Tearing Faith's Flesh

Ways of action come to see
Pains of Joy, pains of glee
Every so light come to see
Test of fate and of thee

Words of break unmake my time
Paths of rake and twist my rhyme
Like wrath and tiol or sour lime
Bloodied jagged rocks to climb

Choice of action come to see
Pains of sorrow hurling me
Unknown choice I choose to make
Blind my sight now through the lake

Drag by chain I go and follow
By endless day and then tommorrow
Pierce my heart by rusted spear
Leave death upon me here

View the earth the world of blood
Overhangs the sprit the cloud of mud
How can one see the morbidity
Or fortelling fortune that comes to be

The hollowness fills that was full
Stabbed by by edge that was dull
Pay my price of flesh and bone
Still can't find that to known

Given heart on a silver platter
Found beaten, worn, and ever so battered
Nailed to the cross for the world to see
Please God find and help me

4/23/00 copyrighted 2000

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