AREA 51  -  YES / NO ????


Have UFO's crashed on Earth?
Have we made alien contact?
Is the United States government covering up a massive UFO conspiracy?

You saw it in The X-Files and Independence Day, now learn the truth about it.

Deep in the heart of the Nevada Desert lies one of the most top-secret military bases in the world known as Area 51 or 'Dreamland'. It is however probably the most closely guarded military base in the world and is widely believed to be the place where the U.S Government and/or military keep recovered U.F.O wreckage's and retrieved alien bodies. It is also the place where the very best U.S aircraft designers and engineers are busy beavering away at building the next generation of jet aircraft and fighter planes.

Area 51 does not appear on any official Government or military maps but is DOES exist. It is located approximately 95 miles north of Las Vegas very close to Groom Lake in the Nevada desert. On official maps all that appears to be located here is flat wasteland but there is really bunkers, creeks, roads and more importantly plenty of high mountains - the perfect place to hide recovered U.F.O crafts. There are lots of warning signs that surround Area 51 with warnings such as 'use of deadly force is authorized' - what is the U.S Government keeping in there that is so secret that they are prepared to kill in order to ensure it remains secret ?!?!?!?

There have been countless numbers of reports about sightings of aircraft above Area 51 performing supposedly impossible manoeuvres and travelling at breathtaking speeds that current human technology is not capable of travelling at (or so where led to believe). These aircraft could be U.F.Os but they are just as likely to be top-secret military fighter aircraft on 'test flights'. After all, Area 51 was the birthplace and testing ground for the U2 spy plane, the SR 71 and the Stealth Bomber.

Current development rumors are of a hypersonic aircraft known as 'the Aurora', which can allegedly reach speeds of 5,000 MPH. A lot of people also believe that parts of the Aurora are being built using U.F.O technology. Area 51 also has an underground hanger known as 'S4'. Most people believe that this is the place where dead aliens are stored in special chambers and it is also the most likely place where U.F.O crafts are stored and closely tested by the U.S's best scientists and engineers in the hope that they can work out how the crafts propulsion systems work.

Area 51 is kept so isolated that the workers are flown into the base in an unmarked Boeing 747 that leaves Las Vegas airport at 3AM every single day. It is also a fact that hundreds of Area 51 workers have been killed as a result of handling toxic chemicals.

Whatever is going on at Area 51 - and there is LOTS going on, I just hope that the Truth is exposed in my lifetime.