A Spirit Broken

Good bad
Now good
Like a train just chugging along, pain and sorrow
Tramples in

Hurt shatters
Pain destroys
Sorrow twists
Ignorance leaves one sundered

Hate standing
Destroys good

A human confused, puzzled
His belong is gone,
His link shattered
Society afraid of change
Eager to hurt
Eager to hate
One who is taller, or shorter, or different
Good comes their way and hate tramples over it
Good comes, hate stays, like a scar of the soul

The hate, so strong and easy that there is not
A humankind anymore,
But a civilization of hurt and malignanceent
Shells full of hate so strong that the true humans are
Attenuate and alone

Their souls corrupted
Their minds bewildered
Their thoughs sorrow
Their spirit is now death and hate
Hate so strong that it spreads quicker than light
Wider than the universe

The human is gone
His shell remains
Thriving to spread the hate that is destroying us.
And the care that stops it gone, humankind is now dead
And civilization shall be doomed to a life full of hate,
Sorrow, and sadness

10/25/97 copyrighted 1997

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