Below on the indicated links, are two excellent resources for developing an understanding of the menstrual cycle and your body. For those who may want to use this interactive calendar for the Natural Family Planning Method of Contraception (NFP) or the sex/health education of your children!

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It is also one of the best sites to have an interactive printout of your cycles for next year! Great for planning events and whatever else that your periods effect.

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