People of the Soul

The human sits as he waits
Sits by the crimson glow
Lounging in the homestead of life
Gazing at the endless map above

His spheres of azure and emreald stare out
Admiring the sight above
Above him are specs of fire
Tiny pearls in the black above

Each star is a lifetime
Hung upon the cords of time
Each holding power of the spirit
All held mysterious time

In the landscape
Of galaxies and constellations above
The searcher finds
The centennials of time

They are the one
The spirit of the soul
The creators of life
The controllers of time

The inquirer requests change
Change in the ebb of time
For the wilder demands sanctuary
For the lover longs for his life

For they both tire of these old trails
They want something inspiring new
The wilder a spirit reborn
The lover the girl of destiny

Wanderers kneel down
They look to the stars
Praying their wish
The centennials of time listen

The spirits look down
Seeking their faith
Guiding their lives
Living their soul

Arising from hope
Landscapes looking different from what they first appeared
Next to the wilder is a Bible and cross
Symbols of God and his sanctuary

The lovers eyes open wide
They gaze around the plains
Movement in the horizon now he spys
A girl is approching him; she as beautiful as the heaven's sun

All who ask are given the task
Charged to believe
To use their life
To power their soul

So if you happen to be out
Gazing to the stars
Power is found

Found in simple faith
For to believe is to know
Know that you are not alone
Know that the soul of life can be your guide

Look to the stars
To the energy found
In the one spirit
Found in the minds of humankind

7/29/98 copyrighted 1998

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