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Hey there... Here's a quickie run-down as is to who I is... Name's John, a forty-something year old male. Been married for many years and have a couple of teenage kids... Grew up in Upstate (as in almost Canada) New York. Went to school at a little place in southern New Hampshire called Franklin Pierce College where I met my wife, Cindy. We've been living down here in North Carolina for going on twenty years now.....
My interest in music goes back as far as I can remember. Went to my first big time live concert in 1972 (Heads,Hands&Feet, Edgar Winter and Humble Pie - cost: $3.50). Since then I've probably seen several hundred bands, some great, some sucky... Live shows are my vice, one I plan to indulge myself with for years to come... (hey, who the hell is that old hippie with the ponytail??...)

Photo from Relix magazine of me and my friend Kevin (standing) sucking down some of the homebrews we were selling at the last run of Dead concerts in Charlotte...(note license plate...)

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