My  name  is  Carlos  Cordero,  I  was  born in Valencia -  Venezuela on August 13th, 1983. Now I´m studing Ingeeniering at "the Carabobo´s University" and playing guitar like a hobby. I started to play guitar at the age of 15  when  I  heard for first time in my life the third valse of Antonio Lauro (natalia) on the radio, since then I got really  interest  about  Lauro´s  music,  looking  for  new  things about Lauro in the web I found really good and interesting  pages  about  classical  guitar, so  I  met  Barrio´s  music  compositions, and others composers. so I decided to make my own Classical Guitar page and here I am. here are some stuff I like a lot.

* Favorite Songs: Madrigal Gavota, Mazurka Apasionata, Natalia and Aires Andinos.

* Favorite Writers: Sydney Sheldon, Julio Verne, Paulo Cohelo, J.K. Rowling.

* Favorite Books: Tell me your Dreams, Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets.

* Favorite Bands: Creed, The Calling and Nickelback.

* Favorite Singers: Ricardo Arjona, Avril Lavigne, Pink.

* Favorite Songs: don´t stop dancing (creed), I´m with you (avril lavigne), Hero (spiderman sountrack).

* Favorite Movies: Ice Age, The Lord of the Ring, The Ring.

* Things I like to Do: Go to the movie, Practice Sports, Go to the Gym, Play Guitar.

* Favorite Sports: Soccer and Baseball.

* And others


midi: classical guitar song "Aire Venezolano" - written by V.E.sojo - MIDI by Carlos Cordero

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