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Name: RainForest
Parents: Custom Made
Gender: Female
Status: Adult
Breedability? NO
Studs: Alaric Rof Breohtwoden next  season.
Litters: 0
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Specialty: Showing
+Beautiful cool colors
+Peacock feathers & Fringe work
RainForest was born though careful genetics and breeding. She is the first ferilon to start the whole New Moon Tribe! She can be extremely vain at times. It is said that if her feathers ever fell out, she would die, but we don't hope for that anytime soon! She is also kind, gentle, and loving-great mother material! But, if you are thinking about breeding with this beauty, take one last look at your stud. He must be extremely handsome and charming for this femme to like him! Unfortunately for most, she is quite picky, but altogether, a really sweet and loving ferilon.

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