The Rainforest

You step into the rainforest and feel the heat right away.You look around the forest and see a grey blob among the trees.You walk up to it really carefull so as not to step on any twigs and make a sound. When you think your close enough you say in a rather loud voice "Hello there,and what might you be?" You ask the blob. The "blob" must have been startled by your call because it jumped a mile. She turns around to look at you and right away loses the angry look in her eyes that you just managed to get a glimpse off.

*Hello traveler and welcome to my rainforest.I am a silvamyst dragon.I am an animal of 2bular's as I am sure you have already guessed. I have a sister but she is not with me in the forest. But if you would like to see her go to Sirah's Realm That is were she's staying and I have a mate to.....He's at um well I don't know were But I will!

Anyway I have a friend here too,what a sec and I'll call her.* she turns around in the derection your facing and calls out *Tamaria!It's safe to come out now! The nice traveller won't hurt you!* she turns to you again and says *sorry about this but Tamaria doesn't like coming out if I don't tell her.I don't know what she would do without me* the dragon smiles at what she said and turns around agian to see Tamaria when she comes out *Ahhhh there she is, just wait abite more and she'll come over for you to see her.Okay here she is* she moves out of the way for you to see a small animal.

She comes from Anim'Riut Grove 1

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