Life Stolen

Once in a time of blood
A young boy and his one heart love
Walked not far from a crater pasture
A place where rumor of evil still lurked
A place where shadows became life and light dies

Tranquility is the bond of their minds
Such a shield
Black is repelled
In these woods life is abundant
And pain is lost

Life is the two sides of a beaten coin
Full of wear
Choosing what it does on it's own
Like heads or tails on the toss
Life is evolution of luck and evil

Light dies
Trees command
The shadow obeys
Obeys in these woods
The sweet stiff smell of life spilt creeps from the field of pain

These bearers of happiness
They happen into a grove
A grove when light is eaten by a carpet of green overhead
All around is shapes of darkness
Trees command
The shadow obeys
Shade dispatches and lunges
Toward the boy's happiness
Toward the boy's hope
Toward the boy's life
Shade impales her deep, striking her beat of heart

As she collapsed
He caught her
Her blood staining the white of her dress
He knew as she that life would steal her
He knew that on this day he would die
Die with her
Walking alive but only a shade
For he knew inside he could not save her

Life is unknown and unpredictable
And as this boy calls for the help he knew couldn't come
A man only a few years older than her came from behind a tree

He himself looked as any other
At the age of his peak

He lays his hands on her wound
Her blood is released back into her body
The stain is gone
The wound is healed

At the same time
Her image reflects to him
His shirt slowly colors red
For he took the pain to himself
To save her
He gave himself

And although she is healed
The emotional bazzar will leave eternal scars on her as well as the boy
For as she looked at this strange man who martyred himself for her
Shock came as a tsunami
For the face of this man she knew
This man
This man was her brother
Her brother
The last of her family left alive
She knew that life would never be the same

5/8/98 copyrighted 1998

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