Richard G. Curtis

The creator of Paraiso, Richard was a builder of custom spec-homes in the 70's and early 80's. His love of building was put on hold for several years while he fulfilled another passion. That of a career in the airline industry as an instructor. He taught flight systems for the L-1011 Tristar in both classroom and full-motion flight simulator. He also wrote several chapters of the Flight Handbook. After many years abroad, he has returned to his first love. That of building. His renewed interest in building was garnered while building vacation homes on the south coast of Turkey. The philosophy of architect Christopher Alexander has greatly influenced his concept and vision of housing. His extensive travels around the world have also had a deep impact on him. He is single with an 11 year old son.

Kenneth Curtis

Ken also built unique custom homes with his brother, before moving to New Mexico to build passive solar adobe homes. An experienced woodworker, he's designed and built much of the cabinetry and millwork in them. In the late 80's, moved to Arizona to create his own company in design and sales of outdoor commercial holiday and special event lighting for high-rise office buildings. Prior to joining Paraiso he restored a building in the historic district of Salida, Colorado [circa 1880's] to open his own Art Gallery. His travels have taken him throughout Europe, Turkey, Mexico, and Canada. Also an excellent cook who specializes in hot and spicy foods from around the world. He is single with no children.

Colette C. Good, R.N., Phd.

Colette left the oil gas industry where she was an independent landman during the 1980's. She turned to marketing in film and television, where she worked as an Account Executive and a Marketing Director for a producer of film and video productions. She has recently added a Doctoral in Metaphysics to her degree in Nursing, with plans for a wholistic health center in Costa Rica. She brings her valuable marketing and artistic abilities to Paraiso. She is single with two grown children.

Franziska Smart

Franziska has extensive experience in Project Management, Marketing and Promotion, having held senior positions with a number of Fortune 500 companies. She is the owner of an electronic publishing company which is currently relocating to Costa Rica. Her expertise in management and commerce are highly valued at Paraiso. She is single with an 11 year old daughter.

Geoffrey "Rock" Tedford

Geoffrey has spent a major portion of his life in the tropics. An expert diver, his love and knowledge of the Ocean has drawn him to Costa Rica. Formerly the owner of a specialized fabric and textiles business. He currently lives in Canada as a painter, sculptor, and writer. Along with his extensive knowledge of the tropics, he brings to Paraiso years of travel and study of alternative energy, metaphysics, life sciences, and a strong background in design. He is single, wild, and free.



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