One man
One life
His alone is the soul

This man remote
Hidden and shown
This man isn't well known
But a human alone can be shown
The map, the way, his mind

A mind is an implement of power
It's truth can unlock doors
It's hope can navigate the seven seas

The path is challanged
The venturer obscured
Society's traps seem to lay
Seem to be in every valley, mountain, or bay
The mind in danger, always enjoys the way

Life is love and love is beauty
To be enjoyed for all who see
See what life means to thee
Life is everything from tree to knee
Our brothers, our sisters, our home, our world
But also, our thoughts, our emotions, ourselves

This all is hidden from knowledge's eye
Society is ready to deny, ready to lie
About life, about beauty, about this man
For learning his ways, becoming his hand
We can protect these ways of life, we can protect this land
All because of this one man

copyrighted 1998

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