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Hi. This page is called 1-0.

We update this page almost daily on occasion, and hope you can visit periodically to witness our progress.

1-0 is not exactly a philosophy, but it is something of a criterion. Simple, efficient, more than a little enigmatic. We suppose we could go on with a lengthy explanation, but then that would take up a bunch of space and cost the taxpayer millions. And we wouldn't want that.

We at 1-0 enjoy the arts. Our fave musicians and filmmakers are featured here, along with helpful links that might put you in the right place in the nick of time.

If you have a fave that ought to be in these pages, give us a hollar. Same goes for nifty links you've discovered -- we'll gladly return the favor, and maybe even list you in our link page. Come on, you could do worse, right?


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