Going it alone in Wien (Vienna)

The fateful day arrived when I was to travel to Wien by myself. Samantha equiped me with a label that had my name, address and phone number, maps of Baden and Wien, a handy (cell phone), a ticket on the ubahn, a bicycle lock and told me I would never find my way home. I did find the right train and did buy my own ticket and took the ubahn correctly to the above station. As you can see it reflects the beauty of the museum district.

This is an example of the wonderful pastry shops that exist all over Austria. For 18 shillings you get a nice tort ($1.20). This one was right in the ubahn.

It has been raining for days but I went to Wien anyway, these are the the local tourist traps.

Another picture of the location rallys are held, can you see Adolf up there in the early 1940s? Austria was a loser in WWII and this area was occupied by Russia until 1955

I listened to some tunes I even recognized although the aroma was not too nice as the horses made deposits right near here.

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