Keeping the peace
Keeping the faith
Sun bearing down
Rain falling in place

A rose stands alone
In a circle of light
With reflections of moonbeams
Dancing by night

Petals of blood and the dove's flight
Swords of edge with all nature's bite
A single raindrop falls to light
Growing star and rose shines bright

A rosery of cedar encircles the rose
Doubles twice over from beginning to close
A cross lays to end in front of the rose
All lay unpolished from tip to nose

A stream bends by ever so small
In trees surrounding ever so tall
In the distance is heard the rain who fall
Birds chirpping music from Nature's Hall

A misty shroud lies in the trees
Lies low and light at nature's knee
Shadow gaurdian watch and melee
Protect and shade from vine's glee

Eons ago he planted the seed
Eons ago he decided to lead
This rose is he who chose to bleed
This man, this rose, has set us free

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