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There are rainforests all over the world, but the most popular is the one in Amazon region in South America. The Amazon river which is central in importance to the rainforest is the largest river on the planet. The river is approximatley 6,570 km. long. Only the Nile river in Africa is longer at 6,690 km. but is not as large.

Some interseting facts about the Amazon rainforest
- More species of fish than the Atlantic ocean.
- 30 to 50% of the plants and animals are still unidentified.
- Nearly half of the worlds flowing water, 12 times the flow of the Mississippi.
- Half of the worlds birds species reside in the Amazon region.
- One quarter of the worlds primates live in the Amazon.
- 454 known species of butterflies in the region.
- In 25 acres of rainforest there are over 300 species of trees.

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