The Light of Shattered Dreams

In the way of the light
The word is given
In the hand of light
Thy will is done

A spark of hope falls to the Sun
From Light's citadel above
The Sun's light beaming
The spark now shimmers
Pulsing with the Sun's glow

Light from the sun gives life
Beams from the sun give purity
Rays given by the sun flood this hope
Rays of life,spirit, and purity

He who sits in the cells of damnation
Woven out of the haste of his mind
He creates his own prison
To be away from all leaves in time

He sees through the shadow
Peering in the splashes of heaven
But his hand seem eternally bound
His reach to life nay

The light shoots down
Shattering this dome of isolation
His mind reborn
Seeing the watchful eye
The light he saw was the reflection
Telling him of that had become

This man was not dead
He walked the earth then and again
As a human
As a hermit
And as a human again

This light can be many things to the inquirer who tells
To this man who knows of nothing
Hope is what it intells
Not in life, or in health
But in newfound love it dwells

12/08/98 copyrighted 1998

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