Jester's Toys

Stand face to face
One who brings among this place
One speaks itself
Inside fighting the face case

One which is two
Found in what or who
Spirits form, sprits shade
Buried deep the blade

Bearer worn, bearer blame
Bring of bloody harmful shame
Bearer melding of the pain
Weightless of the mask that came

Emotions,battles,fears in chime
Sing of tunes in dimension's time
Hidden deep in color white eyes
Never known of fatal lies

Jaied down deep inside
Double soul does confide
Pouring out deafened rain
Bringing forth reckless cain

Tinkerer from the carver's bane
With the souls long since slain
Comes the masks of jester's act
All dances truth and fact

Which is out? Come to play
Tossing the coin day by day
Mud or clay run in vein
Sneakful blood will convey

Anger hides within the face
Strangers hide in your place
Truth resides about the lies
Brought unto the family ties

1/24/00 copyrighted 2000

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